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2010 Results:
Conservative: 5716 (14.94%)
Labour: 20712 (54.14%)
Liberal Democrat: 8163 (21.34%)
BNP: 1787 (4.67%)
UKIP: 1103 (2.88%)
Green: 379 (0.99%)
Christian: 131 (0.34%)
TUSC: 266 (0.7%)
Majority: 12549 (32.8%)

Notional 2005 Results:
Labour: 22943 (64.8%)
Liberal Democrat: 7007 (19.8%)
Conservative: 3887 (11%)
Other: 1575 (4.4%)
Majority: 15936 (45%)

Actual 2005 result
Conservative: 4812 (13.9%)
Labour: 20997 (60.6%)
Liberal Democrat: 7590 (21.9%)
UKIP: 1269 (3.7%)
Majority: 13407 (38.7%)

2001 Result
Conservative: 4970 (14.8%)
Labour: 22903 (68.1%)
Liberal Democrat: 4999 (14.9%)
UKIP: 743 (2.2%)
Majority: 17904 (53.3%)

1997 Result
Conservative: 6097 (14.2%)
Labour: 31047 (72.1%)
Liberal Democrat: 4622 (10.7%)
Referendum: 1315 (3.1%)
Majority: 24950 (57.9%)

Boundary changes:


portraitCurrent MP: Ian Mearns (Labour) Gateshead councillor, deputy leader of Gateshead council.

2010 election candidates:
portraitHazel Anderson (Conservative) Educated at Cambridge University. Former teacher, now a full time mother.
portraitIan Mearns (Labour) Gateshead councillor, deputy leader of Gateshead council.
portraitFrank Hindle (Liberal Democrat) Educated at Heathfield School and Sheffield University. University lecturer. Gateshead councillor since 1991. Contested Gateshead East and Washington West 2005.
portraitAndy Redfern (Green)
portraitJohn Tennant (UKIP) Born Gateshead. Works for Derek Clark MEP.
portraitKevin Scott (BNP)
portraitDavid Walton (Christian Party)
portraitElaine Brunskill (TUSC)

2001 Census Demographics

Total 2001 Population: 88650
Male: 48.6%
Female: 51.4%
Under 18: 22.8%
Over 60: 21.9%
Born outside UK: 3.5%
White: 97.7%
Black: 0.2%
Asian: 1%
Mixed: 0.5%
Other: 0.6%
Christian: 77.2%
Jewish: 1.7%
Muslim: 1%
Full time students: 3.5%
Graduates 16-74: 11.3%
No Qualifications 16-74: 42.6%
Owner-Occupied: 47.7%
Social Housing: 41.7% (Council: 35.4%, Housing Ass.: 6.3%)
Privately Rented: 8.2%
Homes without central heating and/or private bathroom: 5.8%

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49 Responses to “Gateshead”

  1. David Clelland has beaten Sharon Hodgson for the Labour nomination here

  2. The vote tally in Labour selection was
    Clelland 138 votes
    Hodgson 117 votes

  3. A safe Labour seat. I expect it’s taken the Gateshead section of the Tyne Bridge constituency. It’s rather a pity Tyne Bridge will no longer be the name of a seat, although I understand this cross-border seat had little affection.

  4. So I can get it she becomes a Member of the Lords then??? Unless she has been found a safe other at the last minute.

    For God’s sake – Labour makes enough laughing stock of itself.

    If both lose theior seat I feel a double act coming on…..

    What about getting new blood in (I know she is 1 termer but has links in Labour) but what about a working class / disabled / gay / person to go for a new seat and let the old ones retire? What about a real Labour?

  5. “So I can get it she becomes a Member of the Lords then??? Unless she has been found a safe other at the last minute.”

    I think she’s trying to get selected for Washington and Sunderland West (which is vacant and contains part of her old constituency).

    “For God’s sake – Labour makes enough laughing stock of itself.”


  6. I fail to see the reason for Richard Coombs’s spluttering indignation.

  7. Labour: 18500
    Conservative: 8000
    Liberal Democrat: 7000
    Other: 2000
    Majority: 10500

  8. The Lib Dems have selected Cllr Frank Hindle (deputy leader of Lib Dem group on Gateshead Council)

  9. Neither Hodgson or Clelland are anything other than lobby fodder. The good people of Gateshead, just up the road from me, deserve much better.

