Boundary Update

I expect this will be the last one of these for a few years, as the Commons looks likely to vote to approve the Lords amendment abandoning the current boundary review and setting the next boundary review to begin in 2015, reporting in September-October 2018. Today should see an end to matters one way or the other – looking in detail at the amendments before the House today, the government has tabled a counter amendment that would reject the Lords amendment, and adopt the Boundary Commissions final recommendations without the need for further votes in the Commons and Lords.

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  1. Robert Newark @ Billy Bob

    “So you don’t acknowledge the part the first two in particular, (along with Gorbachev) played in the collapse of the USSR,”

    How did they achieve that? The USSR collapsed under its own pressures notably the NewLabour like reliance on targets. People at the top were stupid enough to believe the performance data.

  2. Roger

    I think the Press just expect senior Civil Servants to be a) incompetent & evasive ; & b) as determined to get their noses in the commercial trough with which they worked , as their political masters are.

    Can’t wait to see which organisation thinks Lin Homer is a catch, come the inevitable day.

  3. Watching Borgen has cured me of any danger of weakening on PR.

    It seems to be having a similar effect on the delectable Birgitte Nyborg, and I am expecting family to trump all those games of musical chairs in coffee filled rooms.

  4. …………in the final two episodes.

  5. @Colin

    That’s a funny coincidence because I became a staunch republican after watching Game of Thrones.

  6. Glad to see folk basing their political beliefs on TV fiction, much more sensible than reality

    ‘although most of the international jobs will require fluency in 2 or 3 languages”
    Actually, with the greatest respect for your assistance to MitM, this is not the case. English has been so well spoken internationally for the last twenty years or so, especially by the northern European nations, and is so universally used in international trade and aid, that it is no longer a great asset to speak other languages – other than perhaps Arabic in the ME, Chinese for commercial dealings with them, or Spanish in L.America. Most importantly, it is not required in the terms of reference/job qualifications of any international organisation I know of working in Africa, Asia, the Pacific or the Caribbean. Much more important to being a consultant is the ability to write a good school essay. Asa an economist, BTW, it’s a good idea to have a specialism, agriculture or fisheries or public administration, for example; most economists don’t do economics in my experience.

    ” The USSR collapsed under its own pressures notably the NewLabour like reliance on targets. People at the top were stupid enough to believe the performance data.”
    What makes the process worth observing is the parallels with collapse of the banking system and the financing of housing etc in the West. My experience, when Gorbachev was proposing the restoration of small farmer agriculture and diversified marketing structures (his two big contributions to the collapse of the Soviet empire were parking a tank in front of the Lithuanian National Assembly in Vilnius and absenting himself for a long weekend at Yalta when Yeltsin and his cohorts had the knives out) was that it was at the Republican and sector level that production targets were taken as a surrogate for profitablitiy – not “at the top”. In consequence, milk was produced at a cost of 2.5 roubles and sold in the cities for 1.5, Since housing in the agriculture sector was financially managed at the collective or state farm, which kept and used the supposed profits to pay costs andfor social purposes, the banking system was geared to paying for increasingly unaffordable, housing, kindergartens, heating etc. Consequence, collapse of stout party. Odd thing was that, throughout most of the Soviet system for sixty years, most meat production and fruit and vegetables were produced by small farmers on their own dacha land on the state farms and collectives. So yes, quite a lot of not knowing at the top what was happening at the bottom; but it was the fictional basis of banking assumptions about the social costs of housing and the profitablity of low wage labour and inefficient production systems that done for the old girl. Yeltsin, plus the CIA, I surmise, was the man who made Thatcher/Reagan’s self-congratulatory destruction of the Soviet Union happen. Gorbachev was the nearly man, a potentially great reformer, whose plans and ideas came from pre-Stalinist communism, which would have transformed the production and distribution systems of the Union.

  9. @John Pilgrim

    I was meaning organisation’s such as those I listed – the UN likes at least 2 and preferably 3 langauages, the ERBD also prefers multiple langauages as does the World Bank and the EU etc. These may not be absolute requirements for all positions but they are standard on the CVs of people applying for these posts.

  10. @robbiealive

    @ Valerie X

    Nice to see my fellow Mancunian back on site. But note your sneaky attempt to replace emoticons with Xs.

    Oh no my plan has been rumbled! :-( but I do like my new nonclementure..

  11. Richard

    @”Glad to see folk basing their political beliefs on TV fiction, much more sensible than reality”

    Much more stimulating-until we get reality Prime Ministers like Birgitte.

  12. “Big downer for me is that the coalitions are then formed AFTER the GE, whereas with FPTP they are formed BEFORE the GE – much better and more democratic I would say.”

    Not always the case. Just look at the two governments in the British isles. The coalition in the UK was formed after the FPTP election, the coalition in Ireland was formed before the STV election. Numerous European countries with PR systems see pre-electoral pacts formed e.g. Sweden, Latvia etc, while in others voters have a fair idea of which parties will form coalitions post election e.g. SPD/Green or CDU/FDP in Germany.

    OK You know best.

  14. Actually, I can’t think why we continue to teach French in school. They have been sulking for years over the neglect of the rest of the world to use French as an international language, and retaliate by refusing to respond in French if you attempt to use it in France, and by talking an impenetrable argot among themselves and speaking English with an execrable accent.

  15. Obviously Tories lost the vote but as you pointed out previously Anthony, this is very tight timetable with final recommendations Sept 18 leaving only 20 months till May 2010 election

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