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Manchester Gorton

2010 Results:
Conservative: 4224 (11.02%)
Labour: 19211 (50.13%)
Liberal Democrat: 12508 (32.64%)
Green: 1048 (2.73%)
Christian: 254 (0.66%)
TUSC: 507 (1.32%)
Others: 573 (1.5%)
Majority: 6703 (17.49%)

Notional 2005 Results:
Labour: 17022 (50.6%)
Liberal Democrat: 11509 (34.2%)
Conservative: 3725 (11.1%)
Other: 1415 (4.2%)
Majority: 5513 (16.4%)

Actual 2005 result
Conservative: 2848 (9.8%)
Labour: 15480 (53.2%)
Liberal Democrat: 9672 (33.2%)
UKIP: 783 (2.7%)
Other: 340 (1.2%)
Majority: 5808 (19.9%)

2001 Result
Conservative: 2705 (9.9%)
Labour: 17099 (62.8%)
Liberal Democrat: 5795 (21.3%)
UKIP: 462 (1.7%)
Green: 835 (3.1%)
Other: 333 (1.2%)
Majority: 11304 (41.5%)

1997 Result
Conservative: 4249 (11.7%)
Labour: 23704 (65.3%)
Liberal Democrat: 6362 (17.5%)
Referendum: 812 (2.2%)
Other: 1184 (3.3%)
Majority: 17342 (47.8%)

Boundary changes:


portraitCurrent MP: Gerald Kaufman(Labour) (more information at They work for you)

2010 election candidates:
portraitCaroline Healy (Conservative)
portraitGerald Kaufman(Labour) (more information at They work for you)
portraitQassim Afzal (Liberal Democrat) Born 1960, Mancester. Educated at Salford University. Former Manchester councillor. Contested Birmingham Sparkbrook and Small Heath 2001, Manchester Gorton 2005.
portraitJustine Hall (Green) Student at Manchester University.
portraitPeter Harrison (Christian Party)
portraitKaren Reissman (TUSC)
portraitMohammed Zulfikar (Respect)
portraitTim Dobson (Pirate)

2001 Census Demographics

Total 2001 Population: 88143
Male: 49.2%
Female: 50.8%
Under 18: 23.8%
Over 60: 14.8%
Born outside UK: 21%
White: 69.5%
Black: 5.4%
Asian: 19.2%
Mixed: 3.6%
Other: 2.3%
Christian: 52.6%
Hindu: 1.1%
Muslim: 18.2%
Sikh: 0.8%
Full time students: 21.1%
Graduates 16-74: 21%
No Qualifications 16-74: 31%
Owner-Occupied: 43.3%
Social Housing: 32% (Council: 20.5%, Housing Ass.: 11.5%)
Privately Rented: 21%
Homes without central heating and/or private bathroom: 12.9%

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175 Responses to “Manchester Gorton”

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  1. If you ever happen to visit Liverpool Joe.R. and you get into a discussion with someone, whatever you do don’t repeat any of that 🙂

  2. A discussion about politics that is.

  3. Joe R (and the other Joe aswell)
    make interesting posts,
    as does everyone else.

    Pete has probably got it about right with regards to myself.

    Not sure what is meant by not daring to repeat Conservative Thatcherite views in Liverpool.
    I was at a non political event last night, and someone gently started teasing me for being exactly that, and some others joined in – but it was all perfectly friendly.
    Likewise, If I meet a Labour voter somewhere where they are outnumbered, I never want them to be unwelcome.
    So what’s so special or sensitive about Liverpool that there is this implied threat?

    That City – which does have some great things about it – the docks which are partly recovering, and the fine buildings,’
    needs to move on and be a bit more outward looking if it want to do business,

  4. I wonder how many bricks through the windows the local tory party get? :p

    I actually somehow got stuck in a SWP “right to work” conference (believe it or not!) and got asked to join (along with anyone else who didnt appear to be a old smelly hippy!) and told them why I wouldn’t (politely) when they pressed.

  5. I love Liverpool- It’s the city I was born in and it’s the city I work in.

    Why only this morning a man asked me for directions to the Crown Court- After initial uncertainty I remembered the way, and he thanked me afterwards.

    It’s compassion like that for the fellow man that Liverpool thrives on IMO and can only be healthy for good relationships with other cities in the UK.

  6. I like Liverpool. I doubt many Scousers would actually mind too much if you were a tory, I think most of them are too friendly and good-natured to do anything other than a gentle ribbing.

    Then again, I come from middle class Orange order (very) tory Scouser stock.

