ComRes January poll

ComRes have released their monthly poll for the Independent. The full tables are here. The topline figures, with changes from ComRes’s December poll are CON 38%(-3), LAB 30%(nc), LDEM 17%(+1).

The pattern here is in line with the recent YouGov and ICM polls – the Conservatives down, Labour largely stuck in the low thirties, a slight rise in the Lib Dem score. This poll was conducted between 25th and 27th January, so it is the first poll conducted entirely after Peter Hain’s resignation and – as yet – there is no obvious damage to Labour’s support.

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  1. Lukw-
    Like to add this one to your collection-from THe Guardian:-

    “The Conservatives last night accused the government of “dreadful incompetence” after health ministers admitted letting pharmacists make £811m in excess profits dispensing NHS prescriptions. Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary, said parliamentary answers showed pharmacists in England exceeded an agreed maximum profit by 60% in 2005-6 and 102% in 2006-7.”

  2. Such massive budgetry incompetences are tolerated nowehere except in the higher levels of the public sector, precisely the place where they matter most of all.

    I live in Shepherd’s Bush and they are building a new overground rail link there. However, the platform on the new station was 18 inches too narrow to correspond to minimun limits. It cost £7 million to install. After this mistake, it took £7 million more to remove the offending platform and another £7 million to reinstall a new wider one. Even random punters passing by could see that the old one was too narrow even from looking down on the new development from a distance, but they still went ahead and built it.

  3. “So let’s keep to the guidelines, and trust in Anthony’s wisdom to warn us when we cross the line.”

    As long as people contribute in the *spirit* of the site, they are probably OK. People who deliberately try to score partisan points I object to, and people who are so frequently and so shamelessly partisan that they clearly aren’t even bothering to try I object to.

    And tone, actually, *is* important. It’s like the way MPs are forced to call another “the honorable member for Someplace North”, rather than “Bumface”. If we all use sensible non-partisan language we end up have a far more civilised conversation at the end of it.

  4. Anthony,

    Can we compromise and have ” the honourable Bumfaced member for Someplace North”….

    I think we see see this like it’s your house, your the host and were just guests and you shouldn’t be obnoxious when someone has invited you round, although a little leg pulling isn’t out of order.


  5. Peter

    To take up the analogy, I think Anthony should take a stand against Mike R habitually and shamelessly leaving skid marks in his upstairs loo.

  6. At the risk of encouraging the taking of this thread (even) further off topic, can I just say thanks to Arnie for the biggest laugh I’ve had for some time?!

  7. Peter,

    ‘the honourable Bumfaced member for Someplace ‘North’….’??
    British Isles…rather than England, I assume.

    As for being non partisan, Stewart…
    it is a case of trying not to be [too] rude and trying to be a bit objective. We are all politically biased anoraks otherwise we wouldn’t be here,
    Not here for the maths lessons, are we?
    Though Anthony will give one when those at the back of the class have not been listening.

    For my own part I have learnt to steer clear of certain ‘THINGS’ eg a Mr A Campbell was never the honourable bumfaced member for anywhere and who cannot be held responsible for the world credit crunch, unrest in Burma, global warming or food intolerance, apparently.

  8. I’m almost sorry for starting this particular side-thread.
    I’m not at all bothered by strongly partisan comments but, as Anthony says, the value of a blog like this can be diminished if it too often has more insults than intelligent comment. It’s not what we say but the way we say it – I don’t think that’s hypocrisy, just good manners. Sorry… maybe it’s time to move on?

  9. JohnH,

    One did consider the possibility that you were provoking the more gullible amongst us. [Hands, up guilty as charged. Ok, you all know the rest….] Sorry one fell into your trap, but hey…!


    “And tone, actually, *is* important. It’s like the way MPs are forced to call another “the honorable member for Someplace North….”

    Thanks for clarifying how low we can go. Why do you use the *faux-markup* tokens? Surely you know how this site handles markup. [That’s is a leading question. [-What can we get away with…?-]

    Thanks in advance! ;)

  10. Fluffy,
    EDP ????
    English Devolution Party
    European Democratic Party? [snigger]

    Am I alone in my ignorance?

