Angus Reid have just released a new AV poll. It echoes the last YouGov and ICM polls in showing a NO lead of 16% once don’t knows and won’t votes are excluded – YES 42%, NO 58%. The poll was conducted prior to the bank holiday weekend on Wednesday and Thursday.

Note that while in recent days we’ve appeared to see contradictory polls on AV, with some showing big NO leads and some showing the campaign neck and neck, this is almost wholly down to some polls being published a long term after their fieldwork has finished. The three most recent polls (from, in chronological order, ICM, YouGov and Angus Reid) have all shown identical results of YES 42%, NO 58%. The TNS and Harris polls, while being published more recently than some of these, were actually conducted at the same time as or before that ICM poll.

103 Responses to “Angus Reid show 16 point lead for NO”

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  1. “Your vote is always transferred to your highest preference out of those still in the running.”

    So the answer to my original question is basically “no”.

  2. In answer to an earlier comment – here are the numbers of candidates standing in the local elections in England –

  3. -So the answer to my original question is basically “no”.

    No, the answer is definitely ‘yes’. Voting isn’t about enthusiasm (and, who knows, you may be more enthusiastic about your fifth choice than others are about their first), it’s about everyone picking one candidate out of the available selection and casting their one vote in his or her favour. If your candidate wins at that stage then you’ve backed the winner; whether the candidate was first or fifth in your list of preferences is irrelevant.

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