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Northampton North

2010 Results:
Conservative: 13735 (34.11%)
Labour: 11799 (29.3%)
Liberal Democrat: 11250 (27.94%)
BNP: 1316 (3.27%)
UKIP: 1238 (3.07%)
Green: 443 (1.1%)
Christian: 98 (0.24%)
Independent: 392 (0.97%)
Majority: 1936 (4.81%)

Notional 2005 Results:
Labour: 15019 (39%)
Conservative: 11536 (29.9%)
Liberal Democrat: 10224 (26.5%)
Other: 1748 (4.5%)
Majority: 3483 (9%)

Actual 2005 result
Conservative: 12945 (30.8%)
Labour: 16905 (40.2%)
Liberal Democrat: 10317 (24.5%)
UKIP: 1050 (2.5%)
Other: 831 (2%)
Majority: 3960 (9.4%)

2001 Result
Conservative: 12614 (30.4%)
Labour: 20507 (49.4%)
Liberal Democrat: 7363 (17.7%)
UKIP: 596 (1.4%)
Other: 414 (1%)
Majority: 7893 (19%)

1997 Result
Conservative: 17247 (33.4%)
Labour: 27247 (52.7%)
Liberal Democrat: 6579 (12.7%)
Other: 625 (1.2%)
Majority: 10000 (19.3%)

Boundary changes: Loses Spencer ward and parts of Ecton Brook, Old Duston, Weston and St James, all to Northampton South. Gains part of Abington.

Profile: A bellwether seat since its creation in 1964, now held by Labour on a relatively low proportion of support thanks to the opposition being split between Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. This is mostly the suburban residential suburbs built after Northampton`s designation as a new town in the 1960s. Industry includes distribution and financial services.

The seat has a past history of “colourful” MPs, the MP upon its creation was left-wing firebrand Maureen Colquhoun, the first openly lesbian MP who left her husband for another woman in 1976 and was consequently deselected by her local party (and reinstated by the NEC). She was succeeded by Tony Marlow, the stripy-blazered outspoken right-winger, Maastricht rebel and backer of John Redwood`s leadership bid.

portraitCurrent MP: Michael Ellis (Conservative) born Northampton. Barrister. Former Northamptonshire county councillor.

2010 election candidates:
portraitMichael Ellis (Conservative) born Northampton. Barrister. Former Northamptonshire county councillor.
portraitSally Keeble(Labour) born 1951, daughter of Sir Curtis Keeble, the former British ambassador to the USSR. Educated at Cheltenham Ladies College and Oxford University. Former journalist and head of communications for the GMB. Leader of Southwark council 1990-1993. First elected as MP for Northampton North 1997 (more information at They work for you)
portraitAndrew Simpson (Liberal Democrat) born Welwyn Garden City. Educated at Manshead Upper School and Nene College. Marketing manager in financial services. Northampton councillor since 1995. Deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat group from 1999-2004. Contested Northampton South 2001, Northampton North 2005.
portraitTony Lochmuller (Green)
portraitJim MacArthur (UKIP) Born Birmingham. Educated at Holte Grammar Commercial School. Corportate Security advisor and martial arts instructor.
portraitRay Beasley (BNP)
portraitTimothy Webb (Christian Party)
portraitMalcolm Mildren (Independent) Semi retired chartered accountant. Northampton councillor since 2007, originally elected as a Liberal Democrat. Northamptonshire county councillor for the Conservative party 1997-2005.
portraitEamonn Fitzpatrick (Independent)

2001 Census Demographics

Total 2001 Population: 84227
Male: 48.4%
Female: 51.6%
Under 18: 22.8%
Over 60: 19.4%
Born outside UK: 8.4%
White: 91.8%
Black: 2.6%
Asian: 2.8%
Mixed: 1.8%
Other: 0.9%
Christian: 68.6%
Hindu: 1.1%
Muslim: 1.8%
Full time students: 6.7%
Graduates 16-74: 15.2%
No Qualifications 16-74: 30.8%
Owner-Occupied: 72%
Social Housing: 18.3% (Council: 15.5%, Housing Ass.: 2.9%)
Privately Rented: 6.7%
Homes without central heating and/or private bathroom: 7.3%

NB - The constituency guide is now archived and is no longer being updated. It will be replaced by a new guide in 2013, once the fate of the boundary review is finally settled.