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North East Euros

The North East European region covers Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and the former Metropolitan county of Cleveland. It returns 3 members of the European Parliament.

In 2004 the region returned 1 Labour MEP, 1 Conservative MEP and 1 Lib Dem MEP. The low number of MEPs makes this one of the least competitive regions. Labour lost out on a second seat relatively narrowly, but the only real question here is whether Labour could retake a second seat – there is no realistic possibility of the Conservatives or Lib Dems increasing their support enough to win a second MEP.

Sitting MEPs and 2004 Results

1. portrait Stephen Hughes (Labour) 266,057 (34.1%)
2. portrait Martin Callanan (Conservative) 144,969 (18.6%)
3. portrait Fiona Hall (Liberal Democrat) 138,791 (17.8%)
-. UKIP 94,887 (12.2%)
-. BNP 50,249 (6.4%)
-. Neil Herron (Independent) 39,658 (5.1%)
-. Green 37,247 (4.8%)
-. Respect 8,633 (1.1%)

2009 Candidates


1. portraitStephen Hughes. Sitting MEP. Born 1952, Sunderland. Educated at Leeds University. Former local government officer. First elected as MEP for Durham and Blaydon in 1984.
2. portraitFay Tinnion. Born Saffron Walden. Educated at Cambridge University. A teacher, who has also working for the Co-operative Party. Contested Richmond (Yorks) 2001
3. portraitNick Wallis. Family court advisor. Darlington councillor since 1991.


1. portraitMartin Callanan. Sitting MEP. Born 1961, Newcastle. Former Gateshead councillor. Contested Washington 1987, Gateshead East 1992, Tynemouth 1997. MEP for the North East since 1999.
2. portraitBarbara Musgrave. Educated at Tormead School. Sculptor. Guildford councillor 1979-1991. Surrey County councillor 1981-1993. Contested Blyth Valley 1997.
3. portraitEmma Moore

Liberal Democrat

1. portraitFiona Hall.Sitting MEP. Born 1955, Manchester. Educated at Oxford University. Former Parliamentary researcher. First elected as MEP for the North East in 2004.
2. portraitChris Foote Wood. Born 1940, Prestbury. Educated at Bury Grammar School. Author and ghost writer. Former leader of Wear Valley council. Contested Newcastle North F1974, Middlesborough O1974, Durham 1979, Bishop Auckland 2001, 2005. Contested Durham and Blaydon 1989 and 1994 European elections, North East 1999 and 2004 European elections.
3. portraitNeil Bradbury. Tynedale councillor and Northumberland county councillor.


1. portraitGordon Parkin. Contested Stockton North 2005. Will contest Stockton North at next general election.
2. portraitSandra Allison. Contested Stockton South 2005. Will contested Sedgefield at next general election.
3. portraitJohn Tennant. Researcher for the IND/DEM group in the European Parliament.


1. portraitShirley Ford. Will contest South Shields at the next general election.
2. portraitIris Ryder.
3. portraitNic Best.


1. portraitAdam Walker. Former teacher, resigned after being suspended for allegedly using a school laptop to make postings to far-right websites.
2. portraitPeter Mailer. Born 1956, Birmingham. Publican. Twice arrested and in 2008 and 2009 for ‘suspicion of committing a racially-aggravated public order offence’ after a complaint against him for displaying newspaper cuttings in his pub.
3. portraitKen Booth. Defected from the National Front in 2005. Was criticised in 2007 for comparing the presnt day memorial at Auschwitz to Disneyland.


1. portraitDon Botham Television producer.
2. portraitDaniel Parker
3. portraitCoral Thompson Contested Motherwell and Wishaw 2005.


1. portraitMartin Levy President of Newcastle TUC. Contested Newcastle East as Communist 1997, 2001, 2005.
2. portraitHannah Walter Unison shop steward
3. portraitPeter Pinkney RMT activist.


1. portraitKen Rollings
2. portraitAlasdair Macleod
3. portraitWilliam Tremlett

English Democrat

1. portraitFrancis Roseman
2. portraitAllan White
3. portraitGraham Robinson

Socialist Labour Party

1. portraitMichael York
2. portraitJohn Taylor Contested Redcar 2001, 2005.
3. portraitJames Anthony Dodsworth

Jury Team

1. portraitAhmed Khan Born Yorkshire. Formerly ran a uniform manufacturing company. Independent South Tyneside councillor since 2008.
2. portraitJacqueline Riley Carer.
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