There are new YouGov and BPIX polls in the Sunday papers. Headline voting intentions in YouGov’s poll show the Conservatives on 38% (up one from the last YouGov poll) and Labour on 32% (unchanged from the last poll), the Liberal Democrats are at 16% (down one).

As usual, the Conservative lead increased when respondents are asked a hypothetical question on how they would vote with Gordon Brown as the Labour party leader, with the Conservatives up to 41% and Labour on 31%. Normal voting intentions aren’t given for the BPIX poll, but with Brown named as Labour leader hypothetical voting intentions are CON 38%, LAB 31%, LDEM 14%.

Both surveys show opposition to “green taxation” – increases are viewed cynically, with 63% thinking they merely a way to raise taxes. 60% told YouGov they were opposed to extra taxes on cheap flights, 69% were opposed to more congestion charges, 63% were opposed to higher fuel duties. Measures that meet with support are those which people imagine will effect only other people – so 66% support taxes on larger engined cars, and those which are entirely painless for the respondents themselves, unsurprising 91% support more use of technology to reduce carbon emmissions. There is a plurality in favour of building more nuclear power stations – 42% to 36% against.

In the BPIX poll 66% of people said they expected than an increase in air taxes wouldn’t actually result in a drop in passengers, it would only result in people paying more tax. Only 5% of respondents said they personally would reduce the number of flights they took a year if taxes rose by £10 per flight, and according to the Mail on Sunday, few people told BPIX that higher taxes would stop them flying until extra taxes reached £50 per flight, at which point 48% of people said they would cut down on the number of flights they took.

YouGov also asked about a number of other issues for the Sunday Times – 42% of people favoured renewing Trident, with 37% opposed. 53% of people think British troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan. Following the Channel 4 documentary critical of the Prince of Wales, 60% of people said they thought Prince Charles was correct in the way he speaks out on issues. However, 42% of people continue to think that the crown should skip a generation and Prince William should become King after the Queen’s death, rather than Charles.

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