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London Mayoral Election

The Mayor of London is elected using a supplementary vote system by residents of Greater London. The position was created in 2000, the first directly elected mayor in the UK. Voters have first and second preference votes, with the second preferences of votes for all but the top two candidates being re-allocated after the first round of counting.

Boris Johnson has served as Mayor of London since 2008, having defeated the first holder of the post Ken Livingstone, who had held the position since in 2000. Livingstone had initially ben elected as an Independent, having failed to secure the Labour nomination and gone back on an undertaking not to stand against the official Labour candidate. He was subsequently re-admitted to the Labour party and secured a second term as the official Labour candidate.

portraitCurrent Mayor: Boris Johnson (Conservative) born 1964, New York, USA. Son of Stanley Johnson, former MEP and Conservative candidate in Teignbridge in 2005. Educated at Eton and Oxford, a contemporary of David Cameron. Author, television presenter and journalist. Worked as a columnist on the Daily Telegraph and as editor of The Spectator. Instantly recognisable by his dishevelled appearance, blond thatch of hair and bumbling public-schoolboy mannerisms, he has become a media celebrity through appearances on Have I Got News For You and tendency to make gaffes. As shadow minister for arts under Michael Howard he survived being made to publically apologise to Liverpool over an editoral in the Spectator that accused them of wallowing in victimhood, but not the revelation (that he had previously described as “an inverted pyramid of piffle”) that he had been conducting an affair with Petronella Wyatt. Appointed shadow minister for higher education in 2005-2007. Mayor of London since 2008. Contested Clywd South in 1997. MP for Henley 2001 to 2008.

Past Results

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