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South East Euros

The South East European region covers Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Oxfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex. It currently returns 10 members of the European Parliament, the most of any UK region. In 2009 the region returned 4 Conservative MEPs, 2 UKIP MEPs, 2 Lib Dem MEPs, 1 Labour MEP and 1 Green MEP, unchanged from 2004.

Sitting MEPs and 2009 Results

1. portrait Dan Hannan (Conservative) 812,288 (34.8%)
2. portrait Nigel Farage (UKIP) 440,002 (18.8%)
3. portrait Richard Ashworth (Conservative) (406,144)
4. portrait Sharon Bowles (Liberal Democrat) 330,340 (14.1%)
5. portrait Caroline Lucas (Green) 271,506 (11.6%)
6. portrait Nirj Deva (Conservative) (270,763)
7. portrait Marta Andreasen (UKIP) (220,001)
8. portrait James Elles (Conservative) (203,072)
9. portrait Peter Skinner (Labour) 192,592 (8.2%)
10. portrait Catherine Bearder (Liberal Democrat) (165,170)
-. BNP 101,769 (4.4%)
-. English Democrats 52,526 (2.2%)
-. CP-CPA 35,712 (1.5%)
-. No2EU 21,455 (0.9%)
-. Libertas 16,767 (0.7%)
-. Socialist Labour 15,484 (0.7%)
-. UK First 15,261 (0.7%)
-. Jury Team 14,172 (0.6%)
-. Peace Party 9,534 (0.4%)
-. Roman Party, Ave! 5,450 (0.2%)

2004 Results

1. portrait Dan Hannan (Conservative) 776,370 (35.2%)
2. portrait Nigel Farage (UKIP) 431,111 (19.5%)
3. portrait Nirj Deva (Conservative) (388,185)
4. portrait Chris Huhne (Liberal Democrat) 338,342 (15.3%) (Replaced by Sharon Bowles 2005)
5. portrait Peter Skinner (Labour) 301,398 (13.7%)
6. portrait James Elles (Conservative) (258,790)
7. portrait Ashley Mote (UKIP) (215,556) (Later expelled and sat as Independent)
8. portrait Richard Ashworth (Conservative) (194,093)
9. portrait Caroline Lucas (Green) 173,351 (7.9%)
10. portrait Emma Nicholson (Liberal Democrat) (169,171)
-. BNP 64,877 (2.9%)
-. Senior Citizens Party 42,681 (1.9%)
-. English Democrats 29,126 (1.3%)
-. Respect 13,426 (0.9%)
-. Peace 12,572 (0.6%)
-. CPA 11,733 (0.5%)
-. Pro-Life 6,579 (0.3%)
-. Philip Rhodes (Independent) 6,571 (0.3%)

2009 Candidates


1. portraitPeter Skinner. Sitting MEP. Born 1959, Oxford. Educated at St Josephs Secondary Modern, Orpington, and Bradford University. Former business and economics lecturer. MEP for West Kent 1994-1999. MEP for the South East since 1999.
2. portraitJanet Sully. Runs a language business. West Sussex county councillor since 1997. Contested Horsham 2001.
3. portraitBob Fromant.Educated at Boundstone Comprehensive and Southall College of Technology. Licensed Aircraft Engineer at Gatwick.
4. portraitLisa Homan. Educated at King Alfreds Comprehensive and Surrey University. Caseworker for Keith Hill MP. Hammersmith and Fulham councillor. Contested Sutton and Cheam 2001.
5. portraitStephen Alambritis. Head of Public Affairs for the Federation of Small Businesses. Merton councillor.
6. portraitJanet Keene. Educated at Brentwood County High and Brunel University. Former civil servant. Contested Bracknell 2001, 2005.
7. portraitMunir Malik. Born Kenya. Educated at Wandsworth University. Chartered accountant. Bexley councillor 2002-2006. Contested London in 1999 European elections.
8. portraitSilke Thomson-Pottebohm. Press and Communications Officer of the European Parliamentary Labour Party.
9. portraitRajinder Sandhu.
10. portraitSukhi Dhaliwal.


