2015 Result:
Conservative: 27071 (53.8%)
Labour: 9296 (18.5%)
Lib Dem: 2488 (4.9%)
BNP: 108 (0.2%)
Green: 1564 (3.1%)
UKIP: 9461 (18.8%)
Independent: 295 (0.6%)
MAJORITY: 17610 (35%)

Category: Safe Conservative seat

Geography: South East, Essex. Part of the Braintree council area.

Main population centres: Braintree, Bocking, Halstead, Earls Colne, Great Yeldham, Sible Hedingham, Great Bardfield.

Profile: A rural seat at the northern edge of Essex. The main population centres are the large town of Braintree itself and the smaller market town of Halstead, both towards the south of the seat, while to the north the constituency stretches off into smaller villages towards the Suffolk border.

Politics: Historically Braintree was a solid Conservative seat, but fell to Labour in 1997 and was a Conservative-Labour marginal for many years. The boundary changes in 2010 once again put it into the column of safe Conservative seats.

Current MP
JAMES CLEVERLY (Conservative) Born 1969, Lewisham. Educated at Colfes and Thames Valley University. Contested Lewisham East 2005. GLA member for Bexley and Bromley since 2008. First elected as MP for Braintree in 2015.
Past Results
Con: 25901 (53%)
Lab: 9780 (20%)
LDem: 9247 (19%)
UKIP: 2477 (5%)
Oth: 1798 (4%)
MAJ: 16121 (33%)
Con: 23597 (44%)
Lab: 19704 (37%)
LDem: 7037 (13%)
GRN: 1308 (2%)
Oth: 1409 (3%)
MAJ: 3893 (7%)
Con: 20765 (41%)
Lab: 21123 (42%)
LDem: 5664 (11%)
GRN: 1241 (2%)
Oth: 1522 (3%)
MAJ: 358 (1%)
Con: 22278 (40%)
Lab: 23729 (43%)
LDem: 6418 (12%)
Oth: 986 (2%)
MAJ: 1451 (3%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
JAMES CLEVERLY (Conservative) Born 1969, Lewisham. Educated at Colfes and Thames Valley University. Contested Lewisham East 2005. GLA member for Bexley and Bromley since 2008.
MATTHEW KLESEL (Liberal Democrat) Educated at Moulsham High School and University of Kent.
TOBY PEREIRA (Independent)
Comments - 83 Responses on “Braintree”
  1. I think you’re underestimating the damage this is doing to Cameron’s credibility Robin. These are potential game-changing events. The Tories were relying on a successful conference & it’s almost certainly gone now. Labour is still in the same lead as it was at the beginning of the year, and now the Tories are going to lose Clacton badly to UKIP, very likely followed by Rochester & Strood. It’s not quite at the point of no return yet, but the Tories were already doing quite poorly in the polls even before these events happened, and they cannot at this stage afford a further weakening, which is now increasingly likely, though not certain.

  2. A good conference is essential for me I think.

  3. A number of scandal hit MP’s who have left the House of Commons in disgrace have gone on to have successful careers afterwards.

    John Profumo had a successful career as a charity fundraiser and Jonathan Aitkin is now a well regarded Christian televangelist. Although the success of Neil Hamilton’s ‘career’ as a TV personality has probably done just as much damage to hi reputation than the cash for questions scandal ever did.

  4. Micheal Portillo is another success story. On the other hand, Harvey Proctor ran a shirtmakers, which unfortunately was liquidated in 2000. He was a victim of a homophobic attack while in the presence of the Hamiltons who defended him.

  5. I heard that Proctor had a notice saying “Shirtlifters will not be prosecuted” in his shop. However, I once had to visit the shop to talk to him about Richmond commercial matters, and didn’t notice such a sign. I was a shopkeeper whose premises were only about 100 yards from his shop, which was down an historic alleyway.

  6. Brooks Newmark standing down in 2015

  7. yes he announced he wouldn’t be standing again when his indiscretions became known.

