There are bucketloads of American websites that collate opinion polls, comment on the latest figures and try to predict election results. Rather than try to do any analysis myself, here is a round up of the some of the best links for those of you interested in following the US polls.

Polling Report is the best known US polls site, but you’ll have to pay to see any of the state level polling
Mark Blumenthal, late of, now blogs at
as does Professor Charles Franklin, who also maintains his own blog at Political Arithmatik. also has graphs of all the recent state and district polls for the mid-term elections.
Crosstabs is another US polling blog, written by several professional pollsters
Electoral-Vote is a daily projection of the results based on the latest polling data (and like Pollster, has graphs of the latest polls for each race).
Majority Watch is a project conducted by two polling companies, Constituent Dynamics and RT Strategies, which is regularly conducted automated telephone polls in the most contested seats in the House of Representatives to create a rolling prediction of the result.

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