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South West Euros

The South West European region covers Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and the British Overseas territory of Gibraltar. It currently returns 7 members of the European Parliament, but this will reduce to 6 at the next election, meaning the Conservatives notionally lose a seat.

In 2004 the region returned 3 Conservative MEPs, 2 UKIP MEPs, 1 Lib Dem MEP and 1 Labour MEP.

Sitting MEPs and 2004 Results

1. portrait Neil Parish (Conservative) 457,371 (31.6%) (Will stand down at next election)
2. portrait Trevor Colman (UKIP) 326,684 (22.6%) (Replaced Graham Booth 2008)
3. portrait Graham Watson (Liberal Democrat) 265,619 (18.3%)
4. portrait Caroline Jackson (Conservative) (228,686) (Will stand down at next election)
5. portrait Glyn Ford (Labour) 209,908 (14.5%)
6. portrait Roger Knapman (UKIP) (163,342) (Will stand down at next election)
7. portrait Giles Chichester (Conservative) (152,457)
-. Green 103,821 (7.2%)
-. BNP 43,653 (3.0%)
-. Countryside 30,824 (2.1%)
-. Respect 10,437 (0.7%)

2009 Candidates


1. portraitGlyn Ford. Sitting MEP. Born 1950, Gloucester. Educated at Reading University. Former research fellow at Manchester University. Former Tameside councillor. First elected as MEP for Greater Manchester East 1984. MEP for South West England since 1999.
2. portraitIsabel Owen. Educated at Egglscliffe Comprehensive and Bristol University. Former political consultant. Has worked as head of Glyn Ford’s office. Contested Tiverton and Honiton 2001, Forest of Dean 2005.
3. portraitKeir Dhillon. Contested Tewkesbury 2001. Contested 2004 European elections.
4. portraitDorothea Hodge. Former special advisor now working for the Social Market Foundation and Westminster Foundation for Democracy.
5. portraitDafydd Emlyn Williams.
6. portraitElizabeth Liago.


1. portraitGiles Chichester. Sitting MEP. Born 1946, London. Formerly worked for his family business, publishing maps and guides. First elected as MEP for Devon and East Plymouth 1994. MEP for the South West since 1999. Former leader of the Conservative group in the European parliament, he stood down in 2008 after it was revealed he had claimed Parliamentary expenses for a family business. He was later cleared of a conflict of interest by the European Parliament.
2. portraitJulie Girling. Cotswold District councillor. Gloucestershire County councillor. Contested South West in 2004 European elections.
3. portraitAshley Fox. Born 1969. Educated at the Kings School, Worcester and Bristol Polytechnic. Solicitor. Contested Bath 2001. Bristol councillor since 2002.
4. portraitMike Dolley. Campaign director for the Conservative party.
5. portraitDon Collier. Former commodities dealer and owner of a diving school, now working as an IT consultant. Poole councillor since 1999.
6. portraitZehra Zaidi. Educated at Warwick University. Solicitor.

Liberal Democrat

1. portraitGraham Watson. Sitting MEP. Born 1956, Rothesay. Educated at City of Bath Boys School and Heriot-Watt University. Prior to his elected worked as a university administrator, head of David Steel’s office and for HSBC. First elected as MEP for Somerset and North Devon 1994. Leader of the Liberal group in the European Parliament since 2002.
2. portraitKay Barnard. Farmer and director of a publishing company. Former Somerset County Councillor. Contested Bristol South 2005.
3. portraitJustine McGuinness. Educated at London University. PR Consultant who represented the parents of Madeleine McCann. Contested Holborn and St Pancras 1997, West Dorset 2005.
4. portraitHumphrey Temperley. Torridge councillor, South Somerset councillor 1981-1999. Devon County councillor since 2005, former Somerset county councillor.
5. portraitPaul Massey. Cheltenham councillor.
6. portraitJonathan Stagnetto. Educated at King College. Director of a family business. Member of the Liberal Party of Gibraltar.


1. portraitTrevor Colman. Sitting MEP. Born 1941, St Breward. Former police officer and television script advisor. MEP for the South West since 2008, suceeding Graham Booth upon his retirement. Contested Teignbridge 2005.
2. portraitWilliam Legge, the Earl of Dartmouth. Born 1949. Conservative member of the House of Lords until the exclusion of hereditary peers. Defected to UKIP in 2007.
3. portraitGawain Towler. Educated at Clayesmore School and University of York. Former journalist, now working for the Ind/Dem group in the European Parliament. Contested Glasgow Maryhill for the Conservatives in 2001.
4. portraitJulia Reid. Will contest Chippenham at the next general election.
5. portraitAlan Wood.
6. portraitStephanie McWilliam. Former radiographer, now runs a private air travel company.


