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Yorkshire & Humberside Euros

The Yorkshire and Humberside region covers Yorkshire and the former county of Humberside. It currently returns 6 MEPs, and in 2004 returned two Conservatives, two Labour, one Liberal Democrat and one UKIP MEP.

Sitting MEPs and 2004 Results

1. portrait Linda McAvan (Labour) 413,213 (26.3%)
2. portrait Timothy Kirkhope (Conservative) 387,369 (24.6%)
3. portrait Diana Wallis (Liberal Democrat) 244,607 (15.6%)
4. portrait Godfrey Bloom (UKIP) 228,666 (14.0%)
5. portrait Richard Corbett (Labour) (206,607)
6. Edward McMillan-Scott (Conservative) (193,685)
-. BNP 126,538 (8.0%)
-. Green 90,337 (5.7%)
-. Respect 29,865 (1.9%)
-. English Democrats 24,068 (1.5%)
-. Robert Ellis (Independent) 14,762 (0.9%)
-. All. for Green Socialism 13,776 (0.9%)

2009 Candidates


1. portraitLinda McAvan. Sitting MEP. Born 1962, Bradford. Educated at Heriot-Watt University. Former local government worker. MEP for South Yorkshire 1998-1999, for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999.
2. portraitRichard Corbett. Sitting MEP. Born 1955, Southport. Educated at Farnborough Road School and Oxford Univeristy. Former civil servant and policy advisor. MEP for Merseyside West 1996-1999, for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999.
3. portraitEmma Hoddinott. Works for the Learning and skills council. Contested Yorkshire East 2005.
4. portraitDavid Bowe. Born 1955. Former teacher. Middlesborough councillor 1983-1994. MEP for Cleveland & Yorkshire North 1989-1994, Cleveland & Richmond 1994-1999 and Yorkshire and Humberside 1999-2004.
5. portraitMelanie Onn. Born Grimsby. Compliance and legal officer for the Labour party.
6. portraitMahroof Hussain. Rotherham councillor. Contested Sheffield Hallam 2005. Awarded the MBE in 2008 for services to local government.


1. portraitEdward McMillan-Scott.Sitting MEP. Born 1949, Cambridge. Former public affairs consultant. MEP for York 1984-1994, MEP for North Yorkshire 1994-1999 and for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999. Leader of the Conservative MEPs from 1997 to 2001.
2. portraitTimothy Kirkhope. Sitting MEP. Born 1945, Newcastle. Educated at the Royal Grammar School and Law Society College of Law. Solicitor. Former Northumberland county councillor. MP for Leeds North East 1987-1997. Government whip 1990-1995. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999.
3. portraitFleur Butler. Born London. Educated at Pimlico Comprensive and SOAS. Former management consultant. Richmondshire councillor.
4. portraitMatthew Bean. Barrister. Former Harrogate councillor. Contested Brigg & Goole 2005.
5. portraitNick Burrows. Educated at St Andrews University. Barrister and former soldier, working in post-conflict stabilisation for the UN.
6. portraitGlynis Frew.

Liberal Democrat

1. portraitDiana Wallis Sitting MEP. Born 1954, Hitchin. Educated at London University. Solicitor. Former East Riding councillor. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 1999. Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament from 2000-2004 and 2006-2007.
2. portraitStewart Arnold Educated at Maldon Grammar School and London University. Contested Leeds Central 2001, Don Valley 2005.
3. portraitRebecca Taylor Born Todmorden. Educated at Todmorden High School and Sheffield Hallam University. European Public affairs consultant.
4. portraitJames Monaghan Born Wakefield. Educated at Ackworth School and Leicester University. Leeds councillor since 2005.
5. portraitNader Fekri History lecturer. Calderdale councillor.
6. portraitNeil Poole. North Lincolnshire councillor.


1. portraitGodfrey Bloom Sitting MEP. Born 1949, London. Head of research for an investment company. MEP for Yorkshire and Humberside since 2004. An outspoken figure, he was criticised after his election for saying that maternity rights have damaged women’s employment prospects.
2. portraitJonathan Arnott Educated at Sheffield University. Maths teacher. Contested Sheffield Attercliffe 2005. Will contest Sheffield South East at next election.
3. portraitJason Smith Administration supervisor and IT co-ordinator. Contested Bradford South 2005.
Will contest Bradford West at next election.
4. portraitToby Horton Director of a television production company. Contested Sedgefield 1983, Rother Valley 1992 for the Conservative Party. Defected to UKIP in 2006. Contested Sedgefield by-election 2007 for UKIP. Will contest Middlesborough South and East Cleveland at next election.
5. portraitDavid Daniel Contested Pudsey 2005, will contest Morley and Outwood at next election.
6. portraitLynette Ashfar Contested Birmingham Ladywood 2005. Will contest Birmingham Ladywood at the next election.


1. portraitMartin Hemingway. Teacher and former archeologist. Labour councillor in Leeds 1990-2002. Contested Leeds North West 2005.
2. portraitShan Oakes. Educated at Plympton Grammar School and Leicester University. Former English teacher and LEA officer. Contested Haltemprice and Howden by-election 2008.
3. portraitLeslie Rowe. Management consultant. Contested Croydon North West 1987, Ealing Acton 1992 for the Liberal Democrats, Richmond (Yorks) 2005 for the Green party.
4. portraitLesley Hedges..
5. portraitKevin Warnes. Bradford councillor.
6. portraitSteve Barnard. Former Sheffield councillor.


1. portraitAndrew Brons. Born 1947. Retired lecturer. Former member of the National Socialist Movement and National Front. Contested Harrogate F1974, O1974, Birmingham Stechford by-election 1977, Bradford North 1979 and Leeds East 1983, all for the National Front. Notional leader of the National Front from 1980-1984 after the expulsion of John Tyndall.
2. portraitNick Cass.Builder and plasterer. Former BNP party manager. Contested Rother Valley 2005.
3. portraitChris Beverley.Educated at Leeds University. Leeds councillor since 2006. Contested Yorkshire & Humberside region in 2004 European elections. Morley and Rothwell 2005. Writes a regular column for the newspaper of the German NPD party.
4. portraitMarlene Guest.Former Liberal Democrat. Appeared in 2008 Sky documentary “BNP Wives”. Contested Rotherham 2005.
5. portraitPaul Harris.Design engineer. Convicted in 2004 of using threatening behaviour towards a Labour councillor distributing Searchlight.
6. portraitTrevor Brown.Born York. Educated at Margaret McMillan College of Education. Former member of the National Front.

English Democrat

1. portraitMichael Cassidy. Contested Doncaster North 2005.
2. portraitJoanne Robinson born 1957. Office manager. Contested Haltemprice and Howden 2001 for UKIP, 208 by-election for English Democrats.
3. portraitPeter Davies Retired teacher. Also standing as mayor of Doncaster.
4. portraitDavid Wildgoose Educated at Oakwood Comprehensive and Hull University. Contested Rotherham 1992, 1994 by-election, 1997, Wentworth 2001 for Liberal Democrats.
5. portraitPaul McEnhill Contested Wakefield 2005.
6. portraitGeoffrey Crossman

Socialist Labour

1. portraitKen Capstick Former miner and Vice-Chairman of the NUM. Contested Tyneside North 2001.
2. portraitLinda Sheridan Contested Wakefield 2005.
3. portraitStephen Yoxall Contested 1999 European elections.
4. portraitHolly Yoxall
5. portraitTerence Robinson Contested Barnsley East and Mexborough 2005.
6. portraitChristopher Butler

Jury Team

1. portraitBarbara Hibbert Educated at Leeds University. Teacher.
2. portraitAnthony Hooper Born Sheffield. Educated at Sheffield university. Former university lecturer.
3. portraitBen Saxton Born Sheffield. Educated at Tapton school. Consumer care manager.

Christian Party

1. portraitSid Cordle Independent financial advisor. Sheffield councillor 1982-1988 for the Conservative party. Contested Sheffield Heeley 1983, Sheffield Hillsborough 1992 for the Conservatives, Sheffield Hallam 2005 for the Christian Peoples Alliance.
2. portraitAndrew McClintock Management consultant. Former magistrate, who resigned after refused to preside over gay adoption cases. He unsuccessfully took legal action against the Lord Chancellor for unfair dismissal, haveingan appeal to the Court of Appeal rejected in 2008.
3. portraitAngela MacDonald
4. portraitJohn O’Brien
5. portraitSamantha Cauldwell
6. portraitRebecca Jones


1. portraitKeith Gibson Lindsey oil refinery worker.
2. portraitCelia Foote Teacher. Former Labour party member. Contested Leeds North East 2001 for Left Alliance, 2005 for the Alliance for Green Socialism.
3. portraitJackie Grunsell GP. Huddersfield councillor for Save Huddersfield NHS.
4. portraitPeter March RMT regional secretary.
5. portraitMike Davies National Chair of the Alliance for Green Socialism.
6. portraitJuliet Boddington


1. portraitAntony Devoy
2. Edward Devoy 3. Stephen Clark
4. Diana MacLeod 5. Trevor Bending
6. Kathleen Harris
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