  11. Everso Depressed?

  12. Sally C:

    Order, order!! (And mine’s a pint of Black Sheep)… ooops, sorry… advertising as well, now. There must be limits. :-)

  13. Not another red herring, but the clock on this site seems rather random. May last post was an hour in the future.

  14. Evenly Distributed Partisanship (Party)-A Centre Centre movement ?

    Elementary Data Protection ( Party)-Looking for the Disc Lovers vote?

  15. Everyone Doesn’t Pretend ?
    Exceeding Depressing Proposition ?
    Ever Decreasing Proportion ?
    Excepted Daft Proposal ?
    Evenly Developed Parts ?
    Early Day Position ?

    Hell, I don’t have a Scooby either.


  16. English Democratic Party.
    Not flash, just fluffy.

  17. “john t t English Democratic Party. Not flash, just fluffy.”

    Oh that’s cute… sad, but cute.


  18. Thanks John t t

    Titter-ye-not Peter! :)

  19. I think we will see a few more episodes of polititions having their dirty linen washed in public over the comming months I just hope the “whiter than white” lib dems dont have any of their MPs lurking in the closset so to speak
    I dont think it will change political opinion and contray to what many people say about voter apathy if there is a strong feeling for change “Not the Gordon Brown version of change” I mean genuine change voters will turn out in large numbers well thats what I belive anyway
    As I mentioned in a previous comment I am a long time Labour voter, supporter who has had enough of Brown and his Government and thinking of voting for Cameron
    I dont belive that witholding their policies until nearer the next election is the right thing to do yes maybe a few jucy supprises nearer the time may tip the balance but the Tories have to go for the things the people want and that Labour cant deliver Tax cuts paid for by slashing spending on benifit payments including stopping all payments made to migrant workers and capping council tax to less than inflation increaces generally stopping the something for nothing culture that labour seems to have encouraged in the last ten years
    Introduce an entrance vehicle tax to all vehicles entering our shores to help pay for our failing transport system
    Have a “real” no nonsense policy to crime we are told that a small number of persistant offenders carry out 90% of all crime in the country the Police have said they know who they are well sod the human rights act instead of wasting our money pussy footing around with criminals clearly giving them every chance possible of getting away with
    there crimes and if they are caught get a tap on the wrist
    Target these people with better and higher survelance operations and double their sentence every time they come before the courts
    The Tories can tell the country what their policies will be if they get elected be brave and do what the people are asking for and Browns Labour will not be able to respond because the Labour P.C. brigade will be shouting from the roof tops if the Tories dare to do what the people want!

  20. I’m not sure why Glenn ever voted Labour with those views. Even the Tories may be too moderate for him

  21. Glen, you say you want tax cuts and slashed spending and then you list a whole bunch of initiatives that will cost huge amounts of money (capping council tax, building new prisons to house all these people you’re going to get tough on, new surveillance systems, double sentences etc). That alone makes your proposals fit for the student common room alone.

    The gratuitous anti-migrant policies are particularly well thought out. Presumably you advocate the withdrawal of statutory maternity pay from a white Australian wife of an English city banker who is paying thousands of pounds of taxes into the Treasury. Let me guess. It wasn’t THAT sort of migrant you had in mind was it.

    I suspect that neither Gordon Brown or David Cameron would want your vote.

  22. Paul so if my views are neither Labour or Conservative does that mean that only a small minority of people in this country agree with me
    Personally I dont think it matters what party you support I think the general mood of the country is that we have seen a rapid deteriation in the fabric of our society over the last ten years and i am sorry to say it has been on the watch of the labour government I voted for
    I am from a working class background and my reason for supporting labour has always been to have a government that help “working” people to train them to try and make their lives better by bettering themselves
    I supported the Miners from Soth Wales in the eighties by organising sports events foot ball and cricket matches raising money for the families because it was so wrong to just put these men and women and on the scrap heap without making sure there was a plan to get these people trained for future employment I was a fan of miners being able to buy their own pits it was something that really never took of though I also liked Thatchers idea of selling council houses to the tennants but wished that the money gained from these sales were put back in to build more council housing so the next generation could do the same and keep on doing this maybe we wouldnt have the problems with housing as we have tody
    But I have never had time for the P.C. left/liberal of the labour or other parties we have had them controlling our country for the last ten years its now time to stop walking on eggshells let us really start helping “WORKING” people the next government has to be radical unfortunatley that wont be a Labour government

