YouGov August Tracker

YouGov’s monthly poll for the Telegraph has topline figures, with changes from their last poll, of CON 45%(-3), LAB 26%(nc), LDEM 16%(nc).

The Conservatives are down slightly compared to the last YouGov poll carried out for Compass a week ago, but that one in turn had seen them rise 3 points. The bigger picture is still relatively static. This is not, it has to be said, a huge surprise considering it’s August, but at least we are now heading towards the conference season when politics should wake up again.

Note that the Daily Telegraph reports figures of 46/26/16 in its report of this poll but gives a lead of 19 points in the article and Tony King’s analysis. I haven’t spoken with Peter Kellner to get the absolute final answer, but as far as I can tell the correct figures are CON 45%, LAB 26%.

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  1. “In short, you can be rude about bankers, or estate agents, or management consultants, or holistic therapists… but not Liberal Democrats”.

    Okay no ride but what about dismissive, contemptuous or derisory about LibDems.

    On the bankers thing, I was at a meeting with some of the Councils investment advisors a week or so back and I wouldn’t use the phrase liar.

    I wouldn’t however expect them tgo out of their way to do anything moral or just if it in any way had a significant impacted on their bottom line.


  2. WHY can’t we be rude about Fluffy Thoughts?

    It’s perfectly moral and just to pursue a decent profit.

    Responsible Investment (SRI) isn’t just a gimmick or a “let’s see how it can improve our margins” – many city investment comapanies are using the concept to simply become “better” companies, the dividends including making themselves more attractive to work for, and enjoying a better image. The shareholders remain the priority, though.

    Short-term bonus schemes in the banking sector, in contrast, encourage morally dubious decision-making, or to put it more kindly, ignorance and incompetence.

  3. John tt,

    My overwhelming impression was that they saw it like this.

    “Clients now want and expect SRI so if we don’t pay lip service to it and have a nice logo and mission statement we will lose business to rivals that do”

    They didn’t say that, but that was how I saw it.


  4. “In short, you can be rude about bankers, or estate agents, or management consultants, or holistic therapists… but not Liberal Democrats.”

    Haw, haw. Nice jibe.

    Aren’t you making assumptions that people who work in those fields aren’t LDs? Or are you saying it’s ok to insult tories and socialists if you don’t identify them as such (whether or not you insult them on those grounds)?

  5. Peter, I think that view has modified quite recently in some companies – matured into something more positive like “If we go with this and push it further, we end up leading rather than following the market”. So we end up applying SRI criteria when awarding contracts to external agencies as well as practising them internally.

    It would naturally be more noticeable in investment companies than banks.

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