There is a new MORI poll in today’s Sun on the EU constitution – the first question asked was the exact wording of the government’s proposed referendum – “Should the United Kingdom approve the treaty establishing a constitution for the European Union?”. In past surveys, using the straight question without any accompanying blurb has tended to produce the lowest No vote, in one case showing only a 2 point lead for the No campaign. In the aftermath of the French referendum though MORI has found a 34 point lead for the No camp – Yes 22%, No 56%.

However, a large majority of people (67% to only 21% against) still want to have a referendum on the EU constitution regardless of whether or not other countries have already rejected the treaty.

MORI also asked about people’s reactions to the French result 55% said they were pleased, with 19% sorry. 23% of people though the French government should hold a second referendum to try and reverse the result, with 65% opposing such a move.

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