  7. Liverpool people give as good as they get, and aren’t afraid of saying what they think. That doesn’t mean they would be violent towards Tories, but they’d certainly tell you in no uncertain terms why they don’t support them.

    Joe’s point is interesting, though, because those old middle-class Protestants in places like West Derby and Allerton don’t vote Tory any more. I think the Tories are just viewed as a foreign party, not relating to LIverpool – and the southern end of Sefton is behaving the same way, there are only 2 Tory councillors left in the Crosby area and even Formby has three out of six Labour councillors. I’d expect the Tories to lose a couple more seats in 2015 and the LD’s to be wiped out everywhere except Southport

  8. Funny that Joe- I’m the complete opposite- I come from a middle-class Green Irish Catholic family very much in the Labour tradition although my grandparents did flirt with the SDP during the 80’s- My grandfather stood as their candidate in Manor ward at the Sefton Council elections in 1982 I think it was.

  9. ‘those old middle-class Protestants in places like West Derby and Allerton don’t vote Tory any more.’

    I thought the ‘orange’ vote in Liverpool was more working class than middle class and I thought that was why they used to win in places like Wavertree and West Derby – which you would never really describe as middle class – although places like Crosby and Formby clearly are

  10. I’m not actually sure who the declared Labour supporters are – myself and Barnaby, who are both towards the left of the party, albeit the sensible Left, and Robin Hood who I think is more centrist – any others?

    I’d better sign in and use my colours……

    Oh, and the SDP were strong in Crosby, the Shirley Wiliams effect. In the long run it helped Labour as it shifted many Tories away from supporting the Tories. Claire Curtis-Thomas, although an eccentric MP, had much of the same sort of appeal.

  11. Oh, Wavertree and West Derby are both mixed areas, with significant middle class districts within them – and the Protestant vote was quite well distributed across classes. They did have some areas of strong concentration in the north of the city, though – but then so did the Catholics and there was a very strong correlation between Irish Catholic origin and supporting Labour. Still is!

  12. Good points Mike- South Sefton is indeed behaving very similarly to Liverpool nowadays increasingly- I said on the epic marathon Liverpool West Derby discussion a few weeks ago that one day the Tories will probably have no councillors left in Crosby or Formby. As things are of course Blundellsands and Harington remain their best wards outside of Southport- I suspect the wards where they do have councillors in Southport may remain so- But I suspect one day Sefton Council could because of demographic changes end up becoming dominated by Labour and indeed the Lib Dems being wiped out outside of Southport.

  13. The Results

    -> I wonder if your older relatives are as racist as mine (in the other direction)

    My grandmother is a lovely old dear approaching 90 in most respects, but you wouldn’t want to hear her views on catholics, as indeed my ethnically catholic (atheist) wife had too on there first meeting!

  14. I can tell you that my grandparents are not racist at all- Not one iota.

  15. Sectarianism and racism are completely different.

    I am also married to a catholic, and from my nominally protestant point of view I think it leads her to having quite an odd mindset on certain things.

    Catholics tend to be much more family minded I think.


    You can add me to your list of declared Labour supporters on this site. I identify myself as a social democrat so I guess I’m on the more centrist wing of the party though certainly not Blairite.

  17. Kirkdale, which I am passing through right now, has got to be one of the most solidly working-class Labour-votinareas in the whole of North Liverpool.

  18. Isn’t the present Kirkdale ward the basis of the old Liverpool Scotland constituency?

  19. I believe it may well have been but it’s best to check with someone like Pete Whitehead.

  20. Richard,

    Here is a map of Liverpool Scotland in 1885 and a map of the present Kirkdale ward if that’s of any use.

  21. Manchester Gorton, 2015

    *Kaufman (Lab) 64.9% +14.8%
    (Con) 13.8% +2.8%
    Sixsmith (LD) 13.6% -19.0%
    (Green) 5.3% +2.6%
    (UKIP) 2.4%

    Swing 6.0% from C to Lab

  22. Mike – being described as being on the sensible Left is a gross calumny! I demand a retraction!

  23. Is ‘The Results’ perhaps either Paul Nuttall UKIP MEP, or ex Tory Cllr Martyn Barber? Both are very knowledgeable, live in S Sefton, are Scousers. Right wing but anti Tory Party.

  24. Hello Lancs Observer.

    I am not Paul Nuttall or Martyn Barber. Nor do I consider myself anywhere near remotely right-wing unlike these two individuals.

    In fact, I am probably somewhere on the left myself.

    I would give my real name but I’m not going to.

  25. It’d be surprising if Kaufman stands again. He’s already in his 80s.

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