ICM’s monthly poll for the Guardian has now been published. Topline voting intention figures with changes from last month are CON 34%(-2), LAB 39%(-2), LDEM 14%(+3), Others 13%(nc).

The three point boost for the Liberal Democrats is almost certainly a reversion to the mean, ICM typically show a significantly higher level of Lib Dem support than other companies and the 11 point score they had them on last month was conspiculously low for ICM (even though it would be unusually high for some other companies!).

In the Guardian’s write up they note the scale of difference that ICM’s reallocation of don’t knows is now making. Without it Labour’s lead would have been 10 points in this poll, the reallocation of former Tory voters saying don’t know brings it down to just 5.

58 Responses to “ICM/Guardian – CON 34, LAB 39, LD 14”

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  1. Martyn’s,

    Hey… You missed us out… Typical Unionist bias against the SNP!


  2. Tonight I think we’ll be having:

    Con 32.9
    Lab 43.0
    LD 9.0

  3. SHAUN

    Could NHS candidates take votes away from Labour candidates ?

  4. And the SNP will say, it’s all England’s fault.

    There we go.

  5. Tonights Yougov: C34 L42 LD11

    The tables don’t have columns for 2010 vote tonight. Are they not doing them any more?

  6. @Peter Cairns

    Lots being missed out today.

    SNP VI from the published ICM poll (as always, admittedly).

    But, exceptionally, 2010 voters from tonight’s YouGov tables?

  7. Colin – don’t worry, they’ll be back. Was due to rather mundane running late issues.

  8. R Huckle

    If Nick Clegg tried to form another coalition with the Tories, what affect would this have on the Lib Dems?

    Would David Cameron try to persuade the Tories not to oppose Lib Dem candidates in the seats they currently hold ?

    Sorry forgot to post this bit.What i was trying to say was the next election is going to be fought on no lines never seen before.
    The Doctors said they would stand against politicians who voted the NHS bill through parliament,and are going to stand in seats that they have a chance in.So would Labour push voters in those seats to vote NHS candidates instead of themselves so eliminating the chance of Tories and Liberals to gain out of a pact.Like vote a doctor in keep a Tory and Lib Dem out.

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