Polls tonight?

John Craig on Sky News keeps mentioning a new poll (or polls) due out tonight, which suggests are more bad news for Labour. I don’t know anything about any, but I’ll update as soon as a I hear anything.

7 Responses to “Polls tonight?”

  1. Sky teletxt show yougov in Sunday times 45 – 27 Con lead of 18 but most specific Budget measures have majority support. There’s logic for you !

  2. no real change if it dose come up that way then

  3. Alan W – very fair point. Just wonder though whether it is quite credible that someone can be OK with most of the budget measures like the 50% tax rate and the car scrappage scheme but at the same time not want to vote for the Party whom they believe has got the Country into the mess in the first place. Just a thought.

  4. I think the effect will be unclear until the unaligned and /or respected institutions have finished unpicking the budget. At the moment, “Soak the Rich” is attracting a good deal of support. As the slump puts more people out of work, the direction of poll trends could be interesting.

  5. Alan – that’s exactly the same figures as the YouGov poll in Friday’s Telegraph. I wonder if there is actually a second poll, that has identical figures, or wires have been crossed somewhere.

  6. Anthony – text says poll is in the Sunday People. I thought that ST always did a post-budget poll but polling company is You-Gov. Over to you now – away now before the Tory boys pile in. Cheers

  7. @Alan W

    Maybe the “measures” are supported, but no-one believes the totals that Darling read out from Gordon’s fantasy world.

    Little delusions like -3.5 drop in GDP, 175 billion borrowing. What the budget didn’t say was where they would find the money when their fantasies failed to add up. It’s very logical, that after 11 years of budget lies, no-one trusts Labour. When the 12th budget is proved to be a tissue of lies after a mere 30-odd hours, Gordon’s delusion has been sussed.

    So, as the all-wise Labour guru, tell us where you are raising the 55 billion needed to make Gordon’s budget add up this year. When we know that, your budget might be believed