Last night’s YouGov poll for the Sun had topline figures of CON 36%, LAB 44%, LDEM 9% – very much the norm as of late. If there is any effect on the polls from the riots you shouldn’t expect to see them yet anyway.

In the meantime, today’s poll had some updated figures on the death penalty – YouGov found 62% would support the death penalty for the murder of a child, 53% would support the death penalty for the murder of a police officer, 63% would support it for murder as part of a terrorist act and 65% would support it for multiple murders. However, only 38% of people would support the death penalty for all cases of murder, with 43% opposed.

For what most people are probably really interested in, we should get the first polling touching upon the riots tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Some are blaming absent fathers and single parent families for lack of discipline.

    I don’t recall any talk like that, or riots either in the years after 1945 when there were many families withour fathers and at best they had been absent for five years. There was poverty then too.

    Whether it is youth services, the police, HH or even BJ, I hear a lot of vested interests following the example of the BMA and the University vice-chancellors appealing for more money.

  2. “R Huckle

    “Has anyone else noted that this has been an English problem ?

    No riots in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.”

    Why is this ?”

    Be in no doubt that about 5m Scots have noticed, and I think it will bring back nostalgic memories for many in NI.

    Seriously though, only Edinburgh and Glasgow have populations large enough for a small age and class section to form a proper riot.

    Edinburgh is smaller and more middle class and many there are a shifting, temporary population there for work or study and whose roots are elswhere. That would make it harder for a critical mass to form.

    Glasgow is bigger and more working class mostly on peripheral estates.

    It had, in the 1920’s, violent gangs that could put 100 men on the street in five minutes to defend their territory against a neighbouring gang. Basic policing techniques defeated them.

    In the 1960’s there were also territorial gangs of youths, but today the numbers are smaller.

    Football hooliganism used to be far worse than in England, until they discovered that by taking the opposite approach, they could distinguish themselves from the English. The SNP government is determined to vigorously confront remaining sectarianism at the point of its terminal decline, but their first efforts were not well received by the parliament.

    Don’t wear a green scarf in Brig’ton,
    Or a blue one in Cumberland St
    Unless you’tr Muhummad Ali,
    Or helluva quick on your feet.

    There is better Education, and better respect for Education for historical as well as political reasons.

    Maybe its the chips and deep fried mars bars washed down with IrnBru. Perhaps there are too many who are unfit for rioting.

    There is organised crime, but what you are experiencing is disorganised crime.

    Race is not the same. “The colourful threads in the tartan that is modern Scotland” according to Kenny MacAskill, the Justice Secretary.

    Maybe it IS the weather.

  3. On the death penalty:

    Petitions in the Scottish Parliamnt are seriously considered, A ten year old boy at a Catholic (State) School submitted one complaining about the narrow nature of religious education.

    There have been over 1,000 petitions since the parliament started and I thought there must have been one on capital punishment, but a search filed to find one.

    I don’t think it is a reserved matter.

    Maybe the sort of people who would start such a petition think it is.

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