  8. Most people under 40 will probably be wondering what all the fuss is about.

  9. I hear from a colleague at a national, that he wants/wanted to stand down now, but Gove pleaded with him to wait ’til Feb/March. I assume they don’t want yet another By-election before Christmas after Rochester. I haven’t read what’s in the Sunday papers about him, but it sounds as if it’s the lie rather than the act (a bit like Boris that time), ie he’d done it before, contrary to his assurances. Another plum seat going spare for someone. Are we up to 80 MPs retiring yet?

  10. Conservative shortlist

    James Cleverly (previously shortlisted in Bury St Edmunds and Bexhill & Battle)

    Michael McManus (previously shortlisted in Havant)

    Suella Fernandes (previously shortlisted in Croydon South, Uxbridge and Bexhill & Battle)

    Sarah Macken (previously shortlisted in Louth and Hornecastle)

  11. Is that the same James Cleverly on the London Assembly?

  12. Yep. 🙂

  13. According to the Braintree and Witham Times, the candidate will be in place by the end of this week.

  14. Gordon Helm , UKIP candidate for Braintree has sadly died. .

  15. Tories has selected James Cleverly as their Prospective Parliamentary candidate candidate.

  16. Tories have selected James Cleverly as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

  17. My prediction is that the housewives of Braintree will turn out in force for Mr. Cleverly. He’s certainly not horrific to look at, and he’s wearing a blue rosette. That’s more than enough for most of Essex! Easy Tory hold.

  18. Ukip lose yet another local by election, in the Bocking division, falling from 1st to 3rd position. I can only recall one successful by-election defence by them (Tim Aker). The victorious tory candidate was district Cllr Stephen Canning, who is only 22 and had a cameo on the reality tv show Made in Chelsea.

  19. here’s the full result :

    Stephen Canning – Conservative 1,071
    Lynn Watson – Labour 974
    Michael Ford – UK Independence Party 855
    John Malam – Green Party 165
    Peter Sale – Independent 58

  20. That’s a good Tory and Labour performance.
    Not so good for UKIP

  21. I assume that there will be no GLA by elections in either London West Central or Bexley & Bromley….with both the members duel mandating for a year till May 2016. As a London wide list MGLA, I understand that Victoria Borwick could stand down and pass her seat to the next Conservative on the list. She may not find the duel role of attending the GLA and Westminster from a Kensington base to be any harder than being a single role MP why represents a constituency in the North or Scotland.

  22. Who….not why….

  23. With 7 percent of the UK population owning 84 percent of the country’s capital wealth assets (1984 figures), and the wealth gap widening since Victorian times, now estimated at 6/85 or even 5/90, can somebody tell me what the hell we can vote for and what difference does it make?
    Aneuri Bevan once said that real power in this country does not rest in Parliament, that’s just for public consumption; but two miles further east, in the financial and commercial City of London; where their poer is implemented through the lobby system.
    You know I am talking sense!.

  24. Conservative Hold. 12,000 maj.

  25. Is this seat likely to be redistributed along with Witham? It is hard to see Priti Patel being moved from Witham, so the MP here may have to be “slotted in” somewhere. This seems the only likely threat to him.

  26. I think pre-judging the boundary changes is a waste of time, but if Witham does get abolished the neighbouring seat of Saffron Walden is very likely to be available – Sir Alan Haselhurst will be well into his 80s by 2020.

  27. Haslehusrt has been reporting as saying he wants to stay on..

  28. He currently seems very fit and switched on for 78… but trying to go on until just short of his 88th birthday in 2025 may be pushing it!

  29. James Cleverly is the new DEXU minster.
    Surprised at that but he is probably the most loyal Brexiter they could find (through even he is strongly opposed to a long extension and customs union both of which he knows have as fair chance of coming.)

  30. James Cleverly has withdrawn from the leadership race after declaring the other day.

  31. ‘James Cleverly has withdrawn from the leadership race after declaring the other day.’

    If you look beyond his views on Brexit he struck me as one of the more sensible candidates, although quite what’s changed since now and when he announced his candidacy I’m not sure

    It was always a huge long shot

  32. James Cleverly appointed as Party chairman.

  33. I see CCHQ has rebranded itself FactCheckUK.

    Why not go full Orwell and call yourselves the Ministry of Truth, eh?

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