ICM/NUS – 74% of people (in general, not potential students) think that the rising cost of getting a degree will put people off applying.
ICM/Department of Education – proportion of people thinking that education is getting better has fallen over the last year, discipline is the worst problem and the overwhelming majority of people think is it getting worse. 56% think school food is getting better.
YouGov/Telegraph – the rest of YouGov’s monthly poll for the Telegraph suggests the public think there is no clear idea what we are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, we can’t win and we should withdraw.
Populus/Channel 4 – on British Muslims and freedom of speech. 62% of people think the West should be more respectful of Islamic traditions and beliefs, but 58% say we should be allowed to say anything we like within the law even if it does offend Muslims. 53% think protests by Muslim extremists are threatening freedom of speech in this country.
Populus/BBC – 67% think Madonna should be allowed to adopt David Banda
Populus/BBC – 62% think faith schools in general are divisive, 47% think that Christian schools are fine, but Muslims schools would be a problem. 38% think all religion should be kept out of schools, with 61% disagreeing.
ICM/Observer – apparantly 96% of us are ardent recyclers…or it’s a classic example of an “are you a heartless bastard?” question. In voting polls questions are always couched in words like “At the general election in May last year, many people didn’t vote. If you did vote in the general election could you tell me which party you voted for?” to try and make it as easy as possible for people to admit to doing things that might be seen as socially irresponsible, such as not being bothered to vote. If you want realistic answers the same sort of thing should be done on questions asking people about how ethical their own behaviour is towards the environment.

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