YouGov January Poll

YouGov’s monthly poll for the Telegraph has topline voting intention figures, with changes from their last poll, of CON 38%(+1), LAB 31%(-1), LDEM 18%(+3). The poll was conducted between the 22nd and 24th January – that is in the middle of last week, so prior to much of the present deluge of stories about the Home Office.

The changes to Tory and Labour support since last month are insigificant, the Liberal Democrats are up 3 points, a jump similar to their advance in ICM’s last poll. As I suggested back in December I suspect that the apparant drop in Lib Dem last month was really nothing at all, possibly just strange samples popping up because of the Christmas period, and they do indeed seem to have popped back up again this month.

On YouGov’s other trackers, David Cameron remains slightly ahead on the best Prime Minister against either Brown or Blair (though a whopping 37% and 40% of people said don’t know. Asked why 47% of those said they didn’t think much of any of them, 19% said they didn’t think much of politicians per se).

The Conservatives remain very slightly ahead on who would best run the economy. On the forced choice question between a Cameron led Conservative government and a Brown led Labour government, considered a possible clue to the direction that tactical voting will operate in the future, the Conservative/Cameron lead is down to 6 points, compared to 12 points a month ago. Liberal Democrat voters split 45-34 in favour of Brown.

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