  23. Arnie unfortuntely I never had a chance to discuss my opinion in a common room I left school at 15 and went out to work in the real world and paied for my limited education as I went through life( I didnt miss any classes because I had a hangover or just “couldnt be bovered”)I couldnt offord it
    I do take your point I may be raising issues that cant be funded but has any of the number crunchers had a real go at things like this
    But the accusation that this is a race thing is nothing more than I would expect from that liberal/left response
    I want things better for the “British” people Im sorry to have to admit that!

  24. Glenn – i hope you don’t mind my edits – what you would vote for are :

    1 slashing spending on benefit payments

    2 stopping all payments made to migrant workers

    3 Introduce an entrance vehicle tax to all vehicles entering our shores

    4 better and higher surveillance operations
    and double their sentence every time they come before the courts

    I don’t think they are immoderate proposals, and i can , New Labour has…

    1 Slashed benefit payments by increasing employment,reducing unemployment. Brown has taken steps towards reducing disability benefit bills (forcing the disabled into regular testing), and in this respect has moved “right” under Brown.

    2 Gained more in taxes from migrant workers than it has paid them (though how much state benefit a migrant worker receives is debatable)

    3 Intoduced at least the idea of road pricing through tolls, and indeed we have more stringent pricing in London

    4 Increased exponentially the number of cc cameras , and prison places.

    I’m a bit of a liberal leftie on the quiet,and I don’t agree that society is broken, but even I don’t find your comments offensive to my ideals. Certainly not racist. I suspect most migrants would identify with your work ethic too.

    On the housing issue, I suspect the Tories won’t be able to build any more than Labour will, and similarly, I don’t see Council Tax ever being at a popular level.

  25. something happened to :
    I don’t think they are immoderate proposals, and i can , New Labour has…

    Should have read “and I can imagine many Tory voters applauding, but New Labour has…”

  26. Hello..!

    If any contributer on this site has a statement to be made, then – maybe – they should show their “flush”…?

    ‘What say you…’ Anthony…?

    [P.S. Yes, one has a signed copy of “Who is Looking-Out for You?”, God bless William O’Reilly!]

  27. Glenn, my point is that you can’t sensibly make some general reference to “migrant workers” as if they are all the same and hammering them is going to be the answer to this country’s problems. There is a proper debate to be had about immigration but even the most ardent right winger accepts that those who come here to work are not the problem. Now if you had said you wanted to hammer “migrant layabouts” you would be half way there. I would argue that it is “layabouts” generally that are the problem in this country and I have no problem with a properly thought out proposal that benefits have to be earned.

    You say that you want the best for the British people. Does that extend to the children of migrant workers born in this country who are therefore British? Will you be helping them by withdrawing any and all benefits from their parents? Again, the point I am making here is that it is easy to use a label like “migrant worker” or “asylum seeker” without really thinking through what that means.

    That doesn’t preclude a proper debate on the subject and I have no problem with the Tories suggesting a cap on immigration. It’s just blanket statements that I take exception to. Indeed I suspect you have no problem with people who come here and work hard and want to play by the rules but that doesn’t come across in your original post.

  28. John tt I am far from being antimigrant it makes my blood boil when people play that race card as soon as the issue is rasied because I was once one of those migrant workers 25 years ago during the dark days of high unemployment in Britain during the 80s I took Norman Tebbits advise and got on my bike and went to the then West Germany for 5 years and if you didnt have an up to date E111 form (british National insurance contributions form) you were not given a job and unable to use any of the Germany public services so it garenteed that any claims on the German state were paid back through your British N.I.contributions
    Even though we were paying German taxes but it never bothered us we were just happy that we had a job
    I do think today that in general migrants will take more from the country than they contribute I just wish we were told the true figures but thats another issue
    You do put your point across very well but the actions that have been taken by this government regarding these points are at best a token jester or headline grabbing with almost no effect
    Im sorry Brown is just not for almost all the things that are wrong in this country are of his and his partys doing and as he has never let the people decide if they want him to be their Prime Minister after he ousted Blair who said he would serve a full third term I vowed I would never vote for him after he bottled the election the one chance he had to show his leadership

