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East Londonderry

Notional 2005 Results:
DUP: 15736 (41%)
UUP: 7601 (19.8%)
SDLP: 7528 (19.6%)
SF: 6377 (16.6%)
Alliance: 924 (2.4%)
Other: 198 (0.5%)
Majority: 8135 (21.2%)

2005 Result:
DUP: 15225 (42.9%)
UU: 7498 (21.1%)
SDLP: 6077 (17.1%)
SF: 5709 (16.1%)
Alliance: 924 (2.6%)
Ind: 71 (0.2%)
Majority: 7727 (21.8%)

Boundary Changes: Gains two wards from Foyle: Banager and Claudy, the two most rural wards from the fringe of Derry council.

Profile: East Londonderry contains not just the eastern part of County Londonderry, but also part of Antrim around Coleraine. Coleraine is by far the largest population centre in the constituency, a relatively prosperous town in the east of seat, though there are deprived estates there that suffer from paramilitary violence. To the north of Coleraine are the two coastal resorts of Portrush, with its nighclubs and amusement park, and the more sedate and upmarket Portstewart. Both are popular with students from the nearby University of Ulster campus at Coleraine.

Further west the seat becomes progressively more Catholic. The other large population centre is Limavady, beyond that there are villages like Dungiven at the feet of the Sperrin mountains in the south of the seat and dormitory villages for Derry like Greysteel and Claudy.

The constituency is about 60:40 protestant. Like the majority of unionist seats it was gained by the DUP from the Ulser Unionists in 2001. At assembly level the seat returns 3 DUP members, 1 ulster unionist, 1 SDLP and 1 Sinn Fein.

portraitCurrent MP: Gregory Campbell (DUP) born 1953. Educated at Londonderry Technical College. Londonderry councillor from 1981, apart from a brief break after resigning in protest at the change of name to Derry City Council. Contested Foyle 1983, 1987, 1992, East Londonderry 1997. Elected as MP for East Londonderry in 2001. Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly since 1998. NI minister for regional development 1999-2000 & 2001-2002 and for social development 2000-2001.

portraitThomas Conway (SDLP) Derry councillor.
portraitBilly Leonard (Sinn Fein) Former RUC police officer and Orange order member. MLA for East Londonderry since 2009. Coleraine councillor. Contested East Londonderry 2005.
portraitLesley McAuley (UCUNF)

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