MORI have carried out a new poll on the Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammed for the Sun. The majority of the questions asked produced results very close to YouGov’s findings in the Sunday Times, there were though a few interesting questions that YouGov didn’t cover.

According to MORI’s findings, 37% of people in Britain don’t personally know any Muslims at all. This isn’t particularly surprising – while 2.7% of the UK population are Muslim, the population is very concentrated – for example, in inner London 11.67% of people are Muslim, in Cornwall 0.13% of people are. Of the 60% of people who told MORI they did know at least one Muslim, 68% (43% of the overall total) said they knew at least one Muslim they considered as a friend.

In that way at least it is a positive finding for the future of community relations in Britain – it can only be a boost to mutual understanding if 43% of people have Muslim friends. The fact that 37% of people don’t even know any Muslims, let alone have any Muslim friends is also well worth considering – for a large percentage of people in the UK the only experience they have of Muslims is through the media- which largely consists of coverage of angry protesters and extremists.

Finally MORI asked about whether people have actually seen the Danish cartoons themselves. No British newspapers have published the cartoons (even yesterday’s Private Eye limited itself to a textual description of each of the 12 cartoons), and on British television there have only been the briefest of glimses of them, but for anyone with internet access the cartoons are easy to find. According to MORI, 25% of the British people have seen the cartoons for themselves, 74% have not.

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