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Retiring MPs


Tommy McAvoy – Rutherglen and Hamilton West
Hillary Armstrong – Durham North West
John Austin – Erith and Thamesmead
John Battle – Leeds West
Liz Blackman – Erewash
Des Browne – Kilmarnock and Loudoun
Colin Burgon – Elmet and Rothwell
Stephen Byers – North Tyneside
Richard Caborn – Sheffield Central
Colin Challon – Morley & Outwood
Ben Chapman – Wirral South
David Chaytor – Bury North
Michael Clapham – Barnsley West & Penistone (abolished)
David Clelland – Tyne Bridge (abolished)
Harry Cohen – Leyton and Wanstead
Frank Cook – Stockton North
Jim Cousins – Newcastle Central
Ann Cryer – Keighley
John Cummings – Easington
Claire Curtis-Thomas – Sefton Central
Janet Dean – Burton
Jim Devine – Livingston
Jeff Ennis – Barnsley East
Bill Etherington – Sunderland North
Mark Fisher – Stoke on Trent Central
Barbara Follett – Stevenage
Bruce George – Walsall South
Neil Gerrard – Walthamstow
Nigel Griffiths – Edinburgh South
John Grogan – Selby and Ainsty
Mike Hall – Weaver Vale
Sylvia Heal – Halesowen and Rowley Regis
Doug Henderson – Newcastle North
Keith Hill – Streatham
Stephen Hesford – Wirral West
Patricia Hewitt – Leicester West
Geoff Hoon – Ashfield
Kim Howells – Pontypridd
Beverley Hughes – Stretford and Urmston
Joan Humble – Blackpool North and Cleveleys
John Hutton – Barrow and Furness
Brian Iddon – Bolton South-East
Adam Ingram – East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow
Lynne Jones – Birmingham Selly Oak
Martyn Jones – Clwyd South
Ruth Kelly – Bolton West
Fraser Kemp – Houghton and Washington East
Jane Kennedy – Liverpool Wavertree
Peter Kilfoyle – Liverpool Walton
Bob Laxton – Derby North
David Lepper – Brighton Pavilion
Tom Levitt – High Peak
Ian McCartney – Makerfield
John McFall – West Dunbartonshire
Rosemary McKenna – Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East
Andrew Mackinlay – Thurrock
Bob Marshall Andrews – Medway
Eric Martlew – Carlisle
Christine McCafferty – Calder Valley
Alan Milburn – Darlington
Ann Moffat – East Lothian
Laura Moffatt – Crawley
Margaret Moran – Luton South
Elliot Morley – Scunthorpe
Kali Mountford – Colne Valley
Chris Mullin – Sunderland South
Denis Murphy – Wansbeck
Doug Naysmith – Bristol North West
Bill Olner – Nuneaton
Ian Pearson – Dudley South
Greg Pope – Hyndburn
Bridget Prentice – Lewisham East
John Prescott – Hull East
Ken Purchase – Wolverhampton North East
James Purnell – Stalybridge and Hyde
John Reid – Airdrie and Shotts
Martin Salter – Reading West
Mohammed Sarwar – Glasgow Central
Clare Short* – Birmingham, Ladywood
Sion Simon – Birmingham Erdington
Alan Simpson – Nottingham South
John Smith – Vale of Glamorgan
Helen Southworth – Warrington South
Howard Stoate – Dartford
Gavin Strang – Edinburgh East
Paddy Tipping – Sherwood
Mark Todd – Derbyshire South
Don Touhig – Islwyn
Paul Truswell – Pudsey
Des Turner – Brighton Kemptown
Neil Turner – Wigan
Kitty Ussher – Burnley
Rudi Vis – Finchley and Golders Green
Bob Waring* – Liverpool West Derby
Betty Williams – Aberconwy
Alan Williams – Swansea West
Michael Wills – Swindon North
Tony Wright – Cannock Chase
Derek Wyatt – Sittingbourne and Sheppey


