Yesterday Paul Sykes’s Speakout campaign released the figures from a YouGov poll on attitudes towards immigration in Yorkshire which didn’t contain anything particularly earth shattering, with large majorities thinking there should be limits on immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Today’s Yorkshire Post has more details from the poll, including voting intention figures for Yorkshire. Currently voting intentions in Yorkshire, with changes from the actual shares of the vote in 2005 are CON 29% (nc), LAB 42% (-2), LDEM 15%(-6), other smaller parties share 15% support.

Regional voting intention polls are relatively rare in the UK, with the obvious exception of Scotland and some polls of the South-West region prior to the last election, these figures do support the perception that Yorkshire is a weak spot in the Conservative party’s advance. Yorkshire, particularly West Yorkshire, has a significant number of key marginal seats the Conservatives would need to take to form a government and this poll suggests that the Conservatives are not currently in a position to win any of them from Labour (though if repeated at a General Election they would win the new seat of York Outer, notionally held by the Lib Dems). At the local elections in 2006, the Conservative party went backwards in West Yorkshire at the same time as it won seats across much of the rest of England. This poll underlines the fact that the Tories are failing to advance in Yorkshire, where Labour’s support is remaining firm and only “others” are moving forward.

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