The YouGov/Sunday Times results are now up here, with topline figures of CON 32%, LAB 43%, LDEM 10%, UKIP 7% – still within the margin of error of the 9-10 point Labour leads that YouGov have now been showing for a couple of months. The rest of the poll had questions on exam results, tuition fees and Julian Assange.

On exam results, 48% think the reason A-level results are consistently improving is because the exams are getting easier, 22% think teaching and school standards are improving, 12% that pupils are cleverer or working harder. 61% of people think it is right to introduce a tougher marking regime.

Turning to higher education, 30% of people think that a university education is worth £9000 a year, 53% think it is not worth £9000 a year. However, asked if they think graduates will or not be be better off if one balances the debt they will incur from university against the increased earnings they may achieve people are evenly split – 41% think most graduates will still end up better off, 42% think they will end up worse off (this does pose the question of how some people can think that a university education isn’t worth £9000, but that people paying that will still end up better off in the long run.)

On a different subject, 60% of people think Equador was wrong to let Julian Assange shelter in their embassy, and 55% think they were wrong to offer him asylum. However a majority (54%) also think that Britain should respect diplomatic convention and not attempt to enter the Equadorian embassy to arrest Assange (33% of people think we should). By 51% to 25% people think that Assange would receive a fair trial in Sweden, but by 51% to 29% they think he would not in the USA.

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  1. Socal

    I understood that literally being an unwanted douche was why he was wanted for questioning.

    However, Swedish detectives are well capable of travelling to Heathrow so why don’t they?

  2. @ Howard

    “I understood that literally being an unwanted douche was why he was wanted for questioning.”

    Well that’s a stupid reason to question anybody. Look, I don’t agree with the release of the wikileaks and I don’t like what occurred. I’m all for transparency but there are certain things that can’t be broadcast for public audiences. And sometimes those things are neccessary for government to function. This will harm us longterm and won’t lead to any benefits (as opposed to let’s say the Pentagon Papers). But what’s done is done and I don’t believe in extra-legal retribution.

    “However, Swedish detectives are well capable of travelling to Heathrow so why don’t they?”

    That’s a good question.

  3. “However, Swedish detectives are well capable of travelling to Heathrow so why don’t they?”

    Short answer is that;s the way Sweden has done things that way for years – formal questions then charges – and no-one has ever had a problem with it.

    I don’t see why it suddenly becomes a problem when St. Julian of Assange is facing charges, and I don’t see why Sweden should be expected to change its rules to appease to fanboys of one egotistical attention-seeker.

  4. C N-S
    Yes but they haven’t. They have travelled before (my better half tells me) and to question a suspected murderer, even.

  5. RE: tuition fees questions. Perhaps some people think that the question over how much a degree is ‘worth’ is not purely a financial equation. And people can think that a university education is ‘worth’ 9000 a year in some sense, but if they think that it shouldn’t necessarily be the student paying for it themselves, that will also colour the answer to that question. It’s a fairly poor question I think. EG, I personally would say that a University education is, in many cases, ‘worth’ £9000 a year. I also think it’s a fundamentally short-sighted idea to just pass that cost onto an individual student (which is the public perception, despite that statement being fundamentally flawed in itself)


    @”FOOD PRICES, even though inflation may be falling, prices of good foods are rising faster than wages for many people.”

    Yes accepted.

    Drought in USA is not helping-the price of wheat, corn and soyabean has rocketed by 30 per cent, 25 per cent and 42 per cent, respectively since the start of the year( Economist).

    Also , nearly 40% of US corn production is now used for Bio Fuels. It was just 5% ten years ago.

    Madness-completely bonkers.

  7. However, in Sweden I understand questioning is often the formal stage before charging someone. You cannot legally charge someone in Sweden without formally questioning them first. So Julian Assange could be at the equivalent stage of what would be CPS charges in UK law. No other country is obliged to send out police officers to questions a suspect prior to extradition, so I don’t see why Sweden should be different.

    Anyway, the point is the law has been the way it is in Sweden for decades, as has the EU-wide extradition agreements, and no-one considered it a problem until now. I don’t see why we should suddenly decide it’s a problem just because somebody who’s annoying the US government is on the receiving end. The only reason I can see for wanting to be questioned in the UK is so that you’ve got the option of buggering off before they have time to press charges if the questioning doesn’t go your way.

  8. CNS

    Indeed-just like he did when he jumped bail.

    He really does live in a parallel universe.. Just who the *uck does he think he is ?

  9. Good effort England.

    At least you tried-and nearly made it.

    NickP will be pleased -but for different reasons to most England cricket fans.

  10. Colin

    I must admit I was rooting for the swashbuckling tail there. They were, what, a Pieterson short of a famous victory?

  11. @Colin

    Anyway, lovely to hear the charming George Galloway re-defining the definition of rape today.

    We’ve spent decades fighting the attitude that rape isn’t really rape if it’s happened before / she’s been around / she’s been drinking / she was wearing a short skirt. I wonder how many years this sorry episode has set us back.

  12. Just to make it clear that i have no time for Mr Assange but I don’t have anything personal against him either.

    I don’t view public figures as though I knew them personally and I think it is regrettable that public opinion is susceptible to doing so. That is X factor politics.

