The Brown boost continues in Populus’s latest poll (conducted slightly earlier than normal, this is what would be their August poll). The headline figures with changes from their last poll, conducted shortly after Brown became leader, are CON 33%(-1), LAB 39%(+2), LDEM 15%(-3).

This brings Populus’s figures for Labour’s lead in line with those of ICM, and suggests Brown’s boost is still holding strong, squeezing the support of both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, for whom this is the lowest level of support recorded by Populus since they began polling in 2001.

The poll also has further evidence that David Cameron’s trip to Rwanda went down badly with the public – on average people rating his handling of the flooding at 3.75 out of 10, compared to a (admittedly not particularly shining) 5.05 out of 10 for Gordon Brown and 6.14 for local authorities.

I believe Communicate Research also conducted the fieldwork for their next poll over the weekend, so we may yet see that tomorrow.

UPDATE: Communicate’s poll is indeed out. The headline figures with changes from their last poll, conducted prior to Brown becoming Prime Minister, are CON 34%(-3), LAB 37%(+5), LDEM 16%(-2). The three point Labour lead is somewhat lower than that currently being recorded by the other pollsters, but Communicate weight past Labour voters to a slighter lower level than ICM or Populus.

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