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Dunfermline and West Fife

2010 Results:
Conservative: 3305 (6.75%)
Labour: 22639 (46.25%)
Liberal Democrat: 17169 (35.08%)
SNP: 5201 (10.63%)
UKIP: 633 (1.29%)
Majority: 5470 (11.17%)

2005 Results:
Labour: 20111 (47.4%)
Liberal Democrat: 8549 (20.2%)
SNP: 8026 (18.9%)
Conservative: 4376 (10.3%)
Other: 1332 (3.1%)
Majority: 11562 (27.3%)

Boundary changes prior to 2005 election: Name of seat changed from Dunfermline West.

2001 Result
Conservative: 3166 (10.2%)
Labour: 16370 (52.8%)
Liberal Democrat: 4832 (15.6%)
SNP: 5390 (17.4%)
UKIP: 471 (1.5%)
Other: 746 (2.4%)

1997 Result
Conservative: 4606 (12.6%)
Labour: 19338 (53.1%)
Liberal Democrat: 4963 (13.6%)
SNP: 6984 (19.2%)
Referendum: 543 (1.5%)
Majority: 12354 (33.9%)

No Boundary Changes:

Profile: A Scottish seat facing Falkirk and Linlithgow across the Firth of Forth, the seat includes the Forth Bridge and the Forth Road Bridge, the tolls on which are an important local issue.

This was once a mining area, an area of textile mills and of shipbuilding – all industries that have fallen away or continue to struggle. Flooding of Longannet mine, set up to supply the Longannet power station in the constituency, the second largest in the UK, effectively ended deep mining in the area in 2002. The power station now relies upon coal being imported into the area.

The two large population centres are Dunfermline itself and the industrial port of Rosyth. Dunfermline is a historic town, a past capital of Scotland, with an Abbey containing the burial sites of past Scottish kings. Rosyth is the site of the now privatised Rosyth Dockard. It formerly refitted nuclear submarines, now being redeveloped. The dockyard will also be one of the sites where the two new aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales will be built.

To the west the seat is more rural, containing small coastal towns like Kincardine (the site of the Scottish police training college), and former mining villages like Valleyfield. Even the inland villages are normally reliably Labour – the Liberal Democrats and SNP`s strength normally comes from Dunfermline itself.

The seat and its predecessors have traditionally returned Labour MPs (though Dunfermline West was briefly represented by the SNP after Dick Douglas defected in 1990), but following the death of Rachel Squire in 2006 the ensueing by-election was won by the Liberal Democrats, no doubt to the to the chagrin of the constituency`s most well-known resident, then Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown.

portraitCurrent MP: Thomas Docherty (Labour) Public affairs officer for BNFL. Contested South of Scotland 2003 Scottish Parliament elections. Contested North Tayside 2001

2010 election candidates:
portraitBelinda Hacking (Conservative) NHS Clinical Psychologist
portraitThomas Docherty (Labour) Public affairs officer for BNFL. Contested South of Scotland 2003 Scottish Parliament elections. Contested North Tayside 2001
portraitWillie Rennie(Liberal Democrat) born 1967, Fife. Educated at the University of Paisley. Former Chief Executive of the Scottish Liberal democrats and party chief of staff in the Scottish Parliament. First elected as MP for Dunfermline and West Fife in the 2006 by-election. Junior defence spokesman 2006-2007, chair of Parliamentary campaigns team since 2007 (more information at They work for you)
portraitJoe McCall (SNP)
portraitOtto Inglis (UKIP)

2001 Census Demographics

Total 2001 Population: 88992
Male: 48.3%
Female: 51.7%
Under 18: 24.1%
Over 60: 19.1%
Born outside UK: 2.8%
White: 98.9%
Asian: 0.5%
Mixed: 0.2%
Other: 0.3%
Christian: 57.6%
Graduates 16-74: 17.4%
No Qualifications 16-74: 31%
Owner-Occupied: 69.3%
Social Housing: 23.9% (Council: 19.8%, Housing Ass.: 4.1%)
Privately Rented: 4.3%
Homes without central heating and/or private bathroom: 3.5%

2006 By-election

The Dunfermline and West Fife by-election was held on the 9th February 2006 following the death of Rachel Squire. It was won by the Liberal Democrats on a large swing, despite the party being in a period of strife at a national level due to the enforced resignation of Charles Kennedy.

By-election result
Willie Rennie (Liberal Democrat) 12301 (35.8%)
Catherine Stihler (Labour) 10591 (30.6%)
Douglas Chapman (SNP) 7261 (21.0%)
Carrie Ruxton (Conservative) 2702 (7.8%)
John McAllion (SSP) 537 (1.6%)
George Hargreaves (Scottish Christian) 411 (1.2%)
Tom Minogue (Abolish Forth Bridge Tolls) 374 (1.1%)
Ian Borland (UKIP) 208 (0.6%)
Dick Rodgers (Common Good) 103 (0.2%)
Majority: 1800 (5.2%)

By-election Candidates:
portraitIan Borland (UKIP) born 1947, Elderslie. Educated at Broughton Secondary High School. Insurance broker. Contested Dunfermline and West Fife 2005.
portraitDouglas Chapman (SNP) Fife councillor 1997-1999. Contested Dunfermline West in 1999 Scottish Parliamentary elections. Contested Dunfermline and West Fife 2005.
portraitGeorge Hargreaves (Scottish Christian) born George Jackman in 1958. Educated at Woolverstone Hall School and Oxford University. Former songwriter, most famously penning Sinitta`s “So Macho”, now Pastor of the Hephizibah Christian Centre, Hackney. Contested Walthamstow for the Referendum Party in 1997. Contested 2004 Birmingham Hodge Hill by-election for Operation Christian Vote. Contested Scotland in 2004 European elections for Operation Christian Vote. Contested Na h-Eileanan an Lar 2005.
portraitJohn McAllion (SSP) born 1948. Educated at St Augustine`s Secondary, Glasgow, and St Andrews University. Former school teacher. Tayside regional councillor for the Labour party from 1984-1987. Labour MP for Dundee East 1987-2001. Labour member of the Scottish Parliament for Dundee East from 1999-2003. Defected to the Scottish Socialist Party in 2003.
portraitTom Minogue (Abolish Forth Bridge Tolls) born 1944. Retired merchant navy seaman and businessman.
portraitWillie Rennie (Liberal Democrat) born 1967, Fife. Educated at the University of Paisley. Former Chief Executive of the Scottish Liberal democrats and party chief of staff in the Scottish Parliament.
portraitDick Rodgers (Common Good) born 1946. Clergyman and former orthopaedic surgeon. Contested West Midlands region in the 2004 European elections. Contested Hartlepool by-election 2004, Birmingham Northfield 2005.
portraitCarrie Ruxton (Conservative) born 1967, St Andrews. Educated at Queen Margaret University College. Nutrition consultant. Contested Dunfermline East in 1999 Scottish Parliament elections. Contested Northavon 2001.
portraitCatherine Stihler (Labour) born 1973, Bellshill. Educated at Coltness High School and St Andrews University. Former researcher for Anne Begg. MEP for Scotland since 1999. Contested Angus 1997.

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