Tonight’s YouGov/Sun poll has topline figures of CON 37%, LAB 43%, LDEM 8%. Yesterday’s 2 point lead looks like it was just a blip, and the 6 point leads we’ve seen from YouGov lately are restored. Tomorrow will be the first chance to see if Ed Miliband’s speech has had any impact, though lots of the fieldwork will be done before people see the news tonight or the newspaper reaction tomorrow, so worth waiting until Thursday before drawing any conclusions.

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  1. *Sigh*

    “two infrequent” should be “too infrequent”

    “within opening” should be “without reopening”

    I am literate, onnist!

  2. Jay

    Well it will be popular, until we have a 200 car pile up

    Most folk drive at 80 so now they will drive at 90

  3. While I grew up with a sister, brother and two parents, I can heartily recommend this novel set in a children’s home in Copenhagen, because essentially it is a child’s exploration of the bizarre rules, constructs and bureaucracy imposed in the adult world:

    De måske egnede (Borderliners) by Peter Høeg

  4. I hope you all remembered to vote in the general election*

    The trouble with Bill Patrick’s comment about the banks is that you can’t get there from here. Selective failure was OK when financial institutions were many and various, but that really hasn’t been the situation in Britain for 50 years. Even if governments hadn’t been encouraging mergers for ‘efficiency’ the rescue of failing or precarious banks is always going to end up reducing the numbers and probably even 50 years ago, the size of the largest players made it impossible for genuine new entrants to compete. Even foreign banks have found it easier to come into the market by buying existing institutions rather than starting afresh.

    Not only are the banks genuinely too big to fail, every time something fails they become bigger. The Vicker’s reforms are essential if ridiculously delayed, but they’re equivalent to the Captain of the Titanic thinking an adequate response to the iceberg is to book the ship in for a paint job in four years’ time.

    The only way to get to the ideal state where market discipline could genuinely flourish would be to break-up and demerger on a massive scale. We’re talking about chopping the big boys down to small percentages of their previous sizes (5%, 10% at most?) for there to be any impact. Otherwise the only way is heavy and intrusive regulation or the same thing happening again. And again.

    * Applies to Isle of Man customers only.


    “I’m swithering between suggesting that this is part of a conspiracy to persuade more Tories to support Murdo Fraser’s plan (thus getting rid of the Scots altogether), or that they are simply politically inept, with no idea of how such a decision will play north of the border.”

    You must be joking or else experience has taught you nothing. The typical English backbench MP knows far less about Murdo Faser than I do or you do.

    Can you recall anything in the past where a Westminster governing party was “politically inept” and why do you think twice as many people vote for your party as support its flagship policy.

    Inept is normal.

    Competence, which is why people say they support the SNP, should be, but it is such a novelty that you could get over 50% for the Scottish parliament next time.

  6. Valerie, Chou, Colin
    As a matter of fact, the church adoption agencies’ perseverance rates in the adoptions were more successful than the secular ones.

    Same pattern as the schools, which is why left wing politiicains so often send their off spring to these schools.

    We have something we can agree on. A congruence between socialism and conservativism

  7. Jay Speed limit

    In my view a very sensible proposal for the following reasons:
    70mph has been in force since the days of Morris Minors, Austin A40’s & Cortina’s were around.
    Modern cars are infinitely safer now.
    Deaths on the road are a fraction of what they were then
    Motorways are better designed now & safer
    80mph is the norm in the rest of Europe (except Italy, where it is the minimum speed limit :)
    Most people don’t adhere to the current limit & the police don’t enforce it.

    Seems a sensible bit of deregulation to me. Lower, variable limits can still be indicated when needed.

  8. Changing the speed limit isn’t deregulation. It is amending a regulation.

    Deregulation would be to abolish the speed limit.

  9. Lurker
    OK Mr Pedantic :)

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