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Glasgow North East

2010 Results:
Conservative: 1569 (5.34%)
Labour: 20100 (68.35%)
Liberal Democrat: 2262 (7.69%)
SNP: 4158 (14.14%)
BNP: 798 (2.71%)
Scottish Socialist: 179 (0.61%)
TUSC: 187 (0.64%)
Socialist Labour: 156 (0.53%)
Majority: 15942 (54.21%)

2005 Results:
Speaker: 15153 (53.3%)
SNP: 5019 (17.7%)
Socialist Labour: 4036 (14.2%)
SSP: 1402 (4.9%)
Scot Unionist: 1266 (4.5%)
BNP: 920 (3.2%)
Independent: 622 (2.2%)
Majority: 10134 (35.6%)

Boundary changes prior to 2005 election: Name of seat changed from Glasgow Springburn.

2001 Result
Labour: 16053 (66.6%)
SNP: 4675 (19.4%)
Other: 3376 (14%)
Majority: 11378 (47.2%)

1997 Result
Conservative: 1893 (6%)
Labour: 22534 (71.4%)
Liberal Democrat: 1349 (4.3%)
SNP: 5208 (16.5%)
Referendum: 186 (0.6%)
Other: 407 (1.3%)
Majority: 17326 (54.9%)

No Boundary Changes:

Profile: A grim slice of north-east Glasgow, scarred by gangs, deprivation and hard drugs. The innermost Dennistoun area retains the original Victorian tenements and has undergone some gentrification becoming popular with students and young professionals, to the north there are new developments on the outskirts of Glasgow at Robroyston. The rest of the seat though consists of the some of the most degraded, deprived and crime-ridden parts of the UK: the heroin-ravaged Possilpark, the tower blocks of Sighthill and Red Road, decayed housing estates of Springburn and the amenity-free Milton, product of earlier attempts at slum clearance.

As with most of Glasgow, this is a solid Labour bastion. In 2005 the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats followed the sometime convention of not standing against the Speaker seeking re-election, but Michael Martin was opposed by the SNP as well as several fringe parties. Arthur Scargill`s Socialist Labour party achieved 14% of the vote in the absence of a actual Labour candidate on the ballot paper.

portraitCurrent MP: Willie Bain(Labour) Born Glasgow. Educated at St Rochs Secondary and Strathclyde University. Law lecturer. First elected as MP for Glasgow North East in 2009 by-election (more information at They work for you)

2010 election candidates:
portraitRuth Davidson (Conservative)
portraitWillie Bain(Labour) Born Glasgow. Educated at St Rochs Secondary and Strathclyde University. Law lecturer. First elected as MP for Glasgow North East in 2009 by-election (more information at They work for you)
portraitEileen Baxendale (Liberal Democrat)
portraitBilly McAllister (SNP)
portraitWalter Hamilton (BNP)
portraitKevin McVey (Scottish Socialist)
portraitGraham Campbell (TUSC)
portraitJim Berrington (Socialist Labour)

2001 Census Demographics

Total 2001 Population: 88156
Male: 46.9%
Female: 53.1%
Under 18: 22.9%
Over 60: 22.2%
Born outside UK: 4.4%
White: 96.4%
Black: 0.5%
Asian: 1.4%
Mixed: 0.3%
Other: 1.4%
Christian: 69.3%
Muslim: 1.6%
Graduates 16-74: 9.3%
No Qualifications 16-74: 52%
Owner-Occupied: 38.8%
Social Housing: 51.3% (Council: 36.7%, Housing Ass.: 14.6%)
Privately Rented: 4.2%
Homes without central heating and/or private bathroom: 17.1%

2009 By-election

Michael Martin was forced to announce his resignation as Speaker in May 2009, having been openly criticised over his response to the expenses scandal and having clearly lost the support of many MPs. He formally stepped down as an MP on the 22nd June 2009, precipitating a by-election, which after a long delay over the recess was set for the 12th November 2009. The by-election was an easy victory for Labour, holding the seat with a majority of almost 40% on a record-low turnout for a Scottish by-election of only 33%.

By-election result
Willie Bain (Labour): 12231 (59.4%)
David Kerr (SNP): 4120 (20.0%)
Ruth Davidson (Conservative): 1075 (5.2%)
Charlie Baillie (BNP): 1013 (4.9%)
Tommy Sheridan (Solidarity): 794 (3.9%)
Eileen Baxendale (Liberal Democrat): 474 (2.3%)
David Doherty (Green): 332 (1.6%)
John Smeaton (Jury Team): 258 (1.2%)
Kevin McVey (SSP): 152 (0.7%)
Mikey Hughes (no description): 54 (0.3%)
Louise McDaid (Socialist Labour): 47 (0.2%)
Mev Brown (Independent): 32 (0.2%)
Colin Campbell (TILT): 13 (0.1%)
Majority: 8111 (39.4%)

By-election candidates:
portraitCharlie Baillie (BNP) Born Glasgow. Electrical contractor. Contested Scotland in 2009 European elections.
portraitWilliam Bain (Labour) law lecturer.
portraitEileen Baxendale (Liberal Democrat) Former social worker. South Lanarkshire councillor.
portraitMev Brown (Independent) Educated at Napier University. Project worker. Contested Edinburgh East 2005 as a Conservative, Livingston by-election 2005 as an Independent, Moray by-election to the Scottish Parliament 2006 as NHS First, Central Scotland and Airdrie & Shotts in 2007 Scottish elections as NHS First and Scotland in the 2009 European elections for the Jury Team.
portraitColin Campbell (The Individuals Labour and Tory)
portraitRuth Davidson (Conservative) Former journalist and documentary maker, currently studying at Glasgow University.
portraitDavid Doherty (Green) Educated at the University of Strathclyde.
portraitMikey Hughes (No description) Born 1974. Blind since the age of 23. Educated at St Michaels Academy, Kilwinning and Paisley University. Radio producer and presenter. Runner up in Channel 4`s 2008 series of Big Brother.
portraitDavid Kerr (SNP) Born 1973, Glasgow. Educated at St Andrews University. BBC reporter and former Editor of Newsnight Scotland. Contested Falkirk West by-election 2000.
portraitLouise McDaid (Socialist Labour Party) Chair of the Farepak victims campaign. Contested Cunninghame North 1997, Ayrshire North and Arran 2001, Scotland 2009 European elections.
portraitKevin McVey (SSP)
portraitTommy Sheridan (Solidarity) Born 1964, Glasgow. Educated at Lourdes Secondary and Stirling University. Former member of Labour and the Militant Tendency, he was a prominent poll tax rebel and campaigner against Faslane Navel Base, for which he was twice jailed. A leading figure in the creation of the Scottish Socialist party, which he lead from its creation in 1998 until 2004. Shortly after his resignation the News of the World published allegations that Sheridan had attended swingers parties, Sheridan sued for libel and won, despite members of the SSP tesitfying against him. Sheridan subsequently resigned from the SSP and founded a new party, Solidarity. Sheridan has subsequently been charged with perjury in relation to the libel trial, the hearing is expected later in 2009. Glasgow councillor 1992-2003. MSP for Glasgow 1999-2007. Contested Glasgow Pollock 1992, 1997 as Scottish Militant Labour. Contested 2009 European elections for No2EU.
portraitJohn Smeaton (Jury Team) born 1976, Bishopton. Educated at Park Mains High School. Airport baggage handler, who in 2007 tackled a terrorist during an attack on Glasgow airport. Awarded the Queen`s Gallantry Medal in 2007.

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