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Croydon Central

2010 Results:
Conservative: 19657 (39.51%)
Labour: 16688 (33.54%)
Liberal Democrat: 6553 (13.17%)
BNP: 1448 (2.91%)
UKIP: 997 (2%)
Green: 581 (1.17%)
Christian: 264 (0.53%)
Monster Raving Loony: 192 (0.39%)
Independent: 3377 (6.79%)
Majority: 2969 (5.97%)

Notional 2005 Results:
Labour: 18679 (41.1%)
Conservative: 18362 (40.4%)
Liberal Democrat: 5862 (12.9%)
Other: 2519 (5.5%)
Majority: 317 (0.7%)

Actual 2005 result
Conservative: 19974 (40.8%)
Labour: 19899 (40.6%)
Liberal Democrat: 6384 (13%)
Green: 1036 (2.1%)
UKIP: 1066 (2.2%)
Other: 598 (1.2%)
Majority: 75 (0.2%)

2001 Result
Conservative: 17659 (38.5%)
Labour: 21643 (47.2%)
Liberal Democrat: 5156 (11.2%)
UKIP: 545 (1.2%)
BNP: 449 (1%)
Other: 408 (0.9%)
Majority: 3984 (8.7%)

1997 Result
Conservative: 21535 (38.6%)
Labour: 25432 (45.6%)
Liberal Democrat: 6061 (10.9%)
Referendum: 1886 (3.4%)
Other: 885 (1.6%)
Majority: 3897 (7%)

Boundary changes: Minor changes to bring the constituency in line with ward boundaries. Part of Selsdon & Ballards, Croham and Waddon to Croydon South and parts of Broad Green and South Norwood to Croydon North.

Profile: This is central Croydon in political term if not in geographical terms (while it contains the commercial and shopping centre of Croydon, it is really the eastern part of the borough). Politically though it is half way between the safe Conservative Croydon South and what must now be considered the safely Labour Croydon North.

Croydon Central itself has sharp contrasts within it. Most of the seat is semi-detached, middle-of-the-road suburbia, places like Shirley and Heathfield, although to the north of the constituency is more ethnically mixed. At the southern end of the constituency is the large council estate of New Addington, a somewhat isolated development on the very edge of London that that has traditionally provided Labour with the core of their support in this seat, although in the most recent council elections they saw some support drifitng to the BNP.

Croydon Central was won by the Conservatives in 2005 with only a wafer thin minority, with subsequent boundary changes making it notionally Labour. The incumbent Conservative MP Andrew Pelling had been suspended from the party following his arrest on an allegation of assault and two adverse articles in the ‘News of the World’ and “The Mail on Sunday”. No charges were pressed and Pelling sued the Mail on Sunday successfully for libel. He contested the 2010 election as an Independent (one of four MPs at the election who stood against their former parties as independents), finishing fourth but saving his deposit. The former Labour MP for the seat, Geraint Davies, defeated in 2005, is now MP for Swansea West.

portraitCurrent MP: Gavin Barwell (Conservative) Educated at Cambridge University. Former Conservative party director of operations and head of the party`s target seats campaign. Former Croydon councillor. Selected for Sutton and Cheam prior to the 2005 election, but withdrew due to family illness. MP for Croydon Central since 2010.

2010 election candidates:
portraitGavin Barwell (Conservative) Educated at Cambridge University. Former Conservative party director of operations, now heading the party`s target seats campaign. Croydon councillor. Selected for Sutton and Cheam prior to the 2005 election, but withdrew due to family illness.
portraitGerry Ryan (Labour) Telephone engineer. Croydon councillor. Contested Croydon South 2001.
portraitPeter Lambell (Liberal Democrat) Educated at Reigate Grammar and Oxford Brookes University. Business analyst. Surrey councillor
portraitBernice Golberg (Green) Teaches at King`s College London. Contested Croydon Central 2005
portraitRalph Atkinson (UKIP) European Parliament researcher. Contested Dulwich and West Norwood 2005. Contested London region in 2004, 2009 European Parliamentary elections. Contested London list in 2008 Assembly elections.
portraitCliff Le May (BNP) Postal worker. Contested Londonwide list in 2004 GLA elections. Contested Uxbridge 2005. Contested Londonwide list in 2008 London elections.
portraitJames Gitau (Christian Party) Born Kiambaa, Kenya. Educated at Kamusinga High School. Pastor. Briefly became one of the first black members of the BNP before defecting to the Christian Party in 2010.
portraitJohn Cartwright (Official Monster Raving Loony) born 1968. Educated at Trinity School and Royal Holloway College. Perennial candidate in Croydon local elections and by-elections. Contested Ealing Southall by-election 2007, Bromley & Chislehurst by-election 2006, Croydon Central 2005, 2001. OMRLP shadow minister for chocolate.
portraitMichael Castle (Independent)
portraitAndrew Pelling (Independent) born 1959. Educated at Trinity School, Croydon and Oxford University. Former investment banker. Croydon councillor from 1982-2006, including 3 years as leader of the Conservative group. Member of the London Assembly for Sutton and Croydon 2000-2008. First elected as MP for Croydon Central in 2005. Was suspended from the Conservative Party Parliamentary whip and chose not to take back the party whip following his arrest in Sept 2007 on an allegation of assaulting his wife. He retained the Conservative Party whip at the London Assembly. In January 2008 it was announced he was suffering from clinical depression. He initially announced he would step down at the next election, but in 2010 confirmed he would stand as an independent and was then expelled from the Conservative Party.

2001 Census Demographics

Total 2001 Population: 107320
Male: 48.2%
Female: 51.8%
Under 18: 25.4%
Over 60: 16.8%
Born outside UK: 17.7%
White: 77.5%
Black: 10.2%
Asian: 7.1%
Mixed: 3.7%
Other: 1.5%
Christian: 65.8%
Hindu: 3.1%
Muslim: 3.9%
Full time students: 3.4%
Graduates 16-74: 21.9%
No Qualifications 16-74: 25.3%
Owner-Occupied: 64.3%
Social Housing: 21.5% (Council: 13.5%, Housing Ass.: 7.9%)
Privately Rented: 11.9%
Homes without central heating and/or private bathroom: 8.4%

NB - The constituency guide is now archived and is no longer being updated. It will be replaced by a new guide in 2013, once the fate of the boundary review is finally settled.