No2ID, the campaign against ID cards, have commissioned an update to their regular ICM polls on ID cards, which shows no change whatsover in the pretty even split in favour and against the idea (48% support it, 46% opposed).

As I’ve said before, polls commissioned by pressure groups are the ones I’d normally advise people to be the most wary of – the very worst skewed questions and selective approachs to polling tend to turn up in polls commissioned by pressure groups. No2ID are an exception to the rule – they have been asking the same question, using exactly the same wording, carried out in exactly the same manner and – vitally – releasing the data even when, like this month, it doesn’t show anything of particular interest or help to their cause. The question isn’t perfect since they can’t update it to take into account any newer estimates of cost without changing the question, but it does give rock solid trend data on attitudes towards ID cards.

Past polls on ID cards are here.

7 Responses to “No change in support for ID Cards”

  1. It’s surprising to see a plurality in support of ID cards considering the media’s propaganda campaign against them.

  2. It’s surprising to see a plurality in support of ID cards considering they’re an illiberal and obscene waste of money, and won’t work.

  3. i am not surprised to see a plurality on ID cards because the first two posts are mutually contradictory.


  4. So the debate is still raging without yet finding any decisive conclusion.

  5. I must say to any Labor person reading this-ID cards are one of the key reasons I will not vote Labour next time. Yes, I am an honest swinging voter.

  6. Same here, Jack!

  7. Personally, I believe the state has too much information about the ‘honest’ person ( I use that term losely), and that are not security conconsious enough to look after it.
    The ‘dishonest’ person will always find a way to hide their true facts or find a way to bias them in their own favour.