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Bethnal Green and Bow

2010 Results:
Conservative: 7071 (13.94%)
Labour: 21784 (42.94%)
Liberal Democrat: 10210 (20.13%)
BNP: 1405 (2.77%)
Green: 856 (1.69%)
Independent: 448 (0.88%)
Others: 8954 (17.65%)
Majority: 11574 (22.81%)

Notional 2005 Results:
Respect: 14491 (37.0%)
Labour: 13160 (33.6%)
Conservative: 5211 (13.3%)
Liberal Democrat: 4416 (11.3%)
Other: 1868 (4.8%)
Majority: 1331 (3.4%)

Actual 2005 result
Conservative: 6244 (14.2%)
Labour: 14978 (34%)
Liberal Democrat: 4928 (11.2%)
Green: 1950 (4.4%)
Other: 15907 (36.1%)
Majority: 823 (1.9%)

2001 Result
Conservative: 9323 (24.2%)
Labour: 19380 (50.4%)
Liberal Democrat: 5946 (15.5%)
Green: 1666 (4.3%)
BNP: 1267 (3.3%)
Other: 888 (2.3%)
Majority: 10057 (26.1%)

1997 Result
Conservative: 9412 (21.1%)
Labour: 20697 (46.3%)
Liberal Democrat: 5361 (12%)
Referendum: 557 (1.2%)
Other: 8655 (19.4%)
Majority: 11285 (25.3%)

Boundary changes: Bethnal Green and Bow loses the Tower of London, St Katherine`s Docks, Wapping and part of Shadwell ward to Poplar and Canning Town.

Profile: An East End seat dominated by povery, unemployment and racial tension. The area has a long history of immigrant communities, racial conflict and radical politics, being home to Huguenots, Jews and now the Bangladeshi immigrant community. The West of the constituency is undergoing gentrification, with rising house prices in Spitalfields, and the galleries and artists of Whitechapel becoming increasingly fashionable. Despite this the seat remains one of the most deprived in the country.

The constituency covers Spitalfields, Banglatown, Whitechapel, Stepney, Bethnal Green and Bow and includes Brick Lane, renowned for its curry restaurants, the East London Mosque, Victoria Park and the Royal London Hospital. It is normally a safe Labour area, the exception being 2005-2010, when it was held by Respect, in the form of former Labour MP George Galloway.

portraitCurrent MP: Rushanara Ali (Labour) Educated at Oxford University. Formerly worked in the Home Office and as an assistant to Oona King. First elected as MP for Bethnal Green and Bow 2010.

2010 election candidates:
portraitZakir Khan (Conservative)
portraitRushanara Ali (Labour) Educated at Oxford University. Associate Director of the Young Foundation. Formerly worked in Home Office and as an assistant to Oona King.
portraitAjmal Masroor (Liberal Democrat) born 1971. Broadcaster and production consultant. Selected as Lib Dem PPC for West Ham prior to the last election, but stood down shortly before the close of nominations after being criticised for posting on the Muslim Public Affairs Committee forum.
portraitFarid Bakht (Green)
portraitJeffrey Marshall (BNP)
portraitAbjol Miah (Respect) Former drugs worker. Tower Hamlets councillor, leader of Respect group on Tower Hamlets council.
portraitAlexander van Terheyden (Pirate)
portraitHasib Hikmat (United Voice)
portraitPatrick Brooks (Independent)
portraitHaji Choudhury (Independent)
portraitAhmed Malik (Independent)

2001 Census Demographics

Total 2001 Population: 101252
Male: 49.5%
Female: 50.5%
Under 18: 25.9%
Over 60: 13.8%
Born outside UK: 34.2%
White: 49.6%
Black: 5.9%
Asian: 40.2%
Mixed: 2.4%
Other: 1.9%
Christian: 35.4%
Hindu: 0.8%
Jewish: 1.2%
Muslim: 39.6%
Full time students: 10.1%
Graduates 16-74: 28.1%
No Qualifications 16-74: 35.9%
Owner-Occupied: 28.1%
Social Housing: 55% (Council: 39.3%, Housing Ass.: 15.7%)
Privately Rented: 14%
Homes without central heating and/or private bathroom: 5.7%

NB - The constituency guide is now archived and is no longer being updated. It will be replaced by a new guide in 2013, once the fate of the boundary review is finally settled.