    I mean, I don’t care whether MCC or SA won the cricket match but it was a good game.

    Play up and ………

  13. And just to make it clear from my side, everything I say is without prejudice to whether he is guilty or innocent of these crimes. If he is proven guilty he must be punished the same as anyone else. If he is not proven guilty he goes free. My only stance is that he should be subject to the same rules of justice as everyone else.

    However, if Julian Assange insists on turning this case into something political, it becomes a lot harder to stop politics influencing people’s perception of his guilt or innocence.

  14. aw
    Thanks for updating the ukpr pollling average. Its really striking loking at the graphs how things have changed since the begining of the year — Lab polling some of their highest vi, Con on their lowest — big Lab lead.

    I wondered if the ‘ALL’ graph shows the moving average — it seems to, rather than the raw data eg. In the raw data, Con drop to 39 points, but this doesn’t appear on the graph — so its a moving average?

  15. Good Evening All. Beautiful evening on the south coast.

    MUFC kicking off and LIZ H giggling into her chablis.

    The next three months will be key months in the struggle for the GE 2015.

    Memories have flooded back on reading Susan Crosland (Barnes) biography of Tony Crosland. The war years passages are very powerful.

    Highly recommended

  16. NickP

    They were a Strauss & a Cooke short-that would have done it.

    I don’t think KP will play for England again.

  17. An argument – on any subject – between Slamond and Galloway would be great to witness.

    I can’t see many “Ah, I see your point.” comments.

  18. Colin
    I am not sure whether GG is an idiot but ‘irresponsible’ comes to mind.

    He gets votes from unthinking minds and that is where the idiocy lies.

    A lot of people voted for ‘you know who’ (Godwin invoked).

  19. HOWARD

    I think the appropriate word is probably Demagogue.

  20. Well at last a tiny ray of sunshine amidst the gloom.My
    daughter after gaining an excellent degree from Bristol in
    2011,has been unemployed until today.At last a forward
    thinking employer has taken a risk on a graduate rather
    than the endless supply of people who are chasing these
    jobs.I am a socialist through and through, but there has
    got to be a tangible reward for those who work hard at
    school and then pay back loans for their university places.

  21. ANN In WALES

    Congratulations to your daughter.

    She has a very supportive mother, which must have been a great help.

  22. May I also say ,though I do not wish to be a prophet of doom,but after this abysmal summer, my orchard has no
    fruit and the vegetable garden is a wreck.Expect to see
    very high prices for home grown fruit and veg this autumn.

  23. Colin,thank you.A great relief.Now she just has to keep
    the job!

  24. Nick P

    Pietersen’s replacement has the higher test batting average of the two, so, in average performance, the Great Ego would not have helped us today.

  25. Leftylampton

    I’m with NickP. Having saved England in the 2nd test, KP would have won it for them in third.

  26. I understand that Princess Bea’s terrier has been savaged by the Queen’s 6 corgis, at a time stiffer prison sentences are being handed out to pet owners who fail to control their dogs.

  27. Ann in Wales

    Much sympathy and pleasure experienced from your post.

    Mine, also with a (2010) Bristol degree is …… (haven’t a clue, worryingly).

  28. Great news Toffees ! Big heads 0

  29. Ann in Wales

    Mind, our runner beans are ace.

  30. Everton 1 Manew 0

    Oh dear. No dancing in the streets of Bangkok tonight then. Or Tokyo. Or Kuala Lumpar.


  31. Or Dublin

  32. Howard,congrats on the runner beans,we have good peas,anything that likes
    Endless rain is doing quite well so far.

  33. Its sad to see the moaners and the scousers embroiled in a relegation battle this early in the season – I always live in hope it will be MUCH later.

  34. @Amber Star Yes, those polls are only going one way. That’s why there will be no referendum.

    @chrislane Yes, one was promised. I agree that it would be difficult to backtrack on and I’m not sure how Salmond will do it. But I’m certain he will find a plausible-ish reason.

    @stuartdickson Play the ball, not the man.

  35. Henry.

    But some things are more important than winning. Or whining come to that.

  36. I hope we do see KP back in the line-up, presumably for Taylor.

    Imagine if KP and Bairstow setting about a run chase…

  37. What I really dislike about people such as George Galloway [who says he is “sure” Assange has been “set-up] is that any thinking person knows that he would have said the opposite if it was an American or British figure, that he disliked, in precisely the same situation.

    I don’t care for Assange but though its clearly possible that it IS a set-up the point is that none of us – even Galloway – can possibly be sure, and I think most people would rather face the Swedich legal system than a South American one.

    In his “address to the world” he sounded as though he was some biblical figure here to save us all. He’s not.

  38. Incredibly bad polling figures for the Lib-Dems. very worrying for them is a new poll carried out for LIb-Dem voice that showed that half of their own party want Nick Clegg to resign – the third party always needs a leader who commands the respect from within his own rank and file and who is, generally, liked by the public. Nick Clegg is no longer able to boast either of these things.
    In the following article I’ve analysed why and where it has all gone wrong for Nick:

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