1. portraitDan Hannan. Sitting MEP. Born 1971, Peru. Educated at Marlborough College and Oxford University. Journalist and former speechwriter. MEP for South East England since 1999. He sits as a Conservative MEP, but outside the EPP-ED, having been expelled in 2008 for criticising Hans-Gert Pottering. In 2009 a speech he gave in the European Parliament criticising Gordon Brown was briefly the most viewed clip on YouTube, having been linked to by several US right wing blogs..
2. portraitRichard Ashworth. Sitting MEP. Born 1947, Folkestone. Educated at Kings School Canterbury and Searle-Hayne College. Dairy farmer. Contested North Devon 1997. MEP for South East England since 1999.
3. portraitNirj Deva. Sitting MEP. Born 1948, Sri Lanka. Educated at Loughborough University. MP for Brentford and Isleworth 1992-1997. MEP for South East England since 1999. Appointed Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Greater London in 1985.
4. portraitJames Elles. Sitting MEP. Born 1949, London. Educated at Edinburgh University. MEP for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire 1984-1989, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire East 1994-1999, South East England since 1999.
5. portraitTherese Coffey. Born Wigan. Educated at Oxford University. Former finance director. Contested Wrexham 2005.
6. portraitSarah Richardson. Educated at Durham University. Freelance journalist. Westminster councillor. Contested East Midlands 2004 European Elections. Contested Leicester West 2005. Married to Damian Collins, Conservative PPC for Folkestone and Hythe.
7. portraitRichard Robinson. Educated at Salford University. Investment consultant. Former Rochester councillor. Contested South East England 2004.
8. portraitTony Devenish. Westminster councillor. Contested Houghton and Washington East 2001.
9. portraitNiina Kaariniemi. Born Finland. Local government political officer.
10. portraitMarc Brunel-Walker. Bracknell Forest councillor.

Liberal Democrat

1. portraitSharon Bowles Sitting MEP. Born 1953, Oxford. Educated at Reading University. Patent attorney. Contested Aylesbury 1992, 1997. MEP for South East England since 2005, suceeding Chris Huhne upon his election to Parliament.
2. portraitCatherine Bearder Born 1949. Educated at St Christophers, Letchworth. Former Cherwell councillor. Former Oxfordshire county councillor. Contested Banbury 1997, Henley 2001. Contested South-East region 1999, 2004.
3. portraitBen Abbotts Born 1975. Educated at University of Bristol. Public affairs consultant. Bromley councillor since 2006. Contested Sevenoaks 2005, Bromley and Chislehurst by-election 2006, Londonwide list 2008 London elections.
4. portraitJim Barnard Educated at Wells Cathedral school and Leeds University. Contested Tiverton and Honiton 1997, 2001. Contested Bristol 1994 European election.
5. portraitAnthony Hook Born 1980. Educated at Dover Grammar School for Boys and UCL. Barrister.
6. portraitZoe Patrick Vale of White Horse councillor. Oxfordshire county councillor.
7. portraitGary Lawson Contested Portsmouth North 2005.
8. portraitDavid Grace
9. portraitJohn Vincent
10. portraitJames Walsh


