TNS BMRB – 34/27/30

There is a new(ish) TNS BMRB poll out this morning. The topline figures are CON 34%(nc), LAB 27%(-2), LDEM 30%(nc). The fieldwork was conducted between the 21st and 27th April. TNS do traditional face-to-face fieldwork in people’s homes, so almost by definition it takes far longer to do. As the speed and quantity of polls in this election keep rising though, it does render polls like this slightly behind the times. I’ve also got dates for that Harris poll yesterday, it was conducted between the 20th and 26th, so once again, quite elderly fieldwork.

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  1. @ ALL

    New thread from Anthony about Mrs Duffy poll.

  2. @Eoin Clarke

    Tonight’s YouGov prediction given by Sky about 6.15pm was

    Blue 34
    Red 27
    Yellow 28

    So don’t know which one is right. They said LD was down 3, others no change, and all 3 points went to ‘others’ (I would suggest short term change to BNP or Independent Party due to Duffygate, but coming back to the LD’s before election day).

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