YouGov’s daily poll for the Sun has topline figures tonight of CON 32%, LAB 44%, LDEM 9%, UKIP 7%. A Labour lead of twelve points, again pretty typical of YouGov’s daily polls for the last week or two.

Tonight’s poll also has YouGov’s fortnightly question on who would make the best Prime Minister. David Cameron is on 31%(-1), Ed Miliband 21%(-3), Nick Clegg 5%(+1), Don’t know 43%(+2).

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  1. Surely the 15 point Labour lead can`t be that far away,even sans media support.

  2. @Ann in Wales

    What a truly awful comment you have just made. Hunt came through his ordeal without a stain on his character. The Prime Minister responded as any reasonable person would. Are you really suggesting that the Country should be governed by a combination of short term Public Opinion and on what the media think!

  3. The other Howard,but of course!

  4. The obvious question is why is Hunt not being referred to Alex Allan…Wouldn`t it be brilliant if he is cleared by the proper authority,rather than by the PM?And the Lib Dems are apparently content with the arrangements…The less said,the better.


    Only 14% sorry!

    Latest YouGov/The Sun results 31st May CON 31%, LAB 45%, LD 9%, UKIP 8%; APP -39

  6. You would have thought that Cameron would have slept on it. Or at least waited to see the editorials, which are universally bad for hunt. I’m staggered by some of the stuff that’s come out today from hunt. The stench of corruption is overwhelming.


    @”Surely the 15 point Labour lead can`t be that far away”

    I was thinking the same-it’s like a sword of damocles.

  8. The thing that puzzles me is that Cameron said previously that he wouldn’t refer Hunt to the independent adviser because he wasgoing before a judge…Leveson. So he’s been before the beak and now Cameron has said he is innocent.

    But the judge has not yet ruled.

    When he does rule his report will go to…Hunt. Or whoever has replaced him?

    I think the ruling will be damning.

  9. “Hunt came through his ordeal without a stain on his character. ”

    (cough cough, clutches sides, bends over double and coughs again)

    You are joking? Surely you jest?

  10. Nick p,yes it is rather amusing,hey ho.New and rather
    encouraging thread.

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