You can read my commentary on the London mayoral race for Progress magazine here. Alas the publication deadline for the article was before the two polls released this week, so half of what I said is out of date – such is life.

A very full list of candidates for the mayoral election is on the election guide here – though I wouldn’t expect all of them to actually reach the starting line!

Candidates for most of the assembly seats are here, and list candidates announced so far are here.

Finally, I’ve put up a page to keep track of polls for the mayoral election here.

7 Responses to “London Mayoral Elections”

  1. I suspect it’ll ne nip and tuck right the way until polling day. Will we get the result on the night of May 1st? If so, this one may well be worth staying up for. :D

  2. BBC Newsnight is saying that people at the Labour Party Spring Conference in Birmingham are getting worried about Ken losing the election.

  3. GIN – I have a vague memory from last time that the result was the following day, though that may just have been the GLA results.

  4. Andy – Yeah, I saw that. Some of the stuff they have been saying today is really vitriolic. They must be FRIT! ;)

    Thanks Anthony. :) I’m pretty sure I remember Ken Livingstone being crowned Mayor on the night of the 2004 election, rather than the next day, but as ever, these things are a little hazy after four years.

  5. I don’t know about 2004, but I remember in 2000 it was supposed to be an on-the-night result for mayor, but thanks to some new vote counting machines which didn’t work properly it ended up being about 5:30am, or something similar.

  6. GIN – I too seem to recall it being clear on the night that Ken was re-elected, but then it wasn’t even very close that year. I recall being very disappointed that we’d gone for Norris again and all that had come out about his relationship with that train company (forget its name). I never expected to win that year and it wasn’t until right up close to the election that it seemed to become possible, but then it was clear on the night that it was not to be.

    This year could be much closer, I will stay up for the result if it is to be one, but I suspect it could come the next day :(.

    Purely non-partisan, I find the results of election nights to be fun. Whether winning or losing, democracy in action is fun and staying up to see it happen is a great moment.