  10. The Conservatives have selected Hazel Anderson here

  11. My prediction;

    Labour 20000
    Lib Dem 9000
    Cons 5500
    BNP 2500
    Others 1500

  12. Labour will win but how many of their 23,000 voters in 2005 will turn out for them? Quite an important question in terms of Labour national share of the vote – I mean seats like this of course, not just this one on its own. If turnout is okay in seats like this they could win 30%, but if it is poor they could be heading towards 25%.

  13. Gateshead Green Party has selected Andy Redfern to contest this seat. I’ll post brief biog notes etc later.

  14. According to the Journal, David Clelland has announced he is to stand down as Labour’s candidate here. He is currently MP for the Tyne Bridge constituency.

  15. What’s happened to Sharon Hodgson is she standing in the new Washington and Sunderland West seat?

  16. She lost selection here to David Clelland and went on to be selected in Washington and Sunderland West. Both seats are, of course, impregnable Labour bastions.

  17. Are there actually going to be any MP’s left from the current intake….:-) ?

  18. Labour will select using an “open” shortlist

  19. Julie Elliott’s agent, Lewis Atkinson, might fancy his chances here. Earnest, hard-working Oxford grad, works for NHS, and has just moved into constituency.

  20. I thought Bob Price was Elliott’s agent? Am sure it was his name promoting the material we got through the door, could be wrong?

  21. I think Nick Forbes will be an excellent candidate here – despite coming from across the water in Newcastle, he should give the interested Gateshead Labour Cllrs a good run for their money.

  22. Elaine Brunskill selected for TUSC.

  23. Anyone know what is going on here with the Labour selection?

    I understand Chris Leslie, ex-MP for Shipley who ran Gordon Brown’s leadership campaign, is the nationally favoured parachutist / candidate

  24. I wondered when Chris Leslie would crop up – theres a few ex-Labour ministers like him, Barbara Roche and Melanie Johnson who seem to be trying to get back into Parliament

  25. I believe the shortlist is local councillors Catherine Donovan and Ian Mearns, Nick Forbes (Newcastle Labour leader) and blogger Hope Sen.

  26. I never reaslised Hopi Sen is a real name – sounds like the selection is in 2 weeks time.

  27. UKIP candidate for Gateshead is John Tennant.

  28. When is the selection here? I see Sharon H is erroneously listed as the Labour candidate in the candidates blurb.

  29. James:
    Sharon H is listed as the outgoing MP. Will stand for Sunderland W in the upcoming 2010 election. The list of candidates show no Labour Cand.

  30. Sorry, meant to add, I think the selection is due 6 March. Candidates given by Andrea above.

  31. When James wrote his comment it did!

    I just did a big update of the site to put MPs standing again in the candidate lists, and accidentally put Sharon Hodgson here. Corrected now.

  32. Thanks Anthony!! We are all getting to fast for these computers you know! I have just read your post on Seats-by-region thread and was about to apologise to James, but hope he takes your explanation as a substitute apology. Thanks.

  33. I’ve just been told Ian won

  34. The Politics Show also saying this.

  35. BNP have selected Kevin Scott

  36. Lab Hold= 13,000 maj

  37. Lab Hold

    Maj 14 400

  38. Lab maj 11,500

  39. LAB HOLD

  40. The areas of the present Bridges and Saltwell wards must have been in the ‘old’ Gateshead seat from 1885 to 1950, but which seats were they in from then until 2010?

  41. The areas of Bridges and Saltwell wards must have been in the ‘old’ Gateshead seat from 1885 to 1950, but which seats were they in from then until 2010?

  42. The areas covered by Bridges and Saltwell wards must have been in the ‘old’ Gateshead from 1885 to 1950, but which seats were they in from then until 2010?

  43. The areas covered by Bridges and Saltwell wards must have been in the ‘old’ Gateshead from 1885 to 1950, were they in Gateshead East from then until 2010?

  44. There’s a hell of an echo in here!

  45. I think Harry’s trying to get Pete’s attention, not very succesfully at the moment.

  46. Was the territory of Bridges and Saltwell wards in the ‘old’ Gateshead from 1885 to 1950, and Gateshead East from then until 2010?

  47. I would think they were in Gateshead West until 1983 and then of course in Tyne Bridge

  48. Thanks Pete – so Tyne Bridge covered the city centres of two metropolitan boroughs?