YouGov have a new poll in the Times tonight conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, after the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson. It suggests public opinon is breaking against the Chequers Brexit deal, and that public confidence in the government’s handling of Brexit is falling ever further.

Only 13% of people now think the Chequers Brexit deal would be good for Britain (down 1 since the pre-resignation poll at the weekend), 42% think it would not (up 9). 23% think it respects the referendum deal (down 4), 39% think it does not (up 10). Just 13% of people now think that the governemnt are handling the Brexit negotiations well, down from 18% at the weekend.

On voting intention, Labour have reopened a small lead, the first from YouGov since March. Topline figures have the Tories on 37% (down 2), Labour unchanged on 39%. The changes themselves are within the normal margin of error, but coming on top of the YouGov and Survation polls conducted at the the weekend which both showed a drop in the Conservative lead, it doesn’t look positive for them (though that said, an ICM poll earlier today, conducted between Friday and Monday, did not suggest any movement). As ever, it is worth waiting for other post-resignation polls to see if it turns out to be a consistent pattern, or just noise.

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  1. @PETERW

    For me. Labour’s position is
    ** Not ‘remainy’ enough
    ** Totally ambiguous
    ** A position I do not personally like

    I did not say that I think that was TECHNICOLOUROCTOBER

    By definition being ambiguous means that people cannot work out what you stand for therefore people can presume what they want which is the whole point of being ambiguous therefore one can be too remainy and not remainy enough (I think that is the point of Corbyns policy)

    <Spot on. And you have the double whammy that as a result not only will it be too late when they get there, but they won’t get there unless it becomes too late.

    I keep using the Iraq as the model for our predicament. people forget whilst I was marching against the war those that opposed the war were in the minority and those that opposed the war on purely technical grounds (there were no WMD, we had no plan, there was not enough troops to secure Iraq peaceful handover) were even in a bigger minority. The electorate were two years and 100K lives too late. Just think of the electorate just two year ago they rejected Ed Milibands policies (hell he was a marxist don’t forget) and now conservative supporters on this site are basically aping his policies as if they have never never voted against them. 2 year too late!!! So if our political class of ordinary electors can do this just think about the uninformed voter

    As I keep saying
    1. No one can tell the voter they are wrong
    2. There is not enough voters that want a second vote
    3 of those that want a second vote there is disagreement on what the hell we should be voted on deal versus no deal/ remain versus deal /deal versus remain versus no deal
    4. Nobody is happy with how thing are going
    5. No one know how to get out of it

    The tories have basically set themselves up to fail because of ignorance. as seen by COLINs response that we are now just using sophistry to provision the red lines and our only hope is that if we delay long enough the electorate will get it.

    Simply put we’re screwed but someone will on here in a moment to persuade me otherwise

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