Paisley & Renfrewshire South

2015 Result:
Conservative: 3526 (7.6%)
Labour: 17864 (38.6%)
Lib Dem: 1010 (2.2%)
SNP: 23548 (50.9%)
Others: 278 (0.6%)
MAJORITY: 5684 (12.3%)

Category: Semi-marginal SNP seat


Main population centres:



Current MP
MHAIRI BLACK (SNP) Born Paisley. Educated at Glasgow University. First elected as MP for Paisley & Renfrewshire South in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 3979 (10%)
Lab: 23842 (60%)
LDem: 3812 (10%)
SNP: 7228 (18%)
Oth: 1137 (3%)
MAJ: 16614 (42%)
Con: 3188 (8%)
Lab: 19904 (53%)
LDem: 6672 (18%)
SNP: 6653 (18%)
Oth: 1443 (4%)
MAJ: 13232 (35%)
Con: 2301 (8%)
Lab: 17830 (58%)
LDem: 3178 (10%)
SNP: 5920 (19%)
Oth: 1307 (4%)
MAJ: 11910 (39%)
Con: 3237 (9%)
Lab: 21482 (58%)
LDem: 3500 (9%)
SNP: 8732 (23%)
Oth: 400 (1%)
MAJ: 12750 (34%)

2015 Candidates
FRASER GALLOWAY (Conservative) Educated at Stewarts Melville College and Glasgow University. Trainee solicitor.
DOUGLAS ALEXANDER (Labour) Born 1967, Glasgow, son of a Church of Scotland minister. Educated at Park Mains High School and Edinburgh University. Solicitor. Contested Perth and Kinross 1995 by-election, Perth 1997. MP for Paisley South 1997 by-election to 2015. Minister of State at the DTI 2001-2002 and the Cabinet office 2002-2003. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster 2003-4, Minister of State for Trade 2004-2005, Minister of State for Europe 2005-2006, Secretary of State for Scotland and Transport 2006-2007. Secretary of State for International Development 2007-2010. Shadow secretary of state for work and pensions 2010-2011, Shadow Foreign Secretary 2011-2015.
EILEEN MCCARTIN (Liberal Democrat)
MHAIRI BLACK (SNP) Born Paisley. Educated at Glasgow University. Student.
SANDRA WEBSTER (Scottish Socialist Party (SSP))
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  1. So for Black it’s down to London to collect her paycheque and then back to uni?

  2. I’ll add to The Results comments. Alexander’s speech was extremely gracious in the circumstances.

  3. The new SNP MP here has a voice more irritating than Natalie Bennett. I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but getting some real Millie Tant/Laurie Penny vibes from her…oh dear.

  4. If her constituents are similarly irked by her voice, she may face a problem in being re-elected in five years. Given that most of them will perceive her voice as normal, I can’t see it being an issue.

    One should wait and see how she fares as a politician and representative before one reaches conlcusions.

  5. This is the constituency I live in. Labour poured resources into this seat, I received three personal letters and was bombarded with Royal Mail delivered leaflets. That’s unlikely happen in 2020, and with Alexander presumably gone I can see Mahiri increasing her majority here.

  6. I dread to think how this girl will look in 10 years…she’s already a rough old dog, and I don’t think the culture at Westminster will help. I also hope the press will be sensitive with her regarding her sexuality.

  7. hopefully more sensitive than you were just then, if l may be so bold

  8. This place really could do with a little moderation sometimes. What an awful comment.

  9. Wow, what a horrible and somewhat misguided thing to say.

  10. Horrible, fine. Misguided? Lesbihonest, it was all true.

    She sounds very vulgar and tough so I’m sure she can handle it. Her Twitter/ social media Interactions are laced with profanities. Deeply unpleasant woman.

  11. I don’t respect her comments about head-butting no voters but politics is no place for homophobia or judging someone by how they look.

  12. There is nothing homophobic about my comments. As for her appearance, perhaps you have a point (although that’s something all public figures have to put with). She needs to start looking after herself…the booze and the bad diet have already taken an unsightly toll. And her hair is revolting.

  13. Agreed – I think that in general we live in far too sanitised a world with respect to people’s sensitivities……but the comment above is just crass and unnecessary.

  14. Politics has nothing to do with peoples sensitivities so take it elsewhere, this is just offensive and over-the-top.

  15. Keep such thoughts to yourself, if you must have them.

  16. Yes…I feel that the above comments are not only homophobic but knocking someone who is basically a young woman who articulates herself from a true working class background.

    The reality is that many former Labour voters perceive her being more like them than a son of the manse.

  17. Good grief. UK Polling Report at its po faced best. Good work guys, you’ve surpassed yourselves.

    Dalek and others also clearly have no understanding of what the word ‘homophobia’ means.

  18. @ Tristan – Their are other political threads were you can discuss your own controversial political beliefs, the UKPR Comments Policy states –

    “Treat other commenter who don’t share your views with respect – it’s your chance to understand their point of view, not score points off them – and indeed, politicians from opposing parties with respect. Comments that talk about Zanu-NuLab, one-eyed Scottish idiots and so on are not conducive to the non-partisan sort of discussion we want here and will probably never leave moderation.

    As a nice rule of thumb, think of it as a site about politics, not a venue for politics.”

