The UKPollingReport election guide for 2010 has now been archived and all comments closed. The new Election Guide for the 2015 election is now online at The old site is archived at the UK Web Archive.


2010 Results:
Conservative: 18795 (43.22%)
Labour: 8253 (18.98%)
Liberal Democrat: 13007 (29.91%)
BNP: 1205 (2.77%)
Independent: 2223 (5.11%)
Majority: 5788 (13.31%)

Notional 2005 Results:
Conservative: 17460 (42.4%)
Labour: 12495 (30.3%)
Liberal Democrat: 10588 (25.7%)
Other: 645 (1.6%)
Majority: 4964 (12.1%)

Actual 2005 result
Conservative: 17605 (42.4%)
Labour: 12585 (30.3%)
Liberal Democrat: 10673 (25.7%)
Other: 650 (1.6%)
Majority: 5020 (12.1%)

2001 Result
Conservative: 18917 (44.6%)
Labour: 16388 (38.6%)
Liberal Democrat: 6380 (15%)
UKIP: 728 (1.7%)
Majority: 2529 (6%)

1997 Result
Conservative: 17701 (38.8%)
Labour: 17479 (38.3%)
Liberal Democrat: 7959 (17.4%)
Referendum: 1362 (3%)
Other: 1170 (2.6%)
Majority: 222 (0.5%)

Boundary changes: Very minor. Loses a small part of Hartburn ward to Berwick upon Tweed. An interim review is being conducted in this seat and the boundaries may undergo further minor amendments prior to the next election.

Profile: A large rural seat in the North-East, covering Tynedale and part of Castle Morpeth. This is a sparsely populated area at the far north of the country, in the west the seat reaches up into desolate and isolated moorland and forests, stretching up to the Scottish border.

The border location defines much of the historical development of this area, the main towns like Haltwhistle and Hexham follow the line of the old Newcastle-Carlisle road and Hadrian`s Wall which runs through the seat, and Prudhoe, an industrial town producing paper tissues and paint is built around the medieval Prudhoe castle which once guarded the border. As well as the historic towns there are villages like Corbridge, Heddon-on-the-Wall (the centre of the 2001 outbreak of foot and mouth disease) and Stannington. To the East the constitutency takes in the affluent Newcastle suburbs of Ponteland and Darras Hall, where the Liberal Democrats have begun to make inroads.

This is the sole Conservative seat in the Tory desert that is north-east England. In 1997 it almost fell – the Conservative majority over Labour was cut to only 222 vote, but Labour have since fallen back. Peter Atkinson`s predecessor as MP, Alan Amos, was deselected in 1992 after being arrested for indecency on Hampstead Heath – a right wing Tory hanger and flogger, he subsequently defected to the Labour party in 1994.

portraitCurrent MP: Guy Opperman (Conservative) born 1965. Educated at Harrow School and University of Lille. Barrister. Former Kennett councillor. Contested Swindon North 1997, Caernarfon 2005.

2010 election candidates:
portraitGuy Opperman (Conservative) born 1965. Educated at Harrow School and University of Lille. Barrister. Former Kennett councillor. Contested Swindon North 1997, Caernarfon 2005.
portraitAntoine Tinnion (Labour) born 1970 in Alston, Cumbria. Educated at Newcastle RGS, Oxford University, Cambridge University and Harvard Law School. Barrister based in North East specializing in employment and commercial law. Previously worked as lawyer in London and New York
portraitAndrew Duffield (Liberal Democrat) born 1963. Educated at Durham University. Previously served in the Royal Navy and worked as an NHS manager. Senior manager at Newcastle University. Alnwick District Councillor and Northumberland County Councillor. Contested Hexham in 2005 and Sedgefield in 2001.
portraitQuentin Hawkins (BNP)
portraitSteven Ford (Independent) Born 1953, Crediton. Educated at Wells Cathedral School and Birmingham University. Retired GP.
portraitColin Moss (Independent)

2001 Census Demographics

Total 2001 Population: 74385
Male: 48.8%
Female: 51.2%
Under 18: 21.3%
Over 60: 24.7%
Born outside UK: 2.7%
White: 98.8%
Asian: 0.5%
Mixed: 0.4%
Other: 0.3%
Christian: 81%
Full time students: 2.5%
Graduates 16-74: 26.9%
No Qualifications 16-74: 24.5%
Owner-Occupied: 72.2%
Social Housing: 13.7% (Council: 7.7%, Housing Ass.: 6%)
Privately Rented: 9.3%
Homes without central heating and/or private bathroom: 4.9%

NB - The constituency guide is now archived and is no longer being updated. It will be replaced by a new guide in 2013, once the fate of the boundary review is finally settled.