Peter Ainsworth – East Surrey
Michael Ancram – Devizes
Peter Atkinson – Hexham
Tim Boswell – Daventry
Angela Browning – Tiverton and Honiton
John Butterfill – Bournemouth West
Derek Conway*** – Old Bexley and Sidcup
Sir Patrick Cormack – South Staffordshire
David Curry – Skipton and Ripon
Christopher Fraser – Norfolk South West
Paul Goodman – Wycombe
John Greenway – Thirsk and Malton
John Gummer – Suffolk Coastal
Douglas Hogg – Sleaford and North Hykeham
John Horam – Orpington
Michael Howard – Folkestone and Hythe
Michael Jack – Fylde
Robert Key – Salisbury
Julie Kirkbride – Bromsgrove
Jacqui Lait – Beckenham
Michael Lord – Suffolk Central and Ipswich North
Andrew Mackay – Bracknell
David Maclean – Penrith and the border
Humphrey Malins – Woking
John Maples – Stratford on Avon
Michael Mates – Hampshire East
Malcolm Moss – Cambridgeshire North East
Michael Spicer – Worcestershire West
Richard Spring – West Suffolk
Anthony Steen – Totnes
Ian Taylor – Esher and Walton
Peter Viggers – Gosport
Ann Widdecombe – Maidstone and the Weald
David Wilshire – Spelthorne
Ann Winterton – Congleton
Sir Nicholas Winterton – Macclesfield

Liberal Democrat:

John Barrett – Edinburgh West
Colin Breed – South East Cornwall
David Howarth – Cambridge
Paul Keetch – Hereford and South Herefordshire
Mark Oaten – Winchester
Matthew Taylor – Truro and Falmouth
Phil Willis – Harrogate and Knaresborough


Alex Salmond – Banff and Buchan
Ian Paisley – North Antrim
Adam Price – Carmarthen East and Dinefwr

*Clare Short was elected as a Labour MP but resigned the Labour whip on the 20th October 2006. Bob Waring was elected as a Labour MP, but resigned the Labour whip after being deselected.

***Derek Conway was elected as a Conservative MP but had the whip withdrawn on the 30th January 2008 following revelations that he has been paying a researcher’s salary to his sons from his allowances while they were at university.

****The following sitting MPs do not currently have a seat at the next election, either through boundary changes or through losing selection battles, though they may yet be selected for alternate seats or run as independents: Ian Stewart, Eddie O`Hara, John Greenway, Frank Cook, Quentin Davies,

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  1. Gordon Brown would probably resign in March/April of next year so a by election would be on the same day as the Scottish Parliament Election on Thursday 5th May 2011 in order to boost turnout. Depending on whether or not Eric Illsley is found guilty next week, a byelection for Barnsley Central could be held in the autumn.

  2. “on the same day as the Scottish Parliament Election on tursday 5th May 2011 in order to boost turnout”

    and I guess also to be sure no other party can mount a credible challenge (even if it’s probably not needed anyway) as they’ll be busy with more credible targets all over Scotland.

  3. I would imagine that a few MP’s (mostly Labour) could resign their seats in order to run as the newly created Mayoral positions which come into force this/next? year thus following the precedent set by Peter Soulsby in Leicester South.

  4. Glenda Jackson standing down too.

  5. James Arbuthnot (Hampshire NE) also confirmed to stand down at next GE

  6. What about Gerald Kaufman?

    Surely he will be Father of the House if he continues?

  7. Assuming Peter Tapsell retires, yes, Gerald Kaufman is the next in line followed by Ken Clarke, Michael Meacher and Dennis Skinner. All elected in the same year but Kaufman was sworn in first

  8. Kaufman is the oldest of those & must be strongly fancied to retire since he’ll be 85 at the next election if it’s when expected. Clarke I think is the youngest followed by Meacher. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if those 2 stand again, and possibly Dennis Skinner too on the grounds that life outside parliament is a largely unknown quantity to him after such a long time. But his health has been a bit iffy for quite a long time & his retirement wouldn’t surprise me either.

  9. I found your comment regarding Skinner amusing!

  10. I guess Gerald Kaufman can retire satisfied next time as in 2010 he proved conclusively that he was not going to end his long career decapitated by the Lib Dems.

    I found it very amusing in the run up to the May 2000 Mayoral elections in London Kaufman stated in the Commons about whether “people are conned into voting for this smarmy charlatan (Livingston)” and he was pulled up by Betty Boothroyd who required him to withdraw – he merely said “I withdraw it at your instruction”, which means I do no such thing.

  11. Age in 2015

    Kaufman 85
    Skinner 83
    Clarke 75
    Meacher 76

  12. Of course it depends on whether the above mentioned MP’s are reselected by their local parties come 2015 due to forthcoming boundary changes.

  13. Once the initial boundary changes are released shortly, we could have a better idea of who may retire as I would think that they could be quite a few intra-party incumbent v incumbent battles.

  14. I think we can safely assume a Few MPs like Ronnie Campbell, Joe Benton, Iain Davidson etc will certainly retire but don’t know about Dennis Skinner, Margaret Beckett, Ken Clarke etc.

