Tonight’s YouGov poll for the Sun has topline figures of CON 31%, LAB 44%, LDEM 9% and Others 17% (including UKIP on 8%), so has Labour’s lead at 13 for a second day.

There are also some new voting intention figures from TNS-BMRB, with fieldwork conducted over the weekend, which show very similar figures to YouGov – CON 30%, LAB 43%, LDEM 10% and Others 17%.

(I am out this evening, so this post was written in advance)

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  1. JOHN TT……….Welcome back, by the way, I don’t do offended. :-) I’ve even managed to survive the attention of the wicked AMBER STAR. :-) Mind you, I can’t help being happy, my boys are in the Euro final, and I’ve got a ticket, and I’m a guest at the Monaco GP, blimey I sound like a capitalist banker. :-)

  2. Even more good news, a Labour 10 point lead, it has to be the Ed M effect………he needs a chocolate teapot ! :-)


    The coalition seem to be on 40%. The Queens speech may have caused the Tory boost but why the LD drop? It is just one poll, maybe tomorrow (Saturday at 10) the Tories will be back on 31 and the LD back on 9.

  4. Reginald Maudling,MOE,I very much doubt that EM is
    gutted as you so delightfully phrase it.

  5. LDs on 7%?????

    Is that the lowest ever?? (or at least the lowest this parlt?).

  6. Michael,

    All good thanks. Good to see your sense of humour is alive and kicking……
    …..although your poll predictor needs a little bit of recalibration… ever ;-)


    I very much enjoyed your T-shirt earlier….

  7. Paul Croft – lovely thanks – relaxed from the addictiveness. I hoped when I left that the Tories would either increase or decrease their share by more than 3 points (margin of error).

    My thought in May 2010 was that the big picture would not change until their voters of 2010 were obviously switching.

    I’m still not sure that’s happening. If/when it does (I guess 3 polls of 30% or less would be a tipping point) my questions would all be around how their leaders respond.

    More of the same, an “idea” lurch, a change of tactics or what? Having watched Leveson’s proceedings, I’m happier that any change will be focussed directly onto the electorate via all the media without second-guessing what non-dom proprietors want. I feel refreshed, and that the system is recovering some health.

  8. Ken – good luck , but we did it 5 times, mate and got 50 mil from you for a tart! Carroll’s equalizer hurt me less than Garcia’s winner hurt you!

    Hope you win though, seriously, and I know that Blue is your colour (and largely depends on the input of exteremely wealthy non-doms!)

  9. Billy Bob,re your earlier post,I did say at the time that it was the horse wot won it!

  10. I am busy designing “BRING BACK MAX” T-shirts [sponsored by Magners and Exeter Junior School]]

    Please place your orders at my website.

    [They will come in two colours – blue and a bit bluer.]


    Is MAX an acronym?


  12. Peter: For what would you suggest?

    But no – I’m missing him already.

  13. Well that was illuminating! Whilst I have had many interesting discussions with Conservatives whose arguments I have respected, I have always tended to shy away from certain types because they…well, because I suspected THAT would be the level of debate.

    The idea that this is a ‘lefty’ site was weakened by the fact that the consensus was…I believe the word ‘nob’ was used? To be fair, I imagine he was very young, and just totally out of his depth.

    Watching this unfold, my views regarding the integrity of this site have been confirmed. Heartening.

  14. Still – great entertainment! Bring him back.

  15. @Ken

    Of course poverty is relative. However the same is true for say, crime. Just because we have a lower murder rate than somewhere else does not then mean we accept the murders that do occur here.

    All government spending is about priorities and choice. We are a rich country and we can ensure that the needy and vulnerable are well looked after if we choose to. The main issue as I see it is the rise of resentment among those who do not see themselves as part of a whole but rather see themselves as individuals who have no financial responsibility for anyone but themselves.

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