There is a new YouGov poll in tomorrow’s Sunday People. I can’t find an online source yet, but Sky TV reports it as showing topline figures of CON 45%(nc), LAB 27%(nc), LDEM 17%(-1).

These figures are almost identical to the previous YouGov poll, not particularly surprisingly given it was only carried out a a few days ago for the Daily Telegraph.

Sky News also reports a majority of people supporting the actual measures contained in the budget, echoing the YouGov/Telegraph and Populus/Times polls. 64% said the supported the increase in income tax, 82% the increase in tobacco tax and 66% the increase in beer tax.

As I wrote after the Populus snap poll came out however, budgets are often more than the sum of their parts. While people said that they supported the measures in the budget, only 5% said it made them more likely to support Labour, 23% said it made them less likely to vote Labour.

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  1. ” it shouldn’t be a situation where people are having to HOPE that Cameron will purposely generate some small surplus over time because we actually have no idea whether he intends to or not. ”

    You do talk some rubbish-& at length.

    Just listen to what he is saying about Public Finances under a Tory administration.

  2. “You do talk some rubbish-& at length.”
    Yep yep yep

    “Just listen to what he is saying about Public Finances under a Tory administration”
    I’ve heard…mostly what I’ve heard is that we have to wait a while before he’ll tell us, and those few things we have been given suggest to me exactly what I said, that he’ll be no different from what any other government of any party would do, plug the gap until we’re back to borrowing 2/3% per year, then stop and think that’s fine….or at least act as if it’s fine.

  3. HPC exists to find bargains for its visitors. it isn’t an independent surveyor (like the RICS), and its figures shouldn’t really be relied on to give an accurate picture.”

    You keep trying to imply the site attempts to mislead people


    The clue is in its title. Would a reasonable person rely on “HousePriceCrash” for figures regarding house price values, or something called, say “Land Registry” or “Office of National Statistics”?

    Perhaps you’d rely on a site called “Office of Dreadful National Statistics” or “Much Devalued Land Registry”

    Your favoured source of statistics on house prices (I think) doesn’t separate distressed, auction prices from real values. So any accurate picture of values is distorted by the presence of anomalies. You can’t use an auction catalogue to describe what’s going on in the general market (although it’s a lot helathier than the early nineties, as there are fewer distressed sales)

    House price crash is not a company that purports to give a statistically sound piece of research – it’s there to alert its readers to te presence of anomalies (aka bargains)

    I wouldn’t try to discredit anyone, M, and I think it was I who pasted much of what you had tried to post earlier before being moderated.

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