  29. Arnie just being born in this country doesnt mean you are automatically a British Citizen although I must say we have devalued the the nmeaning of being British over the last 20 years
    Many migrants from the 60s and 70s comming from the colonial countries regarded themselves and rightly so as British Citizens even before they reached our shores yes they were badly treated and it took many years for them to become an excepted members of society
    Today things are very different to many people from to many different societies and cultures without that long standing idea that first and for most they are British so we have now have people who have no real respect for our society only that they can use it for there own ends whether that be payments leagally or otherwise ,political, the use of our huge overpaid legal system,our benifits system
    I am in favor of migration but we should be able to control the country they come from and the amount this country needs if its 3 million over the next 10 years tell us the truth explain why and where these people are needed let the people of this country join a debate even a vote if possible as to what people we want or dont want in our country give us your plans as to where they are to live so schools and hospitals and infastructure is in place and if this was going to be a net gain to our economy and maybe just maybe people would have accepted this more readily instead of mileading people with outrageous figures and expecting people to belive them

  30. Glenn – we agree on a lot – it’s just that I have a bit more time for Brown than you, and I’m not convinced by CAmeron.
    I don’t believe you mean that we “should control the country they come from” – that would be a daft ambition, but I personally believe we should consider the effects of migration on the source countries – is the system depriving those countries of there lifeblood/workforce?

    I’m not saying keep any numeber out, or let everyone in, it’s just that there’s such a thing as 360 degree, big-picture type control that includes consideration of all the circumstances, not simply our “needs”

  31. John tt Yes I do mean control where the migrants come we should be able to stop anyone from entering this country without giving a reason thats half the problem we need people who speak English who have a work permit before they enter this country and have accomadation arranged and are prepared to work hard and after time they can obtain the privalige of using public services for free when you see Romany children being dumped on our doorstep and being used as petty theives you must agree with me something needs to change radically Labour has lied about immigration consistantly and that to me is the biggest crime of all

  32. Glenn,


    ” Yes I do mean control where the migrants come we should be able to stop anyone from entering this country without giving a reason thats half the problem we need people who speak English who have a work permit before they enter this country and have accomadation arranged”

    If that’s your definition of English we wouldn’t let you in……


  33. Peter yes ok if you are refering to my bad spelling and poor grammer you have a good point
    The point I was trying to make is it should be more of a privilage to come here work settle down and be part of our society rather than a devine right

  34. Very well expressed Glenn.

    Spelling & Grammar in English can be difficult-it depends on one’s education.We all get them wrong from time to time.

    Perhaps it is for someone south of the Border to express an “English” opinion-I qualify & am glad you are here.


  35. Peter, this is not the place to pick people up on poor grammar – if it were I might question your contextual use of the word “definition” above. It’s a waste of time. Most of the errors are typos anyway.

  36. Thanks Colin I know my views may not be to the liking of some people and I may not of had the education of many of the people that visit site clearly Peter falls into that catgory
    But that would never stop me expressing what I belive a large number of people think is going wrong in this country
    minority views seemed to be the loudest at the expense of the majority I just wish that would change

  37. I agree with Andy Stilwell, we need to look at the Other vote in this poll. It appears both to be high in relation to other Polls and to have risen, albeit within the margin of sampling error.

    The Other vote appears from the Tables to be broken down as SNP 4%, Green 2%, UKIP 1%, BNP 1%, Plaid

  38. Colin I am proud to be “British”/ “English” but it saddens me the way the Scots appear to be heading towards breaking away from the union although from the information I have read its another example of the minority in Scotland having the biggest voice over the majority I may be wrong on this but the polls I have read seem to show a healthy support to keep Scotland in the union
    Maybe if we tell them they will have to have Brown, Darling and the rest of his Scottish Ministers in their parliment instead of ours they may not be so eager to see Scotland break away

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