  15. Last time Cook and Wareing got deselected when they could have retired on their own given their age. O’Hara contested the internal selection with a another sitting MP in Knowsley even if he was 70+

    Sometimes it’s a bit difficult to figure out MPs intentions

  16. Iain Davidson isn’t that old. It always strikes me as odd that socialists like Meacher, Skinner, Campbell don’t want to give their jobs to younger men. If MPs retired at 65, how many would that be? 70 is the limit for jury service but not for the Justice Secretary.

  17. I would have thought that some MP’s may retire to stand for the Police & Crime Commissioners election in May 2012. David Blunkett, Alan Johnson perhaps?

  18. I don’t see how Kaufman could possible come through a challenge with another Labour MP due to boundary changes.

  19. Dawn Primarolo (Bristol South) becomes the third MP to officially announce retirement plans for 2015

  20. It would be useful if Anthony could please update this section to provide a rolling update on whose retiring.

  21. Correcting myself, I think Red Dawn is the 4th MP to announce retirement: Arbuthnot, Jackson, Denham and Primarolo.

  22. The retirement of John Denham would provide a notional Labour seat for Alan Whitehead. The new Southamton Itchen will include parts of his current Southampton Test. The new Southampton Test will have a notional Conservative majority of 5000+, so given this and that much of his Test will be in the new Itchen, he could not be accused of chicken running.

    The boundary changes will also cause a number of MPs to retire.

  23. Two previous Labour MPs for Southampton Test have subsequently moved to Itchen. Horace King represented Test from 1950 to 1955 then switched to Itchen. His successor in Itchen in 1971 when he retired as Speaker was Richard Mitchell who had represented Test from 1966 to 1970

  24. Anthony isn’t going to pay any attention to this constituency section until the new boundaries are in.

    He’s only left it active to keep a few saddos like us happy.

  25. Pete is correct & it’s interesting to note that, because of changes to his then S. Gloucs constituency, when Dr King moved to Itchen the defeated Labour candidate for Test was Tony Crosland.

  26. According to one of the Welsh papers, Martin Caton (Gower) will step next time.
    One less selection battle for Labour in Wales

  27. Perhaps Eric Joyce ought to be given a mention on this thread.

  28. We’re getting lax people…. 😉

    Since the last comment was posted on this thread Sir John Stanley and Peter Luff have both announced their intention to stand down at the next GE.

  29. Last month Richard Ottaway announced his intensions to stand down at the next general election.

  30. Also retiring:

    John Stanley
    Peter Luff
    Eric Joyce
    Bob Ainsworth
    Joan Ruddock
    Jonathan Evans

  31. Just seen this gem from nearly 3 years ago :
    With the boundary changes, Bootle is likely to fall to the Conservatives.
    It’s good to know that some contributors have themselves planted so firmly in reality.
    It seems Gordon Brown hasn’t actually announced his retirement yet – perhaps he wants one more term? It would be surprising though given his very infrequent sightings at Westminster, and the open repudation of his policies by Ed Miliband yesterday. There’s also no announcement from Kaufman, Tapsell, Skinner or David Winnick, who turns 80 this year, and it seems likely that at least one of these will stand again. One other likely retiree must be Jimmy Hood (Lab, Lanark & E Hamilton).

  32. Barnaby, I think the NEC is supposed to ask sitting MPs if they want to undergo the reselection process by the end of the year (trigger ballots would take place at the beginning of 2014). I suspect that we could have a rush of Labour retirements at that point. Except for the usual late retirements to parachute the HQ favourite.

    As for speculations, I think more retirements are expected in Coventry.

    Former high profile figures are often tipped to go (even if they never go in the end). I think Blunkett and Jowell can give it a serious thought this time. Beckett seems still interested in party matters (being elected to the NEC since she came back to backbenches). It’s probably time for Dobson to go if potential successors working the seat in advance won’t piss him off enough.
    Straw reiterated he wants to stand again.

    Since you mentioned Bootle….Joe Benton?
    Austin Mitchell is another one who probably needs to retire.

    Paul Flynn wants to stand again. When boundary changes were proposed, he immediately said he would have challenged Jessica Morden for the single Newport seat (usually boundary changes push some old MPs in retiring a bit earlier)

    Ann Clwyd can be a possibilty too. I suppose we should live with Michael Meacher around forever.

    The group of MPs in their 60s can go both ways. Old enough to retire and get their pension soon, but young enough to think about another term.

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