Back in August there was a YouGov poll showing that 30% of people thought that Dr David Kelly was murdered. Following the publication of the post-mortem this week we asked if people thought it was right to release the post-mortem report (58% did) and repeated the same question as we asked in August on how people thought David Kelly died. The proportion of people thinking he was murdered has halved to 14%, the proportion thinking he committed suicide has gone from 32% to 52%. Just over a third said don’t know.

301 Responses to “14% still think David Kelly was murdered”

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  1. YG (Blue)

    July 41%
    Aug 42%
    sept 41%
    Oct 41%
    Nov it now appears is to be another 41%…

    YG (red)
    July 36%
    aug 37%
    sept 38%
    Oct 38.5%
    Nov it now appears is to be 39-40%…..

    The decline of the yellows, for the time being at least, seems to be the main factor.

    Blue in the meantime are rock solid.

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