1. portraitNigel Farage. Sitting MEP. born 1964, Farnborough. Educated at Dulwich College. Former commodity broker. A former Conservative he was a founder member of UKIP in 1993. Contested Itchen, Test and Avon in 1994 European election. Member of the European Parliament for South-East England since 1999. Contested Eastleigh by-election 1994, Salisbury 1997, Bexhill and Battle 2001, South Thanet 2005, Bromley and Chistlehurst 2006 by-election. Leader of UKIP since 2006.
2. portraitMarta Andreasen. Born 1954, Argentina. Former EU chief accountant, fired in 2005 for criticising the EU’s accounting policies.
3. portraitSteve Harris Born 1948. Former US Navy serviceman.
4. portraitPhillip van der Elst Educated at Oxford University. Freelance writer, former editor of Freedom Today.
5. portraitHarry Aldridge Born 1986. Wireless telecommunications entrepreneur. Will contest Horsham at next general election.
6. portraitChristopher Browne Shift Process Controller at Thames Water. Contested Spelthorne 2005, Runnymede and Weybridge 2001. Will contest Spelthorne at the next general election.
7. portraitAndrew Moncreiff Will contest Chichester at the next general election.
8. portraitMark Stroud Will contest Surrey Heath at the next general election.
9. portraitMahzar Manzoor Chartered accountant.
10. portraitRay Finch Engineer. Will contest Eastleigh at the next general election.


1. portraitCaroline Lucas. Sitting MEP. Born 1960, Malvern. Educated at the University of Exter. Former communications officer and advisor for Oxfam. Oxfordshire county councillor 1993-1997. Green MEP for South East England since 1999. Principal Speaker for the Green party from 2003-2006. Will contest Brighton Pavilion at next election.
2. portraitKeith Taylor. Born 1953, Southend. Brighton and Hove councillor since 1999. Contested Brighton Pavilion 2001, 2005. Principal speaker for the Green party 2004-2006.
3. portraitDerek Wall. Economics lecturer and author. Contested Bath 1987, Bristol 1989 European elections, Windsor 2005. Principle speaker of the Green Party 2006-2008.
4. portraitMiriam Kennet. Economist, author and lecturer at Birkbeck College.
5. portraitJason Kitcat. Brighton and Hove councillor.
6. portraitHazel Dawe. University lecturer. Contested Folkestone and Hythe 2005, Canterbury 2001, Thanet North 1992. Her husband Steve Dawe is also standing in the South East..
7. portraitJonathan Essex. Former civil enginneer in Bangladesh. Runs a sustainable construction organisation and lectures for the Open University.
8. portraitMatthew Ledbury. Educated at Oxford University. Environmental advisor and former journalist. Contested Tooting 2001.
9. portraitSteve Dawe. University lecturer. Contested Canterbury 1987. Will contest Tunbridge Wells at next election.
10. portraitBeverley Golden. Born Southampton. Lawyer.


1. portraitTim Rait. Contested South East in 2004 European elections, Maidenhead in 2005, Lothians Region in 2007 Scottish election, Henley by-election 2008.
2. portraitDonna Bailey. Educated at Aston University. Beauty therapist..
3. portraitMark Burke.
4. portraitAndrew Emerson. Educated at Reading Blue Coat School. Lecturer. Former Labour party member. Contested Broxborne 2005.
5. portraitLynne Mozar. Born 1944, London.
6. portraitDavid Little. Born 1948. Retired.
7. portraitPeter Lane. Educated at Ardingly College and Royal Vetinary College. Retired vet. Contested South East Region 2004..
8. portraitBrian Horne.
9. portraitAdam Champneys. Farmer and retired airline pilot.
10. portraitAndy McBride. Born Berkshire. Joiner.

English Democrat

1. portraitSteven Uncles. Born 1964, Blackheath. Educated at Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School. Business consultant. Contested South East region in 2004 European elections region. Contested Bromley and Chislehurst by-election 2006. Contested South Wales West 2007 Welsh elections. Contested Londonwide list in 2008 London elections.
2. portraitDavid Knight.
3. portraitMike Tibby. Former Conservative councillor in Dartford, subsequently stood as a Liberal Democrat before being elected as the New England Party 2003-2007, which merged with the English Democrats in 2007.
4. portraitSean Varnham Student, studying law at the University of East London.
5. portraitClive Maltby
6. portraitLawrence Williams
7. portraitLiz Painter
8. portraitGerald Lambourne Contested Wantage 2005.
9. portraitJohn Griffiths Born 1947, London. Former civil servant, now an information officer. Contested City & East in London elections.
10. portraitGeorge Herbert

