There is a new YouGov welsh poll for ITV Wales, full tables are here. Topline voting intentions with changes from YouGov’s poll last month are.

Assembly constituency: CON 22%(+2), LAB 39%(-1), LDEM 10%(-3), PC 23%(+1)
Assembly regional: CON 21%(+1), LAB 39%(+2), LDEM 9%(-5), PC 23%(-3)

UPDATE: By my reckoning, on a uniform swing this would give the Conservatives 12 assembly seats (nc), Labour 28 (up 2), the Liberal Democrats 5 (down 1), Plaid 14 (down 1) and 1 Independent.

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  1. Sue


    Right idea-missed out half the problem-wrong solution.

  2. Roland – just to confirm – the figures I quoted come from the TIMSS survey, carrying out their own tests on over 400,000 students internationally. The survey is administered by Boston College (the Massachusetts one) and the last government had absolutely no involvement in the process or influence over the results. I just came across these quotes from the report which I am sure you will find interesting:

    “In summary, England’s performance in science at year 5 remains amongst the best in the world.”

    “As in science, England’s performance in mathematics at year 5 is amongst the best in the
    world and continues to improve.”

    “As at year 5 science, England’s performance at year 9 was amongst the best in the world.”

    “No European country outperformed England in any of the four assessments, and nor did the United States or Australia.”

  3. @ Nigel

    Love you for Science & Mathes evidence. 8-)

  4. @AW – apologies for the earlier potentialy libellous slip.

  5. this has nothing to do with Wales opinion polls….

  6. Gwyn – True. No-one Welsh would post. We are starved of welsh opinion.

  7. someone agrees with me! at last!

  8. Gwyn
    Lots of us would agree

  9. test

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