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North Antrim

Notional 2005 Results:
DUP: 25115 (56.7%)
UUP: 6628 (15%)
SF: 6214 (14%)
SDLP: 5029 (11.4%)
Alliance: 1309 (3.0%)
Majority: 18487 (41.7%)

2005 Result:
DUP: 25156 (54.8%)
SF: 7191 (15.7%)
UU: 6637 (14.5%)
SDLP: 5585 (12.2%)
Alliance: 1357 (3%)
Majority: 17965 (39.1%)

Boundary Changes: Loses the Catholic and sparsely populated wards of Glenaan, Glenariff and Gelndun to East Antrim.

Profile: Rural corner of Northern Ireland and stronghold of Ian Paisley. This a relatively prosperous area, the economy dominated by agriculture and tourism. It is a mostly protestant seat, even more so having lost the Glens wards that were monolithically Catholic.

This is a staunchly unionist seat and it was one of the last uncontested seats in a UK general election in 1951 and in the 1953 by-election. Since then it might as well have been – since narrowly winning the seat in 1970 Ian Paisley has consistently enjoyed large five figures majorities.

portraitCurrent MP: Ian Paisley (DUP) born 1926, Armagh and now the oldest MP in the House of Commons. Educated at Model School Ballymena and Barry School of Evangelism. His doctorate is an honorary one, from the American Bob Jones University. An ordained presbyterian minister he founded the breakaway fundementalist Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster in 1951 and had lead it ever since, though agreed to stand down from 2008 after becoming First Minster of Northern Ireland. A staunchly fundementalist Presbysterian Paisley is deeply opposed to abortion and homosexuality, a teetotaller and viscerally anti-Catholic – in 1988 he confronted the Pope during his address of the European Parliament and accused him of being the antichrist before being removed from the chamber. First elected as a Protestant Unionist MP for North Antrim in 1970, he founded the DUP the following year and led it until 2008. Member of the European Parliament until 2004. Member of the Northern Ireland assembly and First Minister of Northern Ireland from 2007 until May 2008.

portraitIan Paisley Jnr (DUP) Born 1966, Belfast, the son of former party leader Dr Ian Paisley. Educated at Shaftesbury House College and Queens University Belfast. MLA for North Antrim since 1998.
portraitIrwin Armstrong (UCUNF)
portraitJim Allister (TUV) Born 1953, Crossgar. Educated at Regent House Grammar and Queens University. Barrister. Newtownabbey councillor 1985-1987. Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for North Antrim 1982-1986. Contested East Antrim 1983. Elected as an MEP for Northern Ireland representing the DUP, he resigned from the party in 2007 following the DUP’s agreement to enter into a powersharing agreement with Sinn Fein, in 2007 he founded Traditional Unionist Voice. Contested Northern Ireland 2009 European elections.

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