The final YouGov/Sun daily poll of 2010 is out, and has topline figures of CON 39%, LAB 41%, LDEM 9%, very much in line with YouGov’s recent polls.

The daily polling is pausing now until the start of January. In 2007 and 2009 YouGov did do polls over the Xmas holidays, but to be honest I am dubious about how good a sample you can get when people are on their Christmas holidays (for the record the 2009 poll looked normal enough, the 2007 one was rather out of line with other YouGov polls at the time) – this year we took the decision not to do any fieldwork for our daily polls over the holiday season.

Have a good Xmas all – I’ll try to do some posts in the next week summing up the 2010 polls and the position we’re in as we head to 2011.

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  1. Bah. Just wrote a long post that included the name of my least favourite football team (I’m a Yid, do the math) and the first four letters of that team’s name have put it in moderation. Another reason to hate them… *Spits*.

  2. Hmm.. just stumbled across this article from earlier this year whilst doing some random Googling (don’t ask).

    Surprised this isn’t being flung in Cleggie’s face along with tuition fees. Or did I miss it?

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