Jury Team

1. portraitNick Trew Born 1955, Devon. Educated at Millfield. Company director.
2. portraitNonie Bouverat Full time parent
3. portraitLyn Tofari Born Liverpool. Educated at Lawrence Road Secondary. Former estate agent. Former Independent South Bucks District councillor.
4. portraitGeoff Howard Born 1947, Widnes. Former teacher. Slough Borough councillor 1995-2002 for the Labour party, 2002-2004, for UKIP 2004-2005. Contested Slough for UKIP in 2005.
5. portraitGerry Brierley Marketing consultant
6. portraitAnat Vyas Born Kenya. Local authority housing officer. Contested Milton Keynes North East 2005 as an Independent.
7. portraitMichael Guest Born Epsom. Served in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Educated at Oxford Brookes University. Former Epsom and Ewell councillor for the Epsom Residents Association.
8. portraitAnthony Sansum Self employed service engineer. Former Dover councillor for the Labour party. Former leader of Dover council.

9. portraitJohn Lenton Born Kent. HGV driver.


1. portraitDave Hill Professor. Former Brighton councillor and East Sussex County councillor. Contested Brighton Pavilion 1979, 1987 for Labour.
2. portraitGarry Hassell Member of the RMT executive
3. portraitOwen Morris Construction worker
4. portraitKevin Hayes Redundant Ford worker.
5. portraitGawain Little Teacher. Member of the CPB.
6. portraitRobert Wilkinson Wokingham district secretary of the NUT.
7. portraitJacqui Berry President of Medway TUC.
8. portraitNick Chaffey Member of the Socialist Party
9. portraitNick Wright Graphic designer and teacher. Member of the CPB.
10. portraitSarah Wrack Sussex University student. Member of the Socialist Party

Socialist Labour Party

1. portraitDerek Isaacs
2. Paramjit Bahia 3. John McLeod
4. Ian Fyvle 5. Patricia Rulz
6. Richard Mooney 7. Maureen Stubbings
8. Derek Stubbings 9. Mary Byrne
10. Eleanor Little

Christian Party

1. portraitAnthony May
2. Peter Joyce 3. Christabel Bacchus
4. William Thompson 5. David Ashton
6. Alexander Wilson 7. David Hews
8. Deborah Smith-Gorick 9. Je’ran Cherub
10. Kenneth Scrimshaw


1. portraitKevin O’Connell Former Deputy Director of Europol
2. portraitDaniel Hill
3. portraitNeil Glass Educated at Fettes and Cambridge University. Former management consultant turned author and campaigner against government waste.
Contested Haltemprice by-election 2008 as Independent.
4. portraitChloe Woodhead
5. portraitGuy Lambert
6. portraitGrahame Leon-Smith Contested Folkestone and Hythe 2005 for Senior Citizens Party.
7. portraitPeter Grace
8. portraitNicholas Heather
9. portraitDavid Peace

UK First

1. portraitPetrina Holdsworth Former Chairman of UKIP. Contested Sussex Mid 2001, Folkestone and Hythe 2005 for UKIP.
2. portraitJohn Petley Contested Lewes 2005 for UKIP.
3. portraitMartin Maslam Contested Guildford 2005 for UKIP.
4. portraitJennifer Parsons

Peace Party

1. portraitJohn Morris Born 1938, London. Contested Guildford 1997, 2001, 2005.
2. Geoff Pay 3. Jim Duggan
4. Julie Roxburgh 5. Keith Scott
6. Shafaq Iqbal 7. Jenny Watson
8. Marcus Trower 9. Jeff Bolam
10. David Brown

The Roman Party. Ave!

1. portraitJean Louis Pascual Born France. Bus driver.
NB - The constituency guide is now archived and is no longer being updated. It will be replaced by a new guide in 2013, once the fate of the boundary review is finally settled.