As well as the figures from the YouGov/Sunday Times poll there is also a new ICM poll out today, the first monthly ICM/Guardian poll since the election. Topline figures with changes from ICM’s last poll are CON 39%(+1), LAB 32%(-1), LDEM 21%(nc)…exactly the same as the latest YouGov figures. 59% of people approve of the coalition between the Conservatives and Lib Dems, with 32% opposed.

There was also a question on PR – 56% of people said they supported a more proportional electoral system, 38% were opposed.

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  1. @ Sue

    Completely agree – intervention works. There is (or was) probably enough but it was too piecemeal.

  2. Back on about page 10 I think Robert in France

  3. @: MATT
    “Dealing with issues of family breakdown in our society should be our number one priority. Until we face the fact that family breakdown (and dysfunctionality) and social problems are strongly linked, we will make little progress IMO.”

    I agree wholeheartedly with you.

    But it is a complex issue-Educational failure/ Benefit dependency/Lack of work/Drugs/Absent Fathers/ Teenage mothers/Gangs on inner city estates……..

    Even when ( if?) some of these factors are tackled by the Government, there will be the need for what has been described as “intervention”.

    I think there are better words-like “help”.

    And then we need to decide who is best placed to help. I hope that the Big Society idea of using social enterprises will be pursued vigorously.

    There are some fantastic ones , operating from within troubled communities, by people who understand them-& achieving great results.

    Kids’ Company is one. This model can help -a lot.

  4. Great post Colin, totally agree.

  5. MrSB – Well said

    Perhaps I was thinking about the expirience of first nation people in Canada, or indigenous Australians, when untold damage was done by the authorities who took the children away to ‘educate’ them in boarding schools. I know no one is suggesting that here, but, think about some of the urban environments we allow children in this country to grow into (even the architecture is brutal). Focus on that. Humans flower in the right environment. Forcing nature does no good. I do not advocate doing nothing, dispensing with standards protocols and provision of extra support.
    Visible good and inspiring examples are what people respond to in a spontaneous way – we should trust them to see and choose what is good for them.

  6. @Colin,

    “Great post Colin, totally agree.”

    I second that.

  7. Colin,

    Yes I also think that your post was very nuanced. Non governmental agencies can be equally successful. My fostering idea was an attempt to make it ‘non state’ but I am very interested in the organisations you name.

    Off to read up on them…..

  8. Eoin

    may I recommend :-

    Go to Centre For Social Justice website.

    Click on “Awards” on the top banner.

    You will get a pretty good view of who is doing what.

    It is truly inspiring.

    Whether they are all scalable-or indeed whether it is desirable to scale some of them is another issue. But the Government will have to deal with that.

  9. @colin,

    ta for that…

  10. Colin,

    It is truly inspiring- thanks for that! :) Cheered me up no end.

  11. Colin,

    Chance UK- what a charity

  12. @ Colin

    I fully agree with you on the social enterprise (currently I work with about 10 of them in the NW). They are highly effective and very precise in their operation.

    However, they are not “Big Society” at all (as the Conservative Party describes it). They are not particularly efficient (and they shouldn’t be – their function is effectiveness and not efficiency) and they are very reliant on being on the fringes (removed from certain regulations and expectations). They are absolutely great.

  13. @ LASZLO

    “However, they are not “Big Society” at all (as the Conservative Party describes it”

    I think I will leave that to them & to the Conservative Party-if that’s OK with you Laszlo.


    Cheers ;-)

  14. @ Colin

    I’m more than happy to leave it to them. I’m quite happy to help them sorting out their existence, their sustainability, their negotiations with various bodies, be it civil society or government ones.

    I try – now for the second week – to help them to find ways out from the government chopper and mad regulations issued.

  15. LASZLO

    Obstacles, bureaucracy, short term funds/contracts, general top down fussing-these are the very things which DC claimed were holding back Social Enterprises under Labour.

    He said so in that speech to the Civil Society.

    It now remains for him to put his money & committment where his mouth was.

    The key players are IDS & Greg Clark.

    I will be watching them very closely ;-)

  16. I think the ‘Big Society’ idea is worth a try, even if it is rather badly named IMO. If it proves unsuccessful, I will be one of the first to criticise it. ;-)

  17. @ Colin

    Thanks. :-)
    I will too. In the meantime try to help these few women and men. It makes a lot of sense what they are doing.

  18. The coalition won 76.2% of the vote in Thirsk and Malton. They’ll be very pleased with that. It’s a positive “mini-referendum” on their first few weeks.

  19. LASZLO

    “these few women and men”

    Social Enterprises employ 800.000 people in UK.

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