MPs Standing Down

The following MPs have indicated their intention to stand down from Parliament at the next election.
Last updated 28th December 2014


Aldridge-Brownhills - Sir Richard Shepherd
Banbury - Sir Tony Baldry
Bexhill & Battle - Greg Barker
Boston & Skegness - Mark Simmonds
Braintree - Brooks Newmark
Bury St Edmunds - David Ruffley
Cannock Chase - Aiden Burley
Cardiff North - Jonathan Evans
Charnwood - Stephen Dorrell
Croydon South - Sir Richard Ottaway
Dudley South - Chris Kelly
Erewash - Jessica Lee
Havant - David Willetts
Hertsmere - James Clappison
Hove - Mike Weatherley
Louth & Horncastle - Sir Peter Tapsell
Mid Worcestershire - Sir Peter Luff
North Dorset - Robert Walter
North East Hampshire - James Arbuthnot
North Warwickshire - Dan Byles
North West Hampshire - Sir George Young
Northampton South - Brian Binley
Richmond (Yorks) - William Hague
South Cambridgeshire - Andrew Lansley
South East Cambridgeshire - Sir Jim Paice
South Leicestershire - Andrew Robathan
South Ribble - Lorraine Fullbrook
South Suffolk - Tim Yeo
South Thanet - Laura Sandys
Tonbridge & Malling - Sir John Stanley
Uxbridge & Ruislip South - Sir John Randall
Wealden - Charles Hendry


Aberavon - Hywel Francis
Aberdeen North - Frank Doran
Ashton Under Lyne - David Heyes
Batley & Spen - Mike Wood
Blackburn - Jack Straw
Bootle - Joe Benton
Bradford South - Gerry Sutcliffe
Bristol South - Dame Dawn Primarolo
Coventry North East - Bob Ainsworth
Dulwich & West Norwood - Dame Tessa Jowell
Edinburgh South West - Alistair Darling
Ellesmere Port & Neston - Andrew Miller
Falkirk - Eric Joyce*
Glenrothes - Lindsay Roy
Gower - Martin Caton
Great Grimsby - Austin Mitchell
Greenwich & Woolwich - Nick Raynsford
Hampstead & Kilburn - Glenda Jackson
Holborn & St Pancras - Frank Dobson
Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath - Gordon Brown
Leeds East - George Mudie
Lewisham, Deptford - Dame Joan Ruddock
Neath - Peter Hain
Salford & Eccles - Hazel Blears
Sheffield, Brightside & Hillsborough - David Blunkett
Sheffield, Heeley - Meg Munn
Southampton, Itchen - John Denham
St Helens South & Whiston - Shaun Woodward
Stirling - Anne McGuire
Stoke-on-Trent North - Joan Walley
Swansea East - Sian James
Workington - Sir Tony Cunningham
York Central - Hugh Bayley

*Eric Joyce was elected as a Labour MP but resigned from the Labour party in 2012 after pleading guilty to four charges of assault.

Liberal Democrat

Bath - Don Foster
Berwick-upon-Tweed - Sir Alan Beith
Brent Central - Sarah Teather
Gordon - Sir Malcolm Bruce
Hazel Grove - Sir Andrew Stunell
Mid Dorset and North Poole - Annette Brooke
North East Fife - Sir Menzies Campbell
Redcar - Ian Swales
Somerton & Frome - David Heath
Taunton Deane - Jeremy Browne

Plaid Cymru

Dwyfor Meirionnydd - Elfyn Lloyd

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  1. LD Annette Brooke (Mid Dorset and North Poole) confirms she will stand down in 2015.
    Firs elected in 2001, born in 1947. Majority: 269 votes

  2. Oh dear. A successor Lib Dem candidate will have little chance, particularly if Nick King stands for the Conservatives again…

  3. Charles Hendry (Wealden) confirmed his retirement during the weekend too.

    He’s still pretty young (born in 1959)

  4. The Results: the Tories have selected Michael Tomlinson.

  5. ”The Results: the Tories have selected Michael Tomlinson.”

    Oh right. Thanks Andy. I still think they’ll lose here though given the slenderness of the majority.

  6. I probably missed it when it was announced, but is it confirmed that Barry Sheerman is actually retiring?

    Thanks in advance…

  7. It’s in Anthony’s list above, so presumably yes John. He is only the second MP for Huddersfield/Huddersfield E since WWII.

  8. “It’s in Anthony’s list above”

    Ah…That’s exactly why I was double-checking, Barnaby.
    I wasn’t sure that I’d seen it mentioned elsewhere.

  9. I was wondering the same as John D. I see Sheerman also listed on wikipedia with a date for his retirement’s announcement but without a link as reference.

    Jim Paice announced today his retirement in SE Cambridgeshire

  10. Conservative MP for SE Cambridgeshire, Jim Paice, is standing down at the next election.

  11. I was wondering the same as John D. I see Sheerman is also on wikipedia’ s list of MPs standind down with a date mentioned for the announcement but no link as a reference.