  19. NTV- calm down.

    I’ve just read online that Black is openly gay and out, which is a positive thing. Good for her, and may she continue to enjoy countless fish suppers whilst watching re- runs of Martina Navratilova’s Wimbledon finals from the 80’s.

  20. Mhairi really has had to endure an awful lot of abuse from both the media and online. Good for her for not letting it stop her.

  21. Yes, Mhairi is brave. Brave to leave the house with that dreadful hairstyle and dress sense, not to mention her prematurely aged, sagging features, and a voice that makes Barry White sound feminine.

  22. You don’t make a very good controversialist TBH. You’d do better to return to your previous character.

  23. I seem to have put the wind up quite a few ‘white knights’ on this thread, so I wouldn’t say it was totally unsuccessful. And anything that annoys SNP sympathisers is good in my book.

  24. I’m just impressed that you’ve managed to get to the point where even the Tories on the board think you are significantly more disagreeable than Mhairi Black.

  25. Thanks Simon

  26. A lot of these SNP people will be one termers. Wait until/if she loses to badmouth her. It will be interesting to see how many of these red forever seats go back into the fold. I think we need more lgbt representatives especially since MPS like Featherstone have departed the house.

  27. [email protected] Many ‘blue forever’ seats (Harrow West, Blackpool South, Tynemouth, Edinburgh West, Sefton Central, Bristol West, Leeds NE, Leeds NW, Gedling, Birmingham Edgbaston, Birmingham Hall Green) lost in 1997 have never been recovered.

  28. Tristan will be pleased to hear Mhairi Black graduated with a first class honours degree.

  29. Pleased? I’m delighted! Congratulations to Mhairi. She can now concentrate on her job as an MP and not have her fingers in so many pies. I can’t wait to see more of this beautifully spoken, extremely attractive young woman in British public life.

    Dalek- Lynne Featherstone is not a lesbian. Her hair is far too nice, and she hasn’t succumbed to obesity despite being over 50. I know your point is that she is LGBT friendly, but lets face it, most MP’s are pretty socially liberal on that point these days.

  30. 2020

    *Black (SNP) 16,919
    Alexander (Lab) 16,863
    McGuinness (SF) 13,616
    Ritchie (C) 3,558
    Laws (LD) 683
    Gale (UKIP) 332

    SNP Hold
    Majority 56

  31. Classic JJB joke prediction…

  32. Which Ritchie does he mean though?

  33. Not Shane Richie?

  34. Or perhaps 80’s favourite Lionel Richie.

    The only famous Ritchie with that spelling is Guy (off the top of my head). You know, Madonna’s ex. He’s about as talented as a director as she is at acting.

  35. Andy Ritchie used to play for Leeds United back in the 1980’s. He was my first football hero

  36. Tristan perhaps you are right. Guy Ritchie is indeed a known Conservative.

  37. l think there was a Tory peer called Baroness Ritchie who was also a Kensington councillor. However, she died a few years ago. Seeing that she represented Brompton ward, it is not difficult to guess which party won the by-election.

  38. Perhaps it is Guy Ritchie then. Shane Richie did in fact express an interest in standing for Parliament, but against Crispin Blunt in Reigate.

  39. There has to be some irony in the fact that when Douglas Alexander first started contesting parliamentary elections, coming second to the SNP was cause for celebration.

  40. Yes, but there’s a bit of a difference in doing that in a Tory/SNP marginal and in a safe Labour seat.

  41. By any standards Mhairi Black’s maiden speech was impressive so this seat is likely to remain hers so long as she wishes it-and so long Scotland remains in the Union.

    I would not be surprised if Alexander bobs up as a Labour MP in England at some point-that is the route of choice for quite a number of defeated Tory MPs in Scotland over recent decades.

  42. Mhairi Black could have to fight it out against Gavin Newlands for a new ‘Paisley & Renfrew’ constituency.

    Newlands would have a greater claim on ‘incumbency’ as it will include the North of Paisley and Renfrew but this is the kind of selection where I would anticipate that the member with less claim could win.

  43. Paisley itself was in Paisley South from 1983 to 2005, at Holyrood it was in Paisley South from 1999 to 2011 and of course Paisley since.

  44. The oldest dog in the UK, Mhairi Black, has promised to ‘never forget’ the sound of MP’s ‘rejoicing’ at sending in planes to Syria. I’m intrigued as to how her and her chip on the shoulder comrades will ‘never forget’.

  45. *sigh* you make me want to like Mhairi Black.

  46. Her background, her appearance, her sexual orientation etc. do not matter here. What matters is her policies and her political actions.

    She definitely has the courage of her convictions and more balls than 99% of Tory MP’s – good on her for that.

  47. Why should anyone ‘rejoice’? Authorising military action is a serious decision and I’m sure the majority of MPs who supported it know this. I’m not an SNP voter but she has a point.

    If there was a more moderate Labour leader (and was opposed to strikes) this would’ve been harder to get through Parliament. The association of Corbyn taints things unfortunately.

  48. Yes, Corbyn has tainted everything for the Labour Party.

    That doesn’t stop Sturgeon, Salmond et al being viewed as monumental t*ats by anyone south of the border

  49. Renfrewshire was Labour’s best result in the old Heartlands. My notionals point to a stubbornly strong Labour vote in Johnstone and Erskine.

  50. By that I should clarify working-class Heartlands. East Lothian and Edinburgh North and Leith were among the best Labour Heartland results in Scotland.

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