Tonight’s YouGov/Sun poll has topline figures of CON 32%, LAB 43%, LDEM 8%, UKIP 9% – very much the norm for YouGov’s polls in the last week or two.

On a completely unrelated point, given my readership contains an awful lot of councillors, candidates, activists and other politicos, Michael Thrasher (of Rallings and Thrasher fame) has asked me to pass a message on to people who stood in the local elections this year. Over to him:

“Since 2006 The Elections Centre, based at Plymouth University, has been conducting annual surveys of candidates that stood in the May round of local elections. Candidates are selected at random from the published nomination lists and are asked a range of questions about themselves, their motives for standing, their experience of the campaign and also attitudes towards different aspects of local government, particularly the numbers of women, younger people and members of Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups sitting on local council benches. These survey data are invaluable in providing a profile of who stands (and, of course, who doesn’t stand), the type of local election campaigning that is being conducted and other information that expands our understanding of the local electoral process.

More than six thousand candidates (a one in two sample) were sent a letter in May inviting them to participate in this year’s survey. If you are one of those candidates but has yet not found the time to participate in the survey then there is still time to do so. Simply, locate your reference number on the letter that you were sent and follow the instructions for completing the survey. Many thanks to all those that have or are about to participate!”

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  1. RAF

    Hopefully he would avoid demonstrating by what you suggested, that he was but an ‘ornament’.

    The worst accolade one can receive is to be classed a ‘national treasure’.

    Would you want to be …………………?

    No I don’t either.

  2. @Smukesh

    It’s not so much the jibe, but the pattern of getting angry and lashing out when,under pressure. I’m sure it,won’t lose him Tory votes. But other voters may not like this tendency.

  3. @Howard

    Indeed, but to be a national treasure you have to have been around for years. Does anyone believe Cameron will be?

  4. Good Evening All after a long day teaching.

    Maybe the Coalition parties will be damaged by the PM’s lashing out and their own laughter at his jibe.

  5. Prediction:

    Con 31.7
    Lab 43.6
    LD 7.9

  6. It isn’t the “idiot” bit that was malicious but the “muttering”. He know Balls has struggled to overcome a stammer and the suspicion must be that that is what he referring to.

  7. HAL.
    It never occured to me that the PM would be laughing at Ed Balls’s stammer

  8. @HAL

    I thought the DC reference was to EB’s temdency to voice platitudes at the Government benches.

    Either way, EB does seem to get up the PMs nose and Labour is very likely to continue to exploit this.

  9. RAF

    I should not think he will last very long, but he is a PR man, just a lot more gripping of lecterns and pursed lips when referring to EU, and it can’t fail. He knows his business and anyone who underestimates his PR training is on a loser.

    The doldrums economy is all the fault of the EU and don’t you forget it. He won’t.

    My problem with the PR approach is that it can’t work unless the voters believe it. See Abe Lincoln’s advice.

    However there is three years to go, more than we’ve had of this amazingly significant coalition already. I do not rule out for one moment that it is impossible to imagine that Venezuela will invade the Falklands as a brotherly love gesture for the ‘Argies’.

  10. are not is

  11. Interesting article in ConHome ( on DC’s 5 point plan to win the next election.

    Looking at point no. 2 made me laugh.

  12. Liz – indeed. I think that one would be better put as “negating a negative”, rather than “winning support”. Rather optimistic otherwise!

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