    Not that I would find it surprising anyway.

  12. Nick Raynsford (Greenwich & Woolwich) told his local party tonight he will retire in 2015.
    Not particularly surprising as he was born in 1945. He won Fulham by-election in 1986 before losing it the following year. He came back in 1992 unseating Rosie Barnes in Greenwich.

  13. Barry Sheerman’s name did come from the Wikipedia list, but I’ve spoken to his office and it isn’t true. He’s not standing down.

  14. thus ensuring that Huddersfield will still have had only 2 MPs since WWII (if you accept that Huddersfield E is the linear predecessor of the present seat, which I think we can). Will it be the last one left where this is true?

  15. Barnaby, I think that’s true in Bolsover as well.

  16. It’s also true in Louth & Horncastle, so we await the decisions of Dennis Skinner & Sir Peter Tapsell.

  17. Sir Peter Tapsell will probably stand down because the Father of the House normally serves in that role for one Parliament rather than staying on.

  18. I suspect Tapsell will retire but, while a majority of Fathers of the House only serve for one Parliament – principally due to their age – there have been plenty who have served for longer. Most recently, Ted Heath was Father of the House from 1992 until 2001.

  19. Well Ted Heath was different because he was a former Prime Minister who had nothing better to do, hated the House of Lords and decided to keep on sulking. I also think that part of the reason for his longevity was because had he stepped down in 1997, Labour would have probably taken Old Bexley and Sidcup from the Tories but he was popular locally.

  20. …and perhaps he didn’t fancy sitting in the Lords with Margaret Thatcher either.

  21. True dat.

  22. Isn’t Jim Dowd standing down in Lewisham W & Penge?

  23. Expected retirees from Labour:
    Dame Tessa Jowell
    Jim Dowd
    Diane Abbott (for London Mayor)
    Joe Benton
    Stephen Pound
    Virenda Sharma
    Austin Mitchell
    Jim Dobbin
    Michael Meacher
    David Winnick
    Kevin Barron
    Kelvin Hopkins

  24. why are there so few announcements so far ? are mp’s leaving it late or will there be exceptionally few retirements in 2015. Is there any explanation for one or the other.

  25. Labour MPs have until 31st December to declare their intentions, so it’s not surprising that relatively few have announced retirements yet.

    For those Labour MPs who have confirmed that they are standing again, trigger ballots are starting to be arranged. The first case that I know of in West London is in Ealing Southall, where the trigger ballot process will take place in June and July. Virendra Sharma announced that he was looking to re-stand soon after the boundary changes were defeated in Parliament – and will be certain to win the trigger ballot.

  26. “Expected retirees from Labour:..

    Diane Abbott (for London Mayor)”

    Absolute horseshit.

    Labour would not be mad enough to let Diane Abbott run for London mayor, unless they want an even worse candidate than Ken Livingstone to let the Tories win against the odds yet again.

    And the next election is not until 2016 so there’s no need to step down in 2015 in any case.

  27. I think Diane Abbott is very witty on This Week but would have limited appeal as a mayoral candidate.

  28. Surely Gordon Brown is not standing again?

    Are any of the Scottish Labour Westminster MPs likely to switch to the Scottish parliament elections on the same day?

  29. @Dalek

    Holyrood elections have been moved to 2016 . Same with Welsh and Northern Ireland Assembly contests.

  30. “Holyrood elections have been moved to 2016 . Same with Welsh and Northern Ireland Assembly contests.”

    I have to say, that’s constitutionally outrageous.

    It’s not as if the general election is guaranteed to be in May 2015 (although it is of course extremely likely to be).

    A delay of a month or two should have been enough, even if you accept the pretty lame view that different types of elections shouldn’t occur on the same day (as they routinely are).

  31. And because of this, the council elections in Scotland wont be until 2017 as they wont have them on the same day as the Holyrood elections because of the massive cock up in 2007.

  32. HH is right on this. Once again everything has to be changed for the convenience of Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish voters in a way that it never would be for English voters.

  33. I don’t see how postponing elections by a year is in the interests of Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish voters. Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish parties, on the other hand…

  34. I think it highly unlikely that Steve Pound will retire. I also haven’t heard anything about Kelvin Hopkins retiring other than clearly wishful thinking from the above correspondent. Also Dalek is surely right about Gordon Brown. I also rather doubt that Virendra Sharma will retire though I accept it’s possible. Also Frank Dobson hasn’t been mentioned – I would have thought he’s more likely to retire than some who have been mentioned, since he will be 75 by the time of the next election, though he may remain for one final term.

  35. “HH is right on this. Once again everything has to be changed for the convenience of Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish voters in a way that it never would be for English voters.”

    More like for the convenience of the SNP, who would be scared of losing scores of seats to Labour if the votes were on the same day.

    On the contrary it is an insult to Scottish (and Welsh and Ulster) voters, who have to wait another year to vote for their assembly members.

  36. And it’s an insult to the voters’ intelligence as well.

  37. I thought someone had recently posted that the trigger ballot was about to go ahead in Ealing Southall for Virenda Sharma to stand again.

