Two new polls out this morning – both showing things ticking along pretty much as usual. The daily YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 32%, LAB 38%, LDEM 11%, UKIP 11% – the six point lead is pretty representative of the average in YouGov’s polls over the last week or so. Full tabs are here

Meanwhile the latest Populus poll has very similar figures – their topline voting intentions are CON 32%, LAB 39%, LDEM 11%, UKIP 10%. Full tabs are here.

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  1. Rich the Cons/LDs are and will borrow for infrastructure projects as well, we have said we would borrow more (about £10Bn I think) at this time to bring forward projects already earmarked and will decide in 2015 before the GE our position for the manifesto.

    Pedantic I know but your main point applies as much imo to Cons and LDs as Labour.

  2. @jim jam,

    Yes I agree. My general point was that large capital projects seem to be in and out of the courts in this country for that long that it kills the business case…

  3. Toby Helm [email protected] 6m

    Labour lead over Tories 11% – n/c – in Opinium/Observer poll. Lab 39 (+1) Con 28 (+1) UKIP 16 (-3) LDems 8 (+2). But Cam tops Mil on l’ship.

  4. So “interesting movements” are all within MOE!

  5. Weird tweet by opinium in that case! Interesting movements how???

  6. Some of the least interesting movements you could possibly imagine in that Opinium poll.

    Almost like false advertising…

  7. rich

    “principled stance”

    Yes indeed. I assumed you’d realise that the over-the-top [and non-existent] mirth was a satirical manifestation of that principle.

    It makes me …

    Oh I can’t be bothered

    plus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    “How quickly you forget when you want to get in a dig at a centre right poster….”

    Why are you so desperate to politicise everything into left, right, centre left, second slip, goalie etc??

    It was JUST A JOKE!!!!!!!!

  8. As far as I’m aware the anti fracking and HS2 protests have been in the south, it might well be that the north has a different attitude, a poster from northern parts was talking about making the Edinburgh to Newcastle stretch of the A1 dual carriageway, maybe we should do all the infrastructure spending in the north

  9. How

    Could it be the last part/

    But Cam tops Mil on l’ship.

  10. Maybe interesting because they have almost no change unlike other polls, well I find that interesting

  11. rich
    Here’s a serious post you may have missed as it went into auto mod [possibly for not being funny] earlier.

    It explains why I feel compassion is more powerful than contempt.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [yer tis>>]

    I was musing last night about my beief that, despite being bonkers, women are a lot nicer than men, as a general rule.

    That led me to looking up UK prison numbers and there are around 20 times more men in jail than there are women and mstly for far more serious offences.

    Most of the womed had very, very difficult childhoods and backgrounds and 20% were living rough when convicted of whatever they had done that was illlegal. Is jail really the best that society can offer them?

    I have no doubt that most would appear either “criminal, feckless or workshy”, and possiby all three. What concerns me about the word “contempt” is how easy it is to spread it more and more widely – and I am talking in very general terms here, completely outside of the recent discussion. For example, to people with long hair, crew-cuts, disabled, ethnic minorities, gays and so on and so on, all of which has been the case in my lifetime.

    Personally I do believe in the concept of “evil” but believe that to be rare. As for terms like “skivers, shirkers, feckless” perhaps instead of immediately applying such epithets to our felow human beings, society could be more generous and investigate the circumstances that may have led to such behaviour.

    We are absolutely NOT all born equal and to apply mores and rules as though we are all equaly advantaged is, in my view, both wrong and misguided.

    July 27th, 2013 at 1:31 pm



    and, more pragmatically – it doesn’t work.

  12. Interesting in that the poll seems to confirm that UKIP is coming off the boil and that all the major parties are benefiting.

  13. If that is interesting I wonder what passes as dull?

  14. Once more, a very dull poll. On partisan balance though, I prefer dull polls to jittery polls. They’re bad for me ‘eart.

    I see little Farage can do to halt this decline until the European elections.

  15. MrN – I doubt Farage will be surprised at the slippage.

  16. “So “interesting movements” are all within MOE!”

    Bit of a surge to 8% for the LDs. That’s now ABOVE a quarter of their GE vote.


    An earlier post [1-31 pm today] went into automod and will probably now remain unread. It contained figures for women in jail and a few thoughts which I would invite comments on – should you wish to read it.


    The above reference is because my repost also went into automod [should have been obvious je sais] so please delete my 6-41 pm

    Ta very much.

  17. Good grief!

    My 6-41 pm has dunna runner from autod now.

    Tell you what – read them both. You can get through the second one quicker that way.

  18. turk

    ” “So out of place and dull”

    At last we agree. ”


    Turk I have never written that about your posts,

    [Anyway I thought you were a farmer, not a mind-reader.]

  19. Back to the polls and it will be interesting to see if YG continues to be the main one showing a Lab lead going from a high of around 15% to a low of 3%..

    Even though that is over a fair while that is a very large decrease and it’s not really mirrored elsewhere.

  20. “Whitehall seeks to drive out jargon” [from the BBC]

    Anyone got a good title for the person who heads the team working on that?

  21. PC – is womed the past tense of women?
    Evil is a slippery beast that sets good people against one another with ever more artificial paradigms. Welby’s spot of bother is a case of “evil” setting traps and enjoying his discomfort. Evil is what stuffs us up. Very few of the architects of the banking crisis thought of themselves as evil or bad in any way. Evil jumped into the processes and stuffed it all up. No one’s fault, just the logical conclusion or extension of honest decisions. Same as Holloway inmates.

    Our responses to evil have to be from the opposite end of the spectrum and to embrace the people at the sharp end of the logical extension. So help those inmates, the bad bankers and the theologically challenged by exposing them to the opposite of evil.

    It’s up to each of us how we define the opposite of evil. Love, beauty, creativity, music, humour, democracy, Islam, christianity , an agnostic or atheistic or secular ethical code , provable truth or whatever are all decent candidates for throwing at people and institutions that are subject to the attentions of evil.

    This site is a pretty good resource for arming ourselves in the fight against evil spinning of data. It fights this version of evil with humour, facts, tolerance and a big variety of pleasant and odd characters. You all know who you are, you don’t agree with each other but you for me embody the good bit in our joint fight against evil. X

  22. JTT

    Did a little sketch in my head of PM interviewing new home sec

    “I hear you have something exciting to offer the criminal, feckless and lazy”

    Yes PM – utter contempt

    “And you feel this can allay the problem somewhat”

    Dunno PM – I pay no attention to the idle buggers.

  23. New home sec probably guided by the notions of “lesser evil” and “the real world”. It’s interesting that Welby is engaging at this edge. There’s no head-on riposte to “we live in the complexities of the reality”, but there should be a strategy to nudge the shape of discussion so that deep thought can at least attend the concert. The lenders have to cope with default, the c of e can’t really do it for less than 80% unless some imaginative “opposite of evil” is applied. How about the establishment supports its church and chips in?

    Any audience appreciates the music, especially with programme notes. all our political theme music seems to be accompanied with programme notes that say “do you like it or not?” and have a look at some nice pics while you decide which of you is to blame for the discord.

  24. @Paul Croft

    It appears that you really cannot cope with people who have different beliefs than those you hold. Your last post typifies your attempts to belittle others and does you no credit.

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