2015 Result:
Conservative: 28887 (58.1%)
Labour: 4745 (9.5%)
Lib Dem: 3263 (6.6%)
Green: 2149 (4.3%)
UKIP: 10663 (21.5%)
MAJORITY: 18224 (36.7%)

Category: Ultra-safe Conservative seat

Geography: South West, Dorset. The whole of Christchurch council area and part of East Dorset council area.

Main population centres: Christchurch, Ferndown, St Ives, West Moors.

Profile: Christchurch is a seat on the south coast between Bournemouth, with which it forms a conurbation along with Poole, and the New Forest. It is an affluent retirement town - the constituency has the highest proportion of over 60s of any seat in Great Britain. As well as Christchurch itself the seat includes Hurn Forest and Bournemouth International Airport and, to the north of them, the town of Ferndown and the villages of St Ives and West Moors, site of a military fuel depot.

Politics: The seat is normally very safely Conservative. It was briefly held by the Liberal Democrats after their 1993 by-election victory, but after being narrowly regained by the Tories in 1997 it has returned to form as a safe Tory seat.

Current MP
CHRISTOPHER CHOPE (Conservative) Born 1947, Putney. Educated at Marlborough and St Andrews University. Barrister. Wandsworth councillor 1974-1983, Leader of Wandsworth council 1979-1983. MP for Southampton Itchen 1983-1992. First elected as MP for Christchurch in 1997. Minister of State at the Treasury 1985-6, Under Secretary of State in the department of Transport 1986-1990, Minister of State in the Department of Transport 1990-1992. Awarded the OBE for services to local government in 1982.
Past Results
Con: 27888 (56%)
Lab: 4849 (10%)
LDem: 12478 (25%)
UKIP: 4201 (9%)
MAJ: 15410 (31%)
Con: 28208 (55%)
Lab: 8051 (16%)
LDem: 12649 (25%)
UKIP: 2657 (5%)
MAJ: 15559 (30%)
Con: 27306 (55%)
Lab: 7506 (15%)
LDem: 13762 (28%)
UKIP: 993 (2%)
MAJ: 13544 (27%)
Con: 26095 (46%)
Lab: 3884 (7%)
LDem: 23930 (43%)
Oth: 606 (1%)
MAJ: 2165 (4%)

*There were boundary changes after 2005

2015 Candidates
CHRISTOPHER CHOPE (Conservative) See above.
ANDREW SATHERLEY (Labour) Educated at Highcliffe comprehensive school and York University.
ANDY CANNING (Liberal Democrat) Economist. West Dorset councillor since 2003. Contested South Dorset 2001, Dorset Police Commissioner 2012 election.
ROBIN GRAY (UKIP) Born Lancashire. Businessman and former social worker.
Comments - 74 Responses on “Christchurch”
  1. Further to what I wrote above, it appears that actually, Chope blocks these bills indiscriminately, with many Tory MPs also having seen pretty uncontroversial motions killed off (they then complained about this on a leaked Whatsapp group).

    He’s just a complete cretin. I’m surprised the Tory Party haven’t suspended him pretty sharpish – Anne-Marie Morris had her whip taken away for far less.

  2. Random trivia – Chope’s current parliamentary seat, and his old one (Southampton Itchen), are respectively the safest and most vulnerable Conservative seats at Westminster.

  3. Problem is what he did while morally repugnant was perfectly within the law. Mad innit. Unlike Anne-Marie Morris who could not go around saying what she said as that’s genuine hate speech even though the context was Brexit rather than a race hate crime

  4. ‘ it appears that actually, Chope blocks these bills indiscriminately,’

    Sounds to me like he’s trying to be the new Eric Forth – although I’d be interested to hear from Chope himself with regards to his rationale for doing so, because at the moment – as has been noted – he just comes across as a complete a**hole who should stand down immediately

  5. He opposed the introduction of the minimum wage, gay marriage and even Alan Turing’s pardon. A very fine line between being a social conservative and a total spiteful t*at. A couple of frequent posters on this site are a bit like (oddly, they have nothing to say on this issue).

  6. Delicious clip of Theresa May being asked why she gave him a knighthood:

  7. To be fair to her-.surely every PM has knighted a few MPs who they maybe aren’t particularly fond of but have ‘paid their dues’.

  8. Not sure how well his argument against backbench bills stamds when he’s proposed himself

  9. Chope has told his local newspaper today that he in fact backs the bill, and only objected for procedural reasons. He also claims that he’s been attacked unfairly by some of his Tory colleagues. Tobias Ellwood, the Defence Minister, called Chope an ’embarrassment and a dinosaur’. It should be noted that Ellwood represents the nearby seat of Bournemouth East!

  10. Ellwood looking over his shoulder

  11. Yes. That tends to happen when your seat goes from ‘very safe’ to ‘semi marginal’ in just two years. No such worries for Mr Chope, of course.

  12. Oddball MP Christopher Chope is at it again. This time he objected to an international conference of female MPs taking place in the Commons chamber in November.

  13. Christopher Chope is no oddball – just a nasty piece of work – by any measure

    No wonder the hapless May gave him a knighthood

  14. Chope blocked an FGM bill yesterday evening.

    Why does he do this?

  15. According to the BBC, Chope has just blocking another private members’ bill – this time on an anti-FGM bill

    Chope shouted “object” in a debate on laws protecting children from female genital mutilation.

    When are the Tories going to rid themselves of this evil man?

  16. Cranky old git! Even Daily Mail commenters think he should be put out to pasture. Still, this is Christchurch we are talking about…he’ll probably hang on with a 35k majority until he’s 102.

  17. That Nick Boles is facing deselection and this man isn’t tells you everything you need to know about the Conservative Party.

  18. That they love freedom and hate Cameroons.

    Backbenchers are meant to scrutinise not just legislate.

  19. Though Chope is very selecton which private members bills should be subject to debate

  20. Though Chope is very selecton which private members bills should be subject to debate

  21. Agreed, Matt.

    And Lancs, please shut up about freedom while attempting to defend the “freedom” for prepubescent girls to have their clitorises forcibly removed.

  22. You haven’t quite grasped Voltaire.

    Indeed Chope is a vice chair of the Freedom Association.

    Many Acts are well intentioned nonsense that never result in anything in practice. Scrutiny can only lead to better legislation (although as even now retired Hogan-Howe observed, “Apparently we had something like 38 Criminal Justice Acts during my time as an officer, yet most arrests are made for common law and not ‘new’ offences. I’m told in fact that no-one has ever been arrested for over 20 offences which exist on the Statute books.”)

  23. This won’t be popular amongst the PC/liberals – I may be under-estimating how widespread the problem is. However, a Conservative Government should focus on cutting knife crime and burglaries (3% solved)
    rather than joining in with what appears to be virtue signalling on FGM etc.
    + be clear. We don’t want those who left to join ISIS back in Britain.

  24. How is legislation to make FGM easier to prosecute virtue signalling? And how does that conflict with cutting knife crime and burglaries?

    “be clear. We don’t want those who left to join ISIS back in Britain”

    The government has rightly made that clear and is only whipping up the story in the media as another obvious distraction from Brexit.

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