  38. There’s quite a tradition emerging of Southall electing very old MPs. Maybe it’s something to do with the Indian culture.

  39. There’s a longer tradition of Southall re-electing older MPs, as all its MPs have been past retirement age when last re-elected for Southall – including Walter Ayles in 1945, George Pargiter in 1964 and Syd Bidwell in 1987. Bidwell was the only person to be first elected as Southall MP when under 50 – and he was 49.

  40. “Also Frank Dobson hasn’t been mentioned – I would have thought he’s more likely to retire than some who have been mentioned, since he will be 75 by the time of the next election”

    Just after 2010 GE, Dobson implied to the local paper that it would have been his last term if the coalition had gone full term. However, he then got pissed off by highflyers sniffing around his seat and so he implied he could carry on.

    If you go by age, the following Labour MPs will be at least 70 in 2015

    Kaufman 1930
    Skinner 1932
    Winnick 1933
    Benton 1933
    Mitchell 1934
    Flynn 1935
    Jackson 1936
    Clwyd 1937
    Robinson 1938
    Meacher 1939
    Dobson 1940
    Clarke 1941
    Cunningham 1 941
    Dobbin 1941
    Hopkins 1941
    Field 1942
    Campbell 1943
    Ruddock 1943
    Beckett 1943
    Hodge 1944
    Mudie 1945
    Ellman 1945
    Raynsford 1945

    Just 3 of them confirmed retirment so far (Glenda, Raynsford and Ruddock).

    Looking at those who will be in their 60s…maybe Blunkett will become Lord Blunkett. Maybe Frank Doran wants to join his wife Joan Ruddock into retirement.
    IIRC there were rumours about Nick Brown planning retirement.
    There are also some low profile 60+ year old MPs who have been there since 1992 (or before) without much raising or getting noticed outside their constituencies.

  41. A revised list of retirees from the Commons:
    Dame Tessa Jowell
    Jim Dowd
    Diane Abbott (for London Mayor)
    Joe Benton
    Stephen Pound
    Virenda Sharma (so Parmjit Dhanda can make a comeback)
    Austin Mitchell
    Kelvin Hopkins (seriously, he is quite old)
    Michael Meacher
    Jim Dobbin
    David Winnick
    Kevin Barron
    Frank Doran
    Margaret Hodge
    Frank Dobson
    Ann Clwyd
    Nick Brown
    Margaret Beckett

    If I were to do a bet, it would be on these people. Skinner and Kaufman are competing to be the next Father of the House – not going anywhere. I have heard that Sharma and Pound could retire but out of all the people I have listed, Sharma is the one who I most doubt. Abbott wants to be Mayor of London, the unions will back her and she will win the candidacy. She’ll probably lose because Seb Coe will be the Tory candidate and she’ll say something nasty about white people.

  42. Bob (and anyone else who it applies to) – can you please make sure to mark these things as predictions, not updated lists. Otherwise Labour MPs offices keep on ringing me up to say they are NOT retiring.

  43. That’s not a list of Labour MPs who have confirmed their retirement, it’s largely a list of left-wingers and awkward squad members whom Bob and Progress would like to see the back of.

    For many of them there’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest they are retiring.

  44. Could you give any details of those definitely not retirees, Anthony?

  45. “Otherwise Labour MPs offices keep on ringing me up to say they are NOT retiring.”

    Keep the list, Anthony. And then check it in February-March 2015 when late retirements come in to give central party free time to parachute favoured sons and daughters! 🙂

  46. I just read Bob’s list of Labour MPs he thinks will retire – I cannot see Diane Abbott having a chance of getting chosen as Labour Mayoral candidate. I would have put Sadiq Khan as a more likely candidate.

  47. HHemmling, I don’t want to see the back of any Labour MP. Plenty of them: Tessa Jowell, Jim Dowd, Sharma, Beckett are not retiring. By the way, you can edit to to say it is a prediction or suggestion.
    Matt, Diane Abbott keeps on dropping hints that she wants to run for Mayor. Sadiq Khan or David Lammy or even Oona King would be better candidates, but I think that she’ll stand and all of Ken’s lot and the unions will back her, give her the selection and she’ll lose to Seb Coe unless there is an open primary for the Mayoral selection which I hope happens as a Labour supporter.

  48. is boris going somewhere

  49. When are Labour selecting their London mayoral candidate? Last time they selected early. A similar timetable would see them selecting before the general election.

    If they select after the 2015 election (which they might well do) then I doubt anyone will stand down just to potentially stand. There is no need to do so.

    If a London MP does go for it I would imagine there would be quite a few ahead of Abbott.

  50. Moreover there’s very little chance of Seb Coe standing for the Tories.

    They have approached him to stand many times before and he has always said he isn’t interested.

    Much more likely I think will be a more mainstream Labour figure like Khan or Lammy versus a relatively dull Tory.

    Who wins will depend heavily on what happens to the Miliband government in its first year.

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