1. portraitRicky Knight. Modern languages teacher. Contested North Devon 2005, will contest North Devon at the next general election..
2. portraitRoger Creagh-Osborne. Electronic engineer.
3. portraitDavid Taylor.Contested South West region in 1999, 2004 European Elections.
4. portraitMolly Scott Cato.Born 1963, Wales. Educated at Oxford University. Reader in Green Economics at Cardiff University. Contested Preseli Pembrokeshire 1997, 2005.
5. portraitChloe Somers.Educated at University of East Anglia.
6. portraitRichard Lawson.Semi retired GP.


1. portraitJeremy Wotherspoon. Retired estate agent and sales negotiator. Contested Watford F1974, O1974, Cambridge by-election 1976, all for the National Front.
2. portraitBarry Bennett. Born Bournemouth. IT tutor. Contested South West region in 2004 European elections.
3. portraitAdrian Romilly. Born Kent. Educated at University College London.
4. portraitSean Twitchin. Born Aldershot 1965. Educated at East London University. Surveyor.
5. portraitLawrence West. Unemployed construction site manager.
6. portraitPeryn Parsons. Born London.

Mebyon Kernow

1. portraitDick Cole. Archaelogist. Restormel borough councillor since 1999. Leader of Mebyon Kernow.
2. portraitConan Jenkin. born Cornwall. College lecturer. Contested Truro and St Austell 2001, 2005. Deputy leader of Mebyon Kernow.
3. portraitLoveday Jenkin. Lecturer. Kerrier councillor since 1996.
4. portraitSimon Reed. Former Penwith councillor for the Liberal Democrats.
5. portraitGlenn Renshaw. Caradon District councillor. Defected from the Liberal Democrats in 2008.
6. portraitJoannie Willet.


1. portraitRobin Matthews Former lieutenant colonel in the Light Dragoons. Leader of Libertas in the UK.
2. Peter Morgan-Barnes 3. Chloe Gwynne
4. Christopher Charnock 5. Nicholas Carlton
6. Nicholas Charles


1. portraitAlex Gordon Member of the RMT executive.
2. portraitRoger Davey Health worker. Member of the Socialist Party.
3. portraitRachel Lynch Special needs teacher.
4. portraitNick Quirk Member of the RMT executive.
5. portraitJohn Chambers Retired union official
6. portraitPaul Dyer

Jury Team

1. portraitSally Smith PR agent and former journalist.
2. portraitMartin Paley Citizens Advice Bureau manager and former retail manager. Former Liberal Democrat.
3. portraitMichael Clayton Project manager
4. portraitBrian Underwood Educated at Clifton College. Semi-retired court reporter, formerly ran a structural steel company.
5. portraitRoger Whitfield IT technician and consultant.
6. portraitWilliam Barnett Business development manager.

Christian Party

1. portraitWilliam Capstick.
2. Katherine Mills 3. Diana Ofori
4. Larna Martin 5. Peter Vickers
6. Adenike Williams

Socialist Labour

1. portraitRobert Hawkins. Contested Plymouth Devonport 2005.
2. Brian Corbett 3. Alison Entwhistle
4. David Marchesi 5. Rob Hawkins
6. James Bannister

English Democrat

1. portraitMichael Turner.
2. Sara Box 3. Keith Riley
4. Stephen Wright 5. Raymond Carr
6. Lee Pickering

Your Decision

1. portraitNicola Guagliardo.
2. portraitJoy Skey.

Pensioners Party

1. portraitJonathan Cockburn. Born 1956. Educated at Emanuel School and London University. Managing director of a facilities management company. Contested Sedgefield 2005 as a “Blair Must Go” candidate.
2. Barry Hodgson 3. Derek Wharton
4. Roger Edwards 5. Stuart Baker
6. Berry Egerton

Fair Pay Fair Trade

1. portraitDavid Michael. Cohousing property developer.
2. portraitJudy Foster.

There is also one independent candidate standing:

portraitKatie Hopkins (Independent) Born 1975, Barnstaple. Educated at Exeter University. Former contestant on The Apprentice and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

NB - The constituency guide is now archived and is no longer being updated. It will be replaced by a new guide in 2013, once